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Impact Slammiversary live results: Kenny Omega vs. Sami Callihan

Preview by Josh Nason

The Impact World title will be on the line as Kenny Omega will defend the title against Sami Callihan in a no DQ match at Saturday's Slammiversary -- the promotion's first show with live fans since before the pandemic.

Omega will be looking for the second defense of his title while Callihan will be looking for his second reign as Impact World Champion.

The card will feature four other title matches as Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo will defend against a mystery opponent; Tag Team Champions Violent by Design (Doering and Deaner) will defend against the Good Brothers, Rich Swann and Willie Mack, and TJP and Fallah Bahh in a four-way; Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N' Flava (Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz) will defend against Rosemary and Havok; and Josh Alexander will defend the X-Division title in an Ultimate-X match against Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Petey Williams and Rohit Raju.

In singles action, W. Morrissey will face Eddie Edwards while Moose takes on Chris Sabin. In a new match added Thursday, Matt Cardona and a mystery partner will take on Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood.

Our live coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern.

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Decay (Rosemary & Havok) (w/Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve) defeated Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz to become the NEW CHAMPIONS!

After failing to capture the titles for months, Havok eventually found herself aligned with her long tie rival Rosemary, and through a couple of singles wins over Hogan and Steelz, they earned themselves a tag title #1 contendership match against Susan and Kimber Lee, who they defeated to earn this title shot. 

Match saw Decay start strong, with Rosemary and Havok having the power advantage. Hogan and Steelz cut off Rosemary for a couple of minutes until she managed to escape and tag Havok for the hot tag. Finish saw Havok reverse a choke into a tombstone piledriver and pin Hogan. Good match, but nothing special.

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X Division Champion Josh Alexander defeated Petey Williams, Rohit Raju, Trey Miguel, Chris Bey,  and Ace Austin in an Ultimate X match to retain the title.

All six men have feuded around the X Division championship for months, 

Match started with Alexander, Miguel, and Williams catching Bey and getting some early revenge after Bey turned on them after their match last Thursday. 

Raju had some trouble reaching for the ropes that hold the championship up high, only to end up getting taken out by Alexander. Later on, he would actually grab a rope, toss it over the extended corner ropes and climb vertically to get the title, but unfortunately, Miguel was there to bring him down the hard way. He would make another attempt with a hook, but failed again.

We got a couple of spots outside the ring, a combination of dives and kicks from Austin, that ended with Austin by himself going for the title, only to get tossed from the top onto the pile of wrestlers. 

There was a really weird submission chain applied with Alexander legitimately hanging from the ropes as he got an ankle lock on Bey, and connected to the rest of the wrestlers already in submissions on the mat. It looked great, but the set up took a bit too much. 

We saw a crazy destroyer on Bey, as Petey Williams was hanging from the ropes and dropped into Bey, who was on an electric chair on the shoulders of Alexander. It looked scary, but seems to be ok.

At the end, it finally came down to Raju again, he made it to the ropes and got to the title, but once again, Miguel brought him down the hard way. With them out of the way, Alexander and Bey fought for the title, hanging on the ropes, they had the title in their hands and even managed to save it from Austin who flew in with a springboard. Alexander finally dropped Bey and claimed the win. 

- Gia Miller interviewed Don Callis about his thoughts on the main event tonight. He blamed Tommy Dreamer for Kenny Omega having to wrestle in a No DQs match tonight. Callis said that he'll be there with Omega and that Callihan won't be able to kick out of the One Winged Angel.

Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green defeated Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K & Sam Beale)

Matt Cardona and Brian Myers have been feuding for months, but it wasn’t until last week that Myers brought in Tenille Dashwood to help him get back at Matt Cardona, and so in return, Cardona is bringing in someone to help him balance things out against Myers and Dashwood.

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona had matching attires, with half Cardona and half Hot Mess styles. Green is working with a cast on her arm, Strikes confirmed that she was cleared to wrestle.

Match started with Dashwood and Green trying to go at it, but got separated by Myers and Cardona, it was after that early flurry that Myers cut off Cardona outside the ring. Since they had men vs men and women vs women rules, it was all Myers getting heat on Cardona, but Dashwood did aid Myers to keep Green off the apron when Cardona tried to tag in. 

Green came in with a hot tag, but it didn’t last long when Myers distracted her, allowing Dashwood to take her out. Dashwood also tried to low blow Cardona behind the referee, but Cardona had a protective cup. 

Finish saw Green hit a destroyer on Myers and the unprettier on Dashwood for the win. Gun match.

W. Morrissey defeated Eddie Edwards

Morrissey debuted a couple of months ago, and ever since, he’s been on a path of destruction, taking out Willie Mack and Rich Swann on the way. Morrissey attacked Edwards on the night that Edwards hoped to wrestle Satoshi Kojima, and that’s how this match came about.

Morrissey is a full head taller than Edwards, it is quite impressive.

Story of the match was that Edwards had a strong game and ability to take one on Morrissey, but as soon as Morrissey got himself some momentum, he started to hurt Edwards, who tried his best, but just couldn’t cut off that momentum. 

Even when Edwards went for a dive, Morrissey just caught him in the middle of the air and chokeslammed him into the apron for a near countout tease. Morrissey tried to attack him outside the ring, only for Edwards to catch with a running Boston Knee Party for another countout tease, but now it was Morrissey trying to make it to the ring.

Finish saw Edwards hit a blue thunder bomb and go for another BKP, but Morrissey hit behind the referee and hit a big boot. Edwards recovered and hit the BKP, sending Morrissey to the floor, where he got a chain from his boot, hit Edwards, hit the powerbomb, and picked up the win. Match was going well, but the finish was bad. 

This win seemed more of an actual direction for W. Morrissey, but there's still no chance he gets added to a title program.

- Moose cut a promo on Chris Sabin and what a mistake it was to try and wrestle Moose.

- We got a vignette that said "Long live the king of Drama".

- Shera and Madman Fulton came down to the ring, angered about being banned from the Ultimate X match. They got in the referee’s face when Scott D’Amore came out to address the situation. Scott D’Amore brought out two men to wrestle Fulton and Shera

FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) defeated Madman Fulton & Shera

This was a squash. Even before the match started, Shera and Fulton already had anger problems with each other, and FinJuice used to get the upper hand over them. FinJuice got the win within a minute on Fulton.

Chris Sabin defeated Moose

The story between Moose and Sabin goes all the way back to when Moose injured James Storm’s leg in order to qualify for the Under Siege main event. After losing to Omega, Moose came back and started the rivalry with Sabin, which has become a feud about breaking each other’s legs.

This was a power versus speed match. Sabin early on worked over Moose’ leg while dodging all of Moose’s offense, he mostly went for dragon screws and even locked in a figure 4 leg lock, but it was a matter of Moose getting his hands on Sabin that he cut him off, hit snake eyes into the corner and fully killed Sabin’s momentum. 

Moose worked over Sabin by tossing him from corner to corner, chopping him to the delight of the fans, and mostly torturing with slams. It was until he got cocky and went for a second rope moonsault that Sabin finally dodged again and got enough time to breath and recover. 

Sabin had a nice comeback with a springboard plancha and a tornado DDT for a near fall. Sabin went to the top rope, but unfortunately, Moose desperately jumped and hit a revolution fly. Sabin rolled out of the ring to avoid the pin.

Moose followed, hit a pop-up bomb on the apron, ragdolled Sabin into the guardrail repeatedly, and left him for dead for the countout tease. 

Back in the ring, we saw both men exchange some pin reversals and surprisingly, it was Sabin that got the win over Moose with a roll up. This was quite good, and I’m hopeful it wasn’t the last time we saw them wrestle.

- Decay cut a promo backstage about the family gaining gold. This is a fully fledged stable now.

Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Impact Tag Team Champions Violent By Design (Joe Doering & Rhino) (with Eric Young & Deaner), Rich Swann & Willie Mack, Fallah Bahh & No Way to become the NEW CHAMPIONS!

About a month ago, Rich Swann and Willie Mack rekindled their interest in the tag team championships that they had been chasing before Swann’s injury over two years ago. As they made those intentions clear, TJP and Bahh decided they also wanted to step up to the challenge. TJP was announced to be off the match in a last minute call, so Fallah Bahh instead brought out No Way Jose, now going only as No Way.  Bahh did say No Way Jose and hopefully it wasn’t a screw up. As for the Good Brothers, they just decided to drop by at the last minute and join the party.

Rules of the match only allows two men in the ring at a time, so after a couple of funny spots with Swann and No Way, the Good Brothers tagged themselves in, cut off Swann, and held the ring for some time, working over Swann in their corner. 

No Way got a hot tag and ran wild over Anderson, they had a good exchange, but it also didn’t last long after Doering and Gallows interfered, dragged their opponents to the ring and tagged themselves in. They were barely starting to exchange strikes when everyone jumped in and took them out.

We got a good sequence with everyone hitting their signature move, starting with Swann and Bahh, ending with Doering getting a near fall on No Way. Rhino set up the gore, but Anderson jumped in for  a cutter, magic killer, and the Good Brothers won and regained the titles. Good match, but it was underwhelming considering the talent involved.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeated Thunder Rosa to retain the title

The story here is that Purrazzo has ran over the Knockouts division and others throughout her title reign, she started asking for challengers and made. Gail Kim announced to her that if she was secure enough to make open challengers, then she would have a surprise opponent at Slammiversary, that person was Thunder Rosa!

Match started with some mat wrestling sequences with reversals and counters, as they measured each other, they transitioned into a little bit of lucha teases and roll ups. Rosa was starting to pick up momentum when Purrazzo caught her in the ropes and hit a divorce court, starting her work on Rosa’s arm.

Rosa was hurting, but didn’t allow Purrazzo to get control as easily, so she kept going after her with her other arm and dropkicks left and right. But as it is usual for Purrazzo, it only takes one mistake for her to get a hold of Rosa’s arm and get them into a submission. Rosa made several attempts to counter or escape, but the more Purrazzo had her arm, the weaker Rosa got. Rosa got a good near fall with a top rope foot stomp. 

They exchanged chops and kicks before Rosa went for the Thunder driver, only to get reversed into a roll up and knee to the face. Purrazzo then just hit Queen’s Gambit and won out of nowhere. Good match, but it had potential to be better. 

After the match, Purrazzo was about to cut a promo when Mickey James made her big return to Impact Wrestling. She greeted the fans and told Purrazzo that she respected her. MJ was there to personally invite Purrazzo to NWA’s EMPOWERRR. 

Purrazzo told her to get the hell out, if she really respected her, then she would have allowed her to have her moment. They got in a little brawl that ended with James superkicking Purrazzo. I think we have ourselves and EMPOWERRR main event. 

- The next Impact+ special Homecoming is on July 31st. Also announced, 2021’s Bound For GLory, taking place in October in Las Vegas. They teased the participation of AEW, AAA, and NJPW.

Impact World Champion Kenny Omega (with Don Callis) defeated Sami Callihan in a No DQs match to retain the title

There is not much that needs to be said about this match, both these men have been on a collision course ever since Omega won the Impact Championship, and Callihan finally gets his shot. 

Callihan jumped Omega during the introductions and immediately hit the cactus special for a big two count. Callihan brought out some weapons, among them a fork that he used to try and stab Omega early on. After Omega escaped the fork attack, Callihan got him with a pizza cutter when he tried to go for a sunset flip. Omega is busted open. 

Omega tried to get some distance and start a comeback, but Callihan kept the upper hand. It wasn’t until Callihan got a bit too cocky and tried to do the Terminator dive, that Omega caught him with a trash can lid and other weapons. Omega hit the you can’t escape moonsault with a garbage can, but only got a one count. 

Omega went for an early OWA, but Callihan escaped and got a two count with an O’Connor roll. Right on the kickout, Callihan was tossed face first into a chair wedged on the corner that ended up busting him open badly. Omega made it worse with a fork.

The match spilled out to the floor where Omega introduced a table that he broke with a foot stomp with Callihan underneath. Omega went for a snap dragon from the apron to another table, but Callihan blocked, and instead piledrove Omega through it. 

Callihan brought out a sheet of plywood that he powerbombed Omega through after hitting a backbreaker into a garbage can. Callihan followed up with a barbed wire chair, where he tried slamming Omega into, but Omega woke up, escaped, powerbombed Callihan into the chair and delivered his first v-trigger. Omega hit a superplex into a pile of trash for a near fall. 

Omega hit a v-trigger, but Callihan recovered and hit a tombstone into the barbed wire chair for a near fall himself. Omega had to rely on Fuji powder to blind Callihan, but in blinding him, Callihan hit a piledriver on the referee, and so Omega could get the win when he hit a piledriver and pinned Callihan. In anger, Omega took out the second referee. 

The Good Brothers tried to interfere, but Eddie Edwards and Chris Sabin cut them off before making it to the ring. 

Omega survived the package piledriver, and so Callihan escalated things even further when he brought out thumbtacks. Callis distracted Callihan to save Omega, who hit a v-trigger, stabbed his knee pad with tacks for another v-trigger, made Callihan swallow some tacks for a third v-trigger, and finally hit the one winged angel on the tacks for the win. Crazy match.

After the match, Anderson, Gallows, and Callis joined Omega for the celebration. Suddenly, the lights went out and Switchblade Jay White made his Impact debut. They faced off and teased the two sweet when FinJuice ran down and went after White, only for White to hit the bladerunner on Juice and leave.