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Impact Rebellion live results: Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage

Impact Wrestling returns to pay-per-view tonight as the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada hosts Rebellion.

A World Championship match will headline the show, with Johnny Impact set to defend his title against Brian Cage. Lance Storm will be the special guest referee for the match.

Three other title matches are set for tonight: Jordynne Grace challenges for Taya Valkyrie's Knockouts Championship, The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) put their Tag Team titles on the line against LAX (Santana & Ortiz) in a Full Metal Mayhem match, and Rich Swann defends his X-Division Championship against Sami Callihan in an oVe rules match.

Gail Kim comes out of retirement to face Tessa Blanchard tonight. Moose & The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) team against The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel, and Scarlett Bordeaux takes on Rohit Raju.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams, Jake Crist, Aiden Prince, Eddie Edwards, and Cousin Jake in a 6-Pack Scramble

Great actioned packed opener, all men had a small chance to shine. Cousin Jake was towering over everyone. Match started with all men outside brawling, Eddie and Petey being the firsts to dive to the outside. Prince was looking to be the third, bu got caught by a spinning kick by Ace. Jake Crist then hit a flying cutter on Ace from the apron into everyone else down in the floor.

Back in the ring, Petey started looking to hit the Destroyer, but instead locked in the Sharpshooter on Eddie. Cousin Jake cut him off hitting a big scoop slam. Jake Crist took him off, sent him outside and went for a dive, but Ace cut him off. Ace took out Petey and Prince, went to take out Jake Crist, but got dropped by a cutter. Prince hit a 450 on Jake Crist for a two count that Ace broke, they traded a couple of kick counters until Eddie came in and hit a Tiger Driver on Ace for a two count.

Eddie went for the Boston Knee Party, but Cousin Jake caught him with a Sidewalk Slam. Petey came in and hit the Destroyer on Cousin Jake, but as he went for the pin, Ace Austin jumped in and rolled Petey Williams for the surprise win.

Josh Matthews and Don Callis introduced Impact+, which seems to be the evolution of the GWN network with live streaming, independent promotions, and the Impact library.

Sami Callihan cut a promo on Rich Swann. He told Swann that tonight he is getting all Swann deserves for betraying the family and that he got oVe rules for tonight’s match.

Scarlett Bordeaux (w/Fallah Bahh) defeated Rohit Raju (w/Gama Singh & Raj Singh)

This match is replacing Scarlett’s live Smoke Show after they had an interaction on Twitter that escalated to this match.

This was a far different match from their Impact match, this time, Rohit Raju didn’t avoid wrestling a woman, this time he went straight to take her out. He jumped her, but Scarlett was ready for him and tossed him to the outside with a rana, Scarlett hit a Baseball Slide, but Rohit dodged and she instead took out Raj. Rohit used the distraction to slam Scarlett into the apron.

Back in the ring, Rohit worked over Scarlett’s back, whipping her to the corners, stepping on her hands, and stomping her. He hit a Snap Suplex for a two count that Rohit himself broke as he wasn’t done torturing her. All the meanwhile, Scarlett was fiercely trying to start a comeback, getting a couple of strikes in on Rohit, but she kept getting cut off until she finally manage to get some space and hit a Hurricanara, transitioned into a Crossface for a close submission.

Scarlett went for a German, but couldn’t pick up Rohit, but after the second try, she manages to use momentum to suplex Rohit to the outside, where she hit a top rope Plancha, taking out both Desi Hit Squad wrestlers. She went for a second one to take out Rohit, but Gama distracted the referee, allowing Raj to take out Scarlett. Rohit went to hit the Stinkface on Scarlett, but the referee was still distracted with Bahh and Gama, giving Scarlett the opening to low blow Rohit, hit him with the Dudebuster and pin him 1-2-3.

Moose & The North (Ethan Page & Jason Alexander) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz, & Trey Miguel)

Moose and Trey started the match, with the latter working a kick combo and giving Dezmond and Wentz the blind tags. They continue working with quick blind tags, hitting a couple of Senton Atomicos on Moose, but Moose kicks up and blindsides them, giving the North the chance to manhandle Dezmond for a two count. North hit an assisted Falcon Arrow for another two count.

Moose and The North kept control over the ring, working on Xavier with a series of great power moves, complete dominance. Moose hit a beautiful Okada Moonsault on the corner, before tossing him to the other side of the ring. Dezmond eventually, caught Moose with a desperation Tornado DDT, but The North caught him off. Dezmond took out Alexander, only to get taken out by Page again. The match spilled out of the ring, allowing the Rascalz to work as a team and take out each man one by one, at one point hitting their finishing move from the ramp into the floor on Page. Outside the ring we saw Moose catch Trey’s Tope con Giro, and slam him into the guardrail, only to get taken out by a flying Xavier from the ramp.

Back in the ring, Alexander caught both Xavier and Trey for a slam, but they escaped. Wentz took out Moose. Trey hit the X69 on Alexander, followed by a Meteora, and a dive from his partners, but Page was there to powerslam Trey into the pin attempt. Page got rid of Wentz and Trey, leaving Dezmond oven for a combo by the heels, ending with the North hitting their finisher and a No Jackhammer Needed by Moose for the win. Great match, some spots looked mispositioned, but overall great. The tag team work in this match was top notch and by the match came to a close, the fans were completely into the match.

Melissa Santos interviewed Johnny Impact  & Taya Valkyrie. Johnny Bravo was there too. They talked trash to Melissa. Johnny cut a promo on Cage saying that he doesn’t know what being a champion is like and that he is not worried about Lance Storm. He hinted having a secret up his sleeve.

Taya cut a promo on Jordynne Grace, saying that Grace’s streak ends tonight.

Impact Knockout's Champion Taya Valkrye defeated Jordynne Grace to retain the Championship

Jordynne attacked Taya at the sound of the bell and quickly took her down. They went outside and hit an Electric Chair onto the apron, followed by a Apron Bomb. Back in the ring, Grace got a two count out of her initial flurry. Taya tried to comeback, but Jordynne hit a top rope senton for a second two count.

Taya started to escape Jordynne and use dirty tactics to get some control of the match. She rammed Jordynne arm into the ring post to start working on the limb. Taya would go and stretch Grace’s arm against the ropes, or chasing an armbreaker. Taya hit an Hanging DDT for a two count. Taya kept manipulating the joints until Jordynne overpowered herself out of the lock and hit a desperation clothesline to take out Taya, unfortunately using her hurt arm. Grace finally starter a comeback using Scoop Slams and a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Taya went to use of of Johnny’s offense, but she wasn’t as fast, giving Grace the opening to set her up for the Muscle Buster for a 2.99 second near fall. Both women started trading roll ups until Taya just started hitting some knee shots. Jordynne went for the Grace Driver, but Taya got off and hit Road To Valhalla to retain the championship and give Jordynne her first one-on-one defeat. This was a lot better than I expected going in. Jordynne’s selling was great, and the final near falls had me excited.

Melissa Santos interviewd Gail Kim. Santos asked about how she decided to return to the ring after retiring. Gail answered that she doesn’t miss wrestling, but she needs to teach Tessa a lesson in respect.

X-Division Champion Rich Swann defeated Sami Callihan in an oVe Rules Match to retain his championship

Callihan came out with Madman Fulton, but sent him to the back for the match. Swann came out all serious, no dancing, no smiling, completely focused on Callihan.

Story of the match was that Swann brought out the violent side of himself for this match, going down to Callihan’s level. They talked trash to each other as they started pushing each other and went straight up to trading superkicks and strikes. They did a couple of reversals and counters, sending Callihan to the outside, but Swann swerved Callihan with the dive and revealed he had a stapler, chasing Sami around the ring, stapling him. Swann then tossed a couple of weapons into the ring.

Back in the ring, Callihan took the stapler and used it on Swann when the champ went for a Sunset Flip. Callihan used the momentum to start working on Swann’s head with a couple of running boots. Swann would return with a superkick and a dive, only to be received by a metal plate to the head as he flew through the ropes. Callihan hit the Cactus Special on the apron.

Callihan brought one of the guardrails to set up a metal bed next to the ramp, and continued beating up Swann around the ring. Sami went for a Razor’s Edge onto that guardrail, but Swann escaped and took out Sami with a chair. Callihan hit an Exploder Suplex onto an open chair, looked incredibly painful. Callihan went for a powerbomb, but Swann got him with a metal plate, set up a trash can on Sami’s head, and connected with a kick combo before hitting a Twisting Suplex onto the trash can for a two count.

Callihan escaped to the ramp, but Swann chased him, hitting him with safety signs. They fought up the stage where Swann used the setup for his offense, ending with a cutter on the ramp. Swamm chased the Phoenix Splash, but Callihan caught him coming down. They traded strikes and kicks, before Sami grabbed Swann by the groid and hit the Cactus Special on to the set up guardrail, but he only got a two count out of it.

Back in the ring, Sami Callihan brought out a Lego playing set that he brought and dropped them as tacks, and we know they hurt more than tacks. Sami went to piledrive Swann into them, but Swann reversed with a Jumping Frankensteiner for a two count. Callihan hit Swann with powder and hit the Cactus Special from the second rope, and he still couldn’t put down Swann for the pin.

Finally, Swann brought out a barbed wired baseball bat. This time i was Swann who went for the groin, getting control of the bat and hitting Callihan with it on the head. Swann used the bat for a Crossface, forcing Callihan to tap out. Great match, violent, and even with the weapons used, they kept it different to the ones we usually see on a Full Metal Mayhem coming later tonight.

We got the commercial for Impact's return to New York City. 

Melissa Santos interviewed Tessa Blanchard, who said that she knows about respect and that she has earned it, her family has earned respect, and while she used to look up to Gail Kim, it was respect that she has lost for her. It will be Tessa teaching Kim a lesson tonight. Tully Blanchard walked up and congratulated Tessa for her match tonight and cut a promo hyping her up. Well now i'm completely behind Tessa after Tully's words.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Gail Kim

Robert Irvine and Tully Blanchard are both ringside. This match was a sprint, which helped to tell the story that Tessa is on her prime and the floating question whether Gail Kim has ring rust. They went back and forward all match, but there was a slight dominance to Tessa's offense, while not taking anything away from Gail who looked great and had some great offense. 

Tessa hit the first punch, but Gail came back and went for a quick paced flurry of offense striking and stomping Tessa. Gail hit a springboard leg drop for a one count. Tessa came back with a rana and caught Gail Kim in the corner, tossing her outside. Tessa dived on Kim, but she got distracted with the crowd, giving Gail time to recover.

Back in the ring, they went back and forward, Gail going after the legs, and Tessa the head, at one point hitting a big Magnum on the corner. Tessa went for a Saito Suplex, but Kim blocked and got a two count after a powerslam. Gail Kim dodged Tessa’s running tackle and locked in a headscissors that Tessa reversed into a backbreaker and a Saito for a two count.

Tessa kept working over Gail’s head, mocking Robert Irvine when possible. They fought up the turnbuckle that ended with both women spilling down to the floor. Gail Kim locked in the Figure Four on the ring post to finally take out Tessa’s knee. Back in the ring, they traded strikes ending with a crossbody from Gail for a near fall.

Gail started chasing Eat Defeat, but Tessa countered as they started brawling in the ramp. Tessa hit a huge Bitter End from the ramp to the floor. Gail made the count. Tessa went for the Buzzsaw DDT, but Gail espaced and hit Eat Defeat for a two count. Gail went to the top rope, but Tessa stopped her, where Tessa hit a Military Slam from the rope and hit Magnum for a huge near fall, but Tessa transitioned into an modified Anaconda Vice for the submission win. Dominant win for Tessa, she is no doubt the top woman in the promotion.

After the match, Tessa and Tully embraced. Tessa returned to the ring and with tears in her eyes, offered Gail Kim her hand, only to have Kim hug her and put her over. Great heartfelt ending.

Tessa left the ring for Gail, who got “Thank You Gail” chants. This was a far better farewell match for Gail Kim.

Brian Cage cut a promo backstage telling Johnny that he knows he is the deserving champion, that their friendship is over, and that there is no escape for him and tonight, the Age of Cage begins. Seems like Full Metal Mayhem is closing the show tonight.

“The Machine” Brian Cage defeated Impact World Champion Johnny Impact (w/Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Bravo) to become the NEW Impact World Champion. Special Guest Referee Lance Storm

Cage didn’t wait to talk tash and went straight for Johnny, with a shoulder tackle. Cage hit a German and an F-5 for an early near fall. Cage hit a version of the Rainmaker and a Facebuster for a second two count. Cage went for a Buckle Bomb and a Deadlift Suplex for yet another two count. Cage went for a second Deadlift Suplex, but Johnny countered into a German from the top rope.

Johnny went to get some offense, but Cage kept control until Cge distracted himself with Storm and got his eyes poked by Johnny, who finally had the opening for a combo that ended with a Standing SSP, which Cage kicked out at one, rolled over, and hit a Standing Moonsault for a two count.

Johnny tried to escape to the ramp, but Cage followed and went for a powerbomb, but Johnny instead hit a Spanish Fly from the ramp into the floor! Johnny was the first up and broke the count and went to knee Cage’s back. Johnny wanted the countout, but Lance wouldn’t give it to him and checked on Cage, who was busted open.

Back in the ring, Johnny went to choke out Cage. Johnny used his speed advantage to work over Cage with strikes and a springboard spear. Outside the ring, Taya and Bravo started setting up a table. Johnny tried to send Cage into the table, hitting a Spinning Neckbreaker for a two count. They went outside and Cage caught Johnny and powerbombed him into the table.

Johnny Bravo tried to distract Cage, who focused on him, while on the other side, Johnny hit Cage with the belt. Taya pulled Lance outside, giving Johnny the opening to take out Lance Storm as Johnny Bravo revealed his own ref t-shirt. Cage powerbombed Taya after Johnny threw her under the bus, but it was enough for Johnny to take out Cage with the belt for a two count (counted by Bravo). Lance Storm returned and took out Bravo and was going for the DQ, but Cage stopped him, hit a superkick and the Drill Claw to capture the championship.

Good, but not great match, I don’t know if someone was hurt or if there was an audible, but there was a lot of visible communication between Cage and Johnny.

Suddenly, Michael Elgin came out! He and Cage got face to face as Elgin made her intentions known that he wants a shot for the title. Elgin hit a Backfist, knocking out Cage. Elgin Bomb and visible 3-count before posing the with the championship over Cage’s body.

We got the commercial for Impact’s Slammiversary from Dallas, Texas on July 7th. G1 Climax weekend just got better!

Backstage, Konnan hyped Santana and Ortiz, who was just slamming Tequila shots one after the other.

LAX (Santana & Ortix) w/Konnan defeated Impact Tag Team Champions Lucha Bros! (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) in Full Metal Mayhem to become the NEW Impact Tag Team Champions

LAX jumped Lucha Bros during their entrance with stereo dives. Ortiz beat up Fenix on one side of the ring, while Santana attacked Pentagon on the other. LAX distracted themselves setting up a table, giving the Lucha Bros the opening to hit a double top con giro on to LAX and through tables.

Back in the ring, Lucha Bros worked on Ortiz with a series of kicks, a Slingblade, and a team move for a two count. Next in line was Santana who took a flurry of kicks and knees from all sides. Lucha Bros started setting up tables, giving LAX time to recover and hit Pentagon with a cutter, codebreaker, and Double Flapjack combo for a two count when Fenix flew to break up the pin. Fenix made a stand against both men, but would eventually get taken out with kicks and a big Cannonball on the corner. LAX dropped Fenix with a cutter and double footstomp combo on to a bed of chairs for a two count.

LAX brought out a ladder before they all started trading strikes in the ring and setting up the sit down Strong Style challenge. Konnan gave LAX some forks, but Lucha Bros blocked them. They traded chair shots before everyone collapsed.

LAX set up a bed of chairs and went to hit a superplex on Fenix, but Pentagon stopped him and instead hit the Spiked Fear Factor into the bed of chairs, but Santana managed to kick out. Lucha Bros went for another Spike Fear Factor, but LAX countered. Santana hit a F-5 into a chair. Ortiz set up Pentagon on to a table on the ramp, while Santana set up the ladder at the ropes. Fenix instead walked the ropes, caught Ortiz into a Spanish Fly, and managed to not kill himself when he landed head first.

Back in the ring, Pentagon hit a Penta Driver into a chair for a near fall. Pentagon set up another set of tables next to the ladder, and to top it off, thumbtacks on the table. He gave Santana enough time to recover and counter. Both men climbed to the top of the ladder where they exchanged strikes, but Ortiz came out and powerbombed Pentagon on the tables after Santana had stabbed Pentagon with a fork. Ortiz pinned Pentagon to recapture the championships.

This match had some ups and downs, a lot of spots seem way choreographed, and some took too much time to set up given the props involved. When the match was straight up wrestling, the match was fantastic.

After the match, Konnan and LAX made peace with the Lucha Bros as they all embraced in the middle of the ring. The entire Impact locker room came out to celebrate with both teams. Former Knockout’s champion Taylor Wilde made a special cameo around the group.

Final Thoughts --

Impact Wrestling had a lot of eyes on them tonight and they delivered with a solid, worth watching show. Arguably, one of the better shows they’ve had so far since their new management team came in.