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Impact Homecoming live results: Mixed tag team tournament

Preview by Josh Nason

An eight-team mixed tag team tournament for the right to be called Homecoming King & Queen is the feature attraction of Saturday's Homecoming special on Impact Plus.

The tournament will feature Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and a mystery partner; Alisha and Hernandez; Jordynne Grace and Petey Williams; Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green; Rosemary and Crazzy Steve; Fallah Bahh and Tasha Steelz; Tommy Dreamer and Rachael Ellering; and Brian Myers and a mystery partner.

The card will also see X-Division Champion Josh Alexander defend against Black Taurus. The match was made Thursday as Alexander wanted a new challenger. He will be looking for the fifth defense of his title.

Eddie Edwards will take on W. Morrissey in a hardcore match. The two squared off at Slammiversary and then got into a parking lot brawl on a recent Impact TV show, leading to this match.

Our live coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern.

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Deonna Purrazzo & “Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt defeated Hernandez & Alisha (with Johnny Swinger) in a Mixed Tag Tournament First Round Match

Rehwoldt is making his debut for Impact tonight, the former Aiden English is now going by Matthew Rehwoldt. He cut a promo before the match, introducing himself and claiming that tonight, he and Purrazzo become King and Queen of Impact Wrestling.

Match started with Alisha and Purrazzo, with the former getting a good amount of offense, but weirdly enough, when Hernandez tagged in, Rehwoldt, instead of tagging in, talked up and convinced Purrazzo to take on Hernandez. Purrazzo managed to get some offense regardless of Hernandez’ strength advantage. 

As soon as Rehwoldt tagged in, he was quickly cut off by Hernandez with a pounce, but with enough control, Alisha felt confident to come in, only to get cut off. Purrazzo and Alisha wrestled into a collision that forced both Rehwoldt and Hernandez to come in. Hernandez easily dominated Rehwoldt, who ended up taking dives from both Hernandez and Alisha, but when things looked worse for him, they got back in the ring, Rehwoldt caught Hernandez for the win. 

Purrazzo and Rehwoldt advance against the winner of Cardona & Green vs Grace & Williams.

Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona defeated Jordynne Grace & Petey Williams in a Mixed Tag Tournament First Round Match

Match started with some comedy about how Grace was stronger than both Cardona and Williams, and for that matter, Green was more athletic than Cardona. They also did some of Steiner’s schtick.

Both Cardona and Green would end up on the floor, where Williams followed, only to get cut off by Cardona with a big boot, but once back in the ring, the action was back and forward between the two teams, eventually started to lean on Williams and Grace, who was cut off for some minutes to build up the hot tag. Eventually, Cardona made a comeback with a missile dropkick and tagged in Green. 

Green took out Grace with a curb stomp. Williams went for the destroyer on Green, but Cardona saved her and hit a double radio silence. Both Grace and Williams teased destroyers on Cardona and Green, but were countered. Instead, Grace and Williams locked in Steiner recliners, but Cardona overpowered Williams to break both submissions. 

Williams took out Cardona with a dive, but in the ring, Green dropped Grace with the unprettier for the win. 

Purrazzo & Rehwoldt vs Green & Cardona in the semifinal. 

After the match, Steve Maclin jumped Petey Williams after the altercation they had at the end of BTI.

- We got a promo from W. Morrissey on Edwards. He told him that he doesn't have his number, instead, Edwards had to rely on weapons and no DQs to have a better chance, and yet, he will still win.

Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering defeated Brian Myers & Missy Hyatt (with Sam Beale) in a Mixed Tag Tournament First Round Match

After being rejected by Tenille Dashwood, Beulah McGuillicutty, and Franscine, Sam Beale found a tag partner for Myers in the name of Missy Hyatt. She came out wearing jeans and heels, not really prepared to wrestle. She told Beale and Myers that she was not a wrestler, but still took off the heels and got ready to work. I never realized how tall Hyatt is.

Hyatt was reluctant to wrestle, tagging out as soon as Myers would tag her in. That got her “You still got it” chants. On the other side of the coin, Myers didn’t want to wrestle Ellering, who had to attack him and force him to.

Ellering and Dreamer did a little bit of comedy and babyface spots early on against Myers once the wrestling started, but it wouldn’t be until they focused on taking out Beale that Myers would take advantage to cut off Dreamer. 

The heat wouldn’t last long for Myers since Dreamer made a comeback, and when he needed Hyatt to tag in, she walked out on him, leaving Myers open for Dreamer and Ellering to hit a doomsday device and a Road Warrior pin for the win. 

They await the winner of Decay vs Bahh & Steelz. 

- Violent By Design cut a promo about failure and learning from it. EY said that VBD was a way of life and this world belonged to them. Same promo, different day.

Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) defeated Fallah ‘n Flava (Fallah Bahh & Tasha Steelz) in a Mixed Tag Tournament First Round Match

Match started with some comedy, as the crowd kept chanting for Crazzy Steve to bite people’s face off, which he obliged with Bahh, but tagged in Rosemary to do so on Steelz. So far tonight, Steve and Rosemary have had the most energetic reaction by the fans.

After some fun interaction between Bahh and Rosemary, Steelz jumped in and kneed Rosemary on the back in order to cut her momentum. Bahh wasn’t all in on the tricks, so Steelz tagged in and started working over Rosemary. She would even force Bahh to attack Rosemary, but all it took was some strikes from Rosemary to convince him. They still did some comedy before Rosemary escaped Bahh and tagged in Steve. 

Steve and Bahh wrestled for a bit, but once again, it came down to Rosemary and Steelz in the ring, with both of them going back and forth before the finish, that saw Bahh accidentally take out Steelz with a running splash, followed by a deep impact from Crazzy Steve on Bahh for the win. This was mostly comedy, and it was really fun. 

Decay vs Dreamer and Ellering in the semifinals.

- We got a promo from Steve Maclin explaining that he attacked Williams because his objective at the moment is the X Division title and Williams got in his way. 

Deaner (with Violent By Design) defeated Willia Mack (with Rich Swann)  

Violent By Design have a long history with Rich Swann and Willie Mack, but as of late, both teams are looking to get back in tag title contention. Swann and Mack have a win over VBD, and now Deaner will try to get that win back.

Not much to the match early on, but it got good towards the end. Mack started with control and even overcame VBD’s interference, but when he went for the early stunner, Deaner cut him off by raking his eyes. Deaner got some good offense, after a small altercation outside the ring by both parties, Mack regained control, hit his Samoan drop and moonsault combo, went for the frog splash, only to get blocked and countered, dropped with a powerbomb for a near fall. 

Deamer went for the Deaner ddt, but Mack countered with an atomic drop and pop-up forearm for a near fall. Sky high by Mack for another near fall. Finally, Mack went for the frog splash again, but Deaner took too long to capitalize, and so Mack hit the stunner for a near fall when Rhino put Deaner’s foot on the ropes. Swann took out Doering and Rhino, but left Mack open for a flag shot by EY and pin by Deaner for the win. Good match, but somewhat long for an impromptu match in an already packed card.

- Gia Miller interviewed Cardona and Green about their upcoming match. They said that they do everything together and are in perfect sync. Green said that they're the best team in the tournament and that even if she's going against the Knockouts Champion, their team is not as strong as theirs. 

Deonna Purrazzo & “Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt defeated Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona in a Mixed Tag Tournament Semifinal Match

Green and Purrazzo started the match, the former offered a handshake, but Purrazzo kicked it away and like that, they started trading pins. She managed to get control of Green’s arm, but she tagged in Rehwoldt and Green escaped to tag in Cardona. 

Rehwoldt and Cardona had a decent back and forth exchange that ended with Cardona and Green diving on Rehwoldt and Purrazzo respectively. Cardona went for another Rehwoldt, only to crash and burn when Rehwoldt moved, and thus, he and Purrazzo finally took control of the match. 

Purrazzo and Rehwoldt worked over Cardona for a long while, with Purrazzo mostly jumping in when it came to keeping Green unavailable for a tag. Cardona eventually broke away and tagged in Green, which lasted for a minute before Cardona and Rehwoldt came back. 

Purrazzo and Green took each other out outside the ring, but inside the ring, Rehwoldt hit his modified DDT for the win. 

Purrazzo and Rehwoldt advance to the finals, awaiting the winner of Decay vs Ellering & Dreamer.

- Miller interviewed Missy Hyatt about being back. She was saying it was great when Myers interrupted her for not knowing a single move. She shut him off, telling him he had no originality. Hyatt tricked Beale and slapped him with her purse.

Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) defeated Rachael Ellering & Tommy Dreamer in a Mixed Tag Tournament Semifinal Match

Ellering and Rosemary started the match, measuring each other with some hoss shoulder blocks. 

Dreamer and Steve tagged in and actually did some chain wrestling on the mat before Rosemary requested a shot at Dreamer. They did a 4-person spot where they bit each other in a chain. 

Once done with the comedy, Decay cut off Ellering for some time, kept going for bites. Eventually she broke away and tagged in Dreamer, with the match breaking down into tornado tag action. Rosemary took out Ellering with a spear, only to be taken out by Dreamer by a piledriver. Dreamer went to sit down and pin Steve, but countered at the last moment into a roll up and the win. It will be Purrazzo & Rehwoldt vs Decay in the finals. 

 - Eddie Edwards cut a promo on W. Morrissey, saying he had the whole package, but that Morrissey has lost everything and is now trying to rebuild himself at the expense of Impact. Alisha walked up and gave Eddie his kendo stick, telling him to end it once and for all.

X Division Champion Josh Alexander defeated Black Taurus (with Havok) to retain the title.

No story here other than Alexander requesting competition, and Scott D’Amore granting him this match against Black Taurus. 

This was just a great, back and forth, clash of styles match. Story of the match was that Taurus would easily gain momentum if Alexander allowed him to get speed and space for him to bring out the lucha offense, but in addition, even when Alexander closed the distance or wanted to exchange strikes, Taurus had the size and power advantage to meet him right in the middle, adn overcome him too. In that way, Taurus injured Alexander’s arm and Taurus took advantage. 

Alexander slowly started to take some shots on Taurus, got him with a series of German suplexes, and like that, he slowed down Taurus and leveled the playing field a bit more. Alexander got his first big near fall with a top rope moonsault, only forTaurus to come back with a spring tornillo and a spear for a near fall. 

Alexander started chasing the ankle lock, but Taurus kept escaping one way or another. Taurus hit a slingblade and went for a top rope rana, but Alexander countered for the sickest Green Bay plunge, off the top rope. Both men only made it to their knees when they started exchanging strikes, ending with a big discus lariat from Taurus. 

Taurus went for another spear, but Alexander blocked, hit a powerbomb on the knee, hit a C4, and got the win. Great match.

It’s not as gruesome as it sounds, but Taurus lost a horn in this match.

- Miller interviewed Rehwoldt and Purrazzo about the finals. They felt marvelous and tonight, they get crowned as Impact Royalty.

Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt defeated Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) to become the Homecoming King and Queen.

Even with all the experience Purrazzo has beating Rosemary, the story of the match was that Purrazzo and Rehwoldt were a bit taken aback by Decay’s antics, and thus Decay had control early on. 

It was until Rosemary distracted herself with Rehwoldt on the apron, that allowed Purrazzo to cut her off. Steve came in with the hot tag a couple of minutes later and ran wild over Rehwoldt, getting a couple of two counts. He chased deep impact, but Rehwoldt dodged and hit a huge fireman’s carry into a spinebuster for a good near fall. 

The match broke down into a couple of team moves, with Decay locking in double upside downs. Rosemary hit Rehwoldt with the spear, scorpion death drop on Purrazzo for a near fall. 

Rehwoldt was taken out by Steve after he snapped Rosemary’s neck on the ropes. In the ring, Purrazzo hit the queen’s gambit on Rosemary for the win. 

Crazzy Steve looked hurt after the last dive, he was clutching his knee, but we didn’t see him walk back since all the focus was on Purrazzo and Rehwoldt taking their crowns.

Eddie Edwards defeated W. Morrissey in a hardcore match.

The story between Edwards and Morrissey goes back a couple of months when Morrissey took out Edwards in a parking lot, as Edwards was getting ready to face off with Satoshi Kojima. Morrissey defeated Edwards at Slammiversary after he cheated and hit Edwards with a chain, from that point on, the feud escalated, reaching a point where they brawled in a parking lot. With no clear winner, the challenge for this match was made. 

Trash quickly made it into the ring, it was a minute in that Edwards brought out a garbage can lid to attack Morrissey, but it wasn’t that effective. They brought out chairs, garbage cans, cooking sheets, and a chain to the ring, the latter of which Morrissey used as a dog collar on Edwards to cut him off and choke him. Morrissey tried to superplex Edwards into the pile of trash, but Edwards managed to block him and sunset powerbomb him instead for the first near fall of the match. Edwards tried to follow up with a dive, but Morrissey caught him and tried to powerbomb him on the ramp, instead, he caught Edwards, who had broken away, and slammed him right on the corner of the apron. 

Morrissey introduced the steel steps and a ladder into the match, which he set up as a bridge outside the ring. The distraction was enough for Edwards to recover and dive onto Morrissey to bring him down for the first time in the match. 

Edwards got his kendo stick and for some reason started to go up the turnbuckle, but Morrissey jumped up and hit a high big boot, tossing Edwards backwards into a table on the floor, it looked painful for Edwards. Morrissey tried to follow up by chokeslamming Edwards through that ladder bridge he had built, but Edwards broke away for a second before Morrissey regained control, and chokeslammed Edwards. 

Morrissey wasn’t done, he brought out a table to the chants of “no more tables” by the fans. Morrissey ziptied Edwards’ hands together, but even without his hands, he managed to dodge Morrissey’s attack and shoulder tackle him through a table. 

Edwards made a comeback with his kendo stick, he wrapped a chain around his knee, he hit the Boston knee party, and pinned Morrissey, giving him his first loss in the promotion. Match was up and down, but this may have been Morrissey’s best since debuting for Impact.

Edwards celebrated as the fans sang his theme until the show went off the air.