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Impact launches new YouTube service, no longer airing on Twitch

With the launch of a new YouTube membership service, Impact Wrestling will no longer be streaming on Twitch.

impact Wrestling announced today that they've started a YouTube subscription service called "Impact Wrestling Insiders." Impact Wrestling will discontinue its presence on Twitch, with last Thursday's Impact being the last episode of the show to air on the platform.

"Part fan-club and part digital subscription service, members of IMPACT Wrestling Insiders get access to a raft of premium content, brand new shows and exclusive perks not available anywhere else," Impact Wrestling wrote.

Impact Wrestling Insiders is a two-tiered service. The level one tier costs 99 cents per month. Those who subscribe will receive on-demand access to new Impact episodes every Thursday. Impact premieres on AXS TV on Thursday nights.

"Level one, IMPACT Insider, is priced at only 99cents (USD) per month and gives fans access to fan loyalty badges that identify them as members, exclusive community posts and - each and every Thursday - the promotion’s flagship two hour television show, IMPACT," Impact Wrestling wrote.

The Impact Ultimate Insider tier costs $4.99 per month. Those who subscribe will "get all the above plus access to much more exclusive content including new Originals featuring The Good Brothers, Josh Alexander, Sami Callihan and Dlo Brown, every Pay-Per-View in TNA/IMPACT history, access to IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘Big Four’ Pay-Per-View events just 30 days after they take place, exclusive merchandise offers, exclusive live chats with IMPACT wrestlers and more."

Here are the full details for the two subscription tiers:


Impact! Weekly Episodes On-Demand

pro-wrestling’s fastest-paced weekly show, premiering every Thursday

Loyalty Badge

appear next to Member’s name in comments and live chats

Exclusive Community Posts

fan polls, insider pictures and the latest news direct from IMPACT


All 'IMPACT Wrestling Insider' perks plus:

Hard To Kill + Rebellion + Slammiversary + Bound For Glory

IMPACT’s annual ‘Big Four’ available just 30 days after live Pay-Per-View events

Monthly Special Events

The biggest stars on wrestling today collide in must-see match-ups.

The Impact Wrestling Archive

From Kurt Angle to Abyss and Sting to AJ Styles, relive every legendary Pay-Per-View from the last two decades of TNA/IMPACT history.

Brand New Impact Originals Shows

including Callihan Uncensored

Discounted Impact Merchandise

exclusive offers not found anywhere else

Exclusive GIFs

to use when chatting with wrestlers and other Ultimate Insiders