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Impact Wrestling scores biggest viewership since July

Eddie Edwards being brutalized with a baseball bat by Sami Callihan caused Impact Wrestling's viewership to rise substantially from last week's numbers, which were the lowest of 2018.

The show scored 365,000 viewers, way up from last week's 262,000 and the highest it's been since the July 13th, 2017 episode of the program. It ranked #123 for the night on cable, with NBA games winning the night overall.

Edwards had just beaten Callihan in a match in the main event when Callihan jumped him. He grabbed a chair and put it on Edwards' waist. He meant to strike the chair with the bat, but slipped and instead smashed Edward's eye, causing Edwards to immediately roll out of the ring in pain. Footage was shown on Impact Wrestling's YouTube page of Edwards being taken backstage to an ambulance.

As a result, Edwards suffered a broken eye socket and orbital bone. Regardless, he will be a part of Impact's first PPV of 2018, Redemption, on April 22nd.

You can see footage of the attack and the aftermath below: