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TNA Impact Wrestling live results: Team EC3 vs. Team Lashley on the Road To Glory

Previously on Impact: Last week in the main event, Ethan Carter III and Moose defeated Mike Bennett and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley. Plus, a video aired announcing the upcoming debut of Cody Rhodes at Bound For Glory.

Tonight: The future of TNA Impact is in serious question. However, tonight’s show is still heading full steam towards Bound For Glory. It’s a special Impact dubbed the Road To Glory. It will feature Team EC3 taking on Team Lashley in a Lethal Lockdown match.

Show Recap:

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and welcomes us to Road To Glory. He brings out the team captains for Lethal Lockdown, EC3 and Lashley. Josh Mathews informs us that each team will include one Knockout. The winning team captain gets to pick the stipulations for the BFG main event.

- Team Lashley: Lashley, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett

- Team EC3: EC3, Aron Rex, Moose and Gail Kim.

EC3 challenged Lashley to start the Lethal Lockdown match later tonight against him. Lashley agrees.

TNA X Division Champion DJ Z defeated Eddie Edwards

Edwards countered out of the ZDT twice. Edwards gained the advantage and set up for the Boston Knee Party, but DJ Z hit the ZDT on his third try to win the match. After the match, DJ Z and Edwards embraced, but Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett jumped them and beat them down.

- In the back, Maria forced Allie to apologize for last week when Gail got the upper hand. Laurel Van Ness showed up and Maria told Allie to do whatever Laurel asks.

- Earlier today, Mathews interviewed Bennett and Moose in the ring. They argued about who is going to win on Sunday at BFG, and both promised to win.

Laurel Van Ness defeated Madison Rayne

Allie introduced Laurel who handed Allie her makeup brush. Madison sent Laurel to the outside. She was flustered and made Allie powder her face. Laurel took over on Madison and won the match. After the match, Allie announced Laurel has the winner, but pronounced her name wrong. Laurel flipped out on Allie and made her do the announcement again.

- In the back, Lashley promised to give either Bennett or Galloway a title shot for the one that injures EC3 in Lethal Lockdown.

- Drew Galloway came to the ring where the Grand Championship is on a stand. Drew wastes no time and calls out Aron Rex. Drew said that when he first came to TNA, it had cracks in the foundations, but because of him, it’s now the best wrestling show on TV. They argued back and forth until Drew picked up the Grand Championship. They brawled briefly but Drew caught Rex with a piledriver. Drew held tight to the belt and walked away with it in the end.

- We get a creepy video from Decay. They recap destroying Bram and kidnapping Senor Benjamin. Rosemary promised to beat Reby so bad that not even Maxel will recognize her.

Reby Hardy (w/Broken Matt and Brother Nero) defeated Rosemary (w/Decay) by DQ

Reby ran down to the ring and jumped Rosemary to start the match. Reby hit the Twist of Fate on Rosemary and had her beat. Crazy Steve distracted Reby and when she turned around, Rosemary spit the mist in her eyes for the disqualification.

After the match, Rosemary set up a table. Matt and Jeff fought Abyss and Steve to the back. Rosemary and Reby fought on the apron until Rosemary put Reby through the table with the side effect.

- In the back, Lashley won the coin toss so his team gets the advantage in Lethal Lockdown. EC3 tells Lashley he looks forward to starting the match with him.

- Crazy Steve and Jeff fight in the back. Steve hits Jeff with a sick chair shot. Inside, Matt and Abyss fight. Matt uses a ladder to knock Abyss down and bites him. Steve bashed Jeff’s head against a wall with a chair. He put the chair around Jeff necks and smashed him into the wall. Abyss pulled out a cable and shocked Matt with it. This included special effects.

- They re-aired the video announcing Cody’s debut at Bound For Glory.

- Earlier today, Maria and Gail had a face-to-face interview in the Impact Zone. Maria promised that Gail wouldn’t go into the Hall of Fame as champion.

- In the back, Eli Drake tried to hire Tyrus to help him win Bound For Gold at BFG, but Tyrus refused.

Team Lashley defeated Team EC3 in a Lethal Lockdown match

EC3 starts for his team. Lashley comes out, but Mike Bennett starts instead of Lashley. Trash cans, chairs and kendo sticks are hanging from the cage. Drew Galloway enters making it two-on-one for the heels. Aron Rex is out next for his team to even up the odds. Rex runs wild on Galloway and Bennett.

Lashley enters next, making it three against two. Moose is next for Team EC3 and hits anything that moves. Maria is next, but is hesitant to enter. She stays at ringside until the final entrant, Gail Kim, runs down. Gail throws Maria into the ring, but she hides behind Bennett and then escapes from the cage. Gail chases her to the back.

Team Lashley took all the weapons down and triple teamed EC3. Everyone gets hit with their finisher or a big move. Lashley hits EC3 with a spear and locks on a submission. EC3 made it to the ropes but doesn’t break the hold. EC3 passes out and Team Lashley wins the match.

After the match, Lashley announced that the Bound For Glory main event will be No Holds Barred.

Next week on Impact: This could be the final TNA show ever or it could be the final Impact before the start of a new era. This Sunday is TNA biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory.

Your BFG card as of now:

- TNA Champion Lashley vs. ECIII no holds barred
- TNA Tag Team Champions Decay (Abyss/Crazy Steve) vs. Broken Hardys: Great War match/Maxel's ownership on the line
- Aron Rex vs. Drew Galloway: Winner gets TNA Grand Championship
- TNA Knockouts Champion Maria vs. Gail Kim
- Moose vs. Mike Bennett
- Bound for Gold Gauntlet Match: Moose, Tyrus, Robbie E, Baron Dax, Jessie Godderz, Grado, Rockstar Spud, Mahabali Shera, Braxton Sutter, Eli Drake