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Impact Wrestling live results: Bound for Glory summit

Thursday's Impact Wrestling will feature a summit between World Champion Christian Cage and his Bound for Glory challenger Josh Alexander.

The two will come face-to-face following last week's tag team match in which they united to defeat Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. 

The tournament for the vacant X-Division Championship will also roll along as El Phantasmo will take on Willie Mack and Rohit Raju in a three-way match with the winner advancing to the three-way finals at Bound for Glory, joining Steve Maclin and Trey Miguel.

A 20-person battle royal with Bound For Glory implications will also take place. The winner will enter the Call Your Shot gauntlet match at number 20 while the last person eliminated will enter number one.

In other action, Rich Swann takes on VSK; Chris Bey battles Chris Sabin and Lady Frost takes on Savannah Evans as part of the aftermath of Knockouts Knockdown.

The BTI pre-show will see Hernandez take on Fallah Bahh.

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Fallah Bahh defeated Hernandez (with Johnny Swinger) on BTI

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Opening video recapped last week’s main event, with Christian Cage and Josh Alexander teaming up against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, including the challenge done by Christopher Daniels, as he intends to chase the championship. 

El Phantasmo (with The Bullet Club) defeated Wilie Mack & Rohit Raju in an X Division Championship match qualifier

The winner of this match advances to Bound For Glory, to face Trey Miguel and Steve Maclin in a 3-way for the vacant X Division Championship. 

With Mack being the only babyface in the match, it started with Raju and ELP taking turns to pair up with Mack. ELP resorted to poke Mack’s eyes after he couldn’t contend with Mack’s strength. Mack was taken out for a minute to allow ELP and Raju to wrestle each other, but Mack quickly returned and took out Raju. 

ELP got an early near fall after a dive on Raju and a swanton bomb on Mack. Afterwards, both men got their payback with rolling stomps on ELP, but Raju followed with a footstomp on Mack for a near fall. 

Mack put both opponents down, hit a couple of running clotheslines and a double Samoan drop and moonsault, but couldn’t get the 3 count on either after taking too much time to capitalize. Mack countered Raju’s superplex attempt and set the frog splash, but ELP cut him off, threw Mack over Raju, and hit a big splash for a near fall. ELP went for the loaded superkick, which Mack blocked and followed with a stunner. When he went for the pin, Chris Bey and Hikuleo distracted the referee and him, so Mack took them out with a dive. 

Back in the ring, Raju tried to steal the win, but ELP recovered, hit a low punch on Raju, superkicked Mack, and hit the CRII on Raju for the win. 

It’ll be El Phantasmo vs Maclin vs Trey Miguel at Bound For Glory.

- Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and Fulton about entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet tonight. Austin said he wasn’t done with Cage, but since Alexander had jumped in front of the line, he decided to enter the gauntlet to secure himself a win. He said that he and Fulton will be the final two and at Bound For Glory, he can come in at 20, while Fulton gets to destroy 18 other wrestlers one-by-one. 

Savannah Evans (with Tasha Steelz) defeated Lady Frost

Evans is coming in with a big victory at Knockouts Knockdown, where she defeated Alisha Edwards, Kimber Lee, and Jordynne Grace in her first ever Monster’s Ball. Frost however, lost at the first round of the Knockouts Knockdown tournament against Rachael Ellering. 

The match was close to a squash, Evans dominated Frost from the start with her power advantage. Frost did get some offense with short flurries, but Evans kept cutting her off. Towards the end, she did manage to hurt Evans with a couple of attacks to the midsection and legs, but Evans caught her with a clothesline and her full Nelson slam for the win. 

After the match, Deonna Purrazzo came out with Matthew Rehwoldt. Purrazzo came out to recruit Savannah Evans as  Mickie James’ challenge in her Pick Your Poison match. Evans agreed. It’ll be Mickie James vs Savannah Evans in the go home show of Bound For Glory. Given this little set up with Purrazzo, the match with Frost made perfect sense.

- Steve Maclin cut a promo about his background, how he’s not a ‘ribbon chaser’, but he’s a fighter and only wants the title so he gets more challengers coming and he gets to take them out.

- Miller interviewed Gail Kim about the success of Knockouts Knockdown. Kim talked about the Daffney tribute, about signing Masha Slamovich, Mercedes MArtinez winning the tournament, and the news of The Inspiration joining Impact. 

Havok and Rosemary approached Kim about how good the idea of bringing the Inspiration and sacrificing them to Decay. Suddenly, Kim got a letter from The Inspiration, where they put themselves over and confirmed that The Inspiration are most definitely coming in as heels. 

Rich Swann (with Willie Mack) defeated VSK (with Brian Myers & The Learning Tree) 

Swann and Mack have been crossing paths with Myers and his Learning Tree for the last couple of weeks. 

Match started and VSK got control quite early, and he didn’t rely on tricks. VSK got a couple of early pins and focused his work on Swann’s head, but it wasn’t long for Swann to punch his way out and take down VSK with a series of kicks. 

Swann hit a second rope phoenix splash for the win. Really short match, but VSK had enough offense to really call it a squash, even if it did take about three or four moves for Swann to win.

- Johnny Swinger and John E. Bravo packed up the final things left of Swinger’s Palace. Hernandez left,  Swingerella #1 revealed her feelings for Swinger, but Swinger turned her down like an idiot. The Swingerella #2, finally told us her name was Riley, asked Sabin out, but Sabin had one love, and it was wrestling. 

Segment ended with a video of memories of Swinger’s Palace. It’s finally over. I’m a bit nostalgic about it.

- Heath and Scott D’Amore had a meeting about finalizing the contract negotiations that started nearly a year ago. Heath asked to book himself and Rhino against Violent By Design, but understandably, D’Amore didn’t know if he could even convince Rhino for the match. Heath promised that he will talk to Rhino, and if he can’t convince him, he’ll take on VBD by himself at Bound For Glory. D’Amore and Heath signed the contracts. 

Chris Sabin (with FinJuice) defeated Chris Bey (with The Bullet Club) 

Sabin recently joined FinJuice in their feud against the Bullet Club. Both groups have been feuding for some time, but the numbers have grown after El Phantasmo returned to Impact to back up Bey and Hikuleo. 

Match had a great start with both men trading arm drags over and over again, but it wasn’t long before FinJuice and the Bullet Club got into a scuffle outside. Referee Tolle ended up sending everyone to the back. 

Back in the ring, Sabin had a short flurry of offense, but Bey managed to cut him off, catching him between the ropes with a couple of kicks, followed by working his back. Sabin had some comeback attempts, but Bey kept him cut off. 

Eventually, Sabin was able to soccer kick Bey during a rana attempt and follow it with a rolling fisherman suplex to finally get some momentum. Bey still came back with a failed art of finesse attempt and a jumping kick for near fall. Sabin got a near fall after rolling Bey after dodging his frog splash, but Bey kicked out at two. 

Both men exchanged strikes, ending with a jumping enziguri and a cradle shock from Sabin for the win. Really good match.

- Miller interviewed Trey Miguel about facing ELP and Maclin at Bound For Glory. Miguel was talking about defeating Laredo Kid and Alex Zayne, but the latter interrupted him and told Miguel that Miguel only won because Zayne had done the work to take down Kid. Miguel challenged Zayne to a match to make sure there were no doubts that he was better than Zayne. This was pretty good.

- We got a promo from The Good Brothers, talking about them doing everything together and how they were spending their vacation together. They talked about Impact rejecting their booking proposal of a Bullet Club vs FinJuice number one contendership match, so they urged Impact to give them their Bound For Glory match before they were forced to cut off their vacation time and personally demand their match.

W. Morrissey won the battle royale to earn the number 20 spot in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. 

The winner of this match will enter the Call Your Shot gauntlet at number 20, while the runner up will have the number one spot of the match. While everyone in the gauntlet was eligible, there were a couple of absences like Rich Swann, who had already wrestled earlier in the night. The match was open to both men and women, with everyone starting in the ring. 

Alisha Edwards was the first eliminated at the hands of Moose, followed by Swinger who jumped the ropes after Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren scared him away. 

Petey Williams was eliminated by Myers, but he was eliminated by Rachael Ellering after Myers had been saved by his Learning Tree once. 

Laredo Kid was eliminated by Hernandez, followed by Taurus and Hernandez who eliminated themselves with a clothesline. Rehwoldt was eliminated by Matt Cardona. Raj Singh eliminated Ellering, only to get eliminated by Jake Something. 

Fallah Bahh got eliminated during the commercial break. 

Fulton and Austin eliminated Jake Something. Brandi Lauren and Kimber Lee tried to gang up on Ace Austin, but Fulton made the save and eliminated them, they did manage to poison mist him before being tossed out. Fulton also eliminated Matt Cardona with a pounce. 

Moose and Morrissey went after Fulton, who managed to fight them off for a bit. Austin helped Fulton and almost eliminated Moose, but eventually, after Fulton came close to taking out both Moose and Morrissey, Fulton got eliminated while Sabin had Austin busy to help him. 

Final four were Moose, Morrissey, Moose, and Sabin. Initially, all the heels ganged up on Sabin, but it wasn’t long before Morrissey and Moose also attacked Austin and eliminated him with dominance. 

Morrissey and Moose took some turns to punish Sabin instead of eliminating him, but they gave Sabin enough space to trick Moose into the apron and eliminated him with a dropkick to the feet. 

Sabin managed to take down Morrissey, but didn’t have the power to push him over the ropes. Morrissey simply cut off Sabin and tossed him over the ropes. 

Morrissey will enter number 20 to the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, while Chris Sabin will have to enter at the number one spot. 

- Next week, we’re getting Alex Zayne vs Trey Miguel, Mickie James vs Savannah Evans, and FinJuice vs Bullet Club for a shot at the Good Brothers.

- We got a vignette for Minoru Suzuki, coming soon to Impact.

- Josh Matthews moderated the summit between Christian Cage and Josh Alexander, prior to their title match at Bound For Glory. 

First, Cage talked about his return to wrestling, how his return was a year long preparation before coming back. He wasn’t trying to just get his greatest hits in, he wanted to come back and become the best in the business. 

Alexander talked about his road to this match, how being a tag team champion and the X Division champion and eventually wrestling Sabin, proved to himself that he needed to go for the big one. He had no regrets even if he lost to Cage. 

Cage talked about how he and Alexander were not that similar once they met in the ring, to which Alexander considered they were more similar in how he had followed Cage’s career as he built his own. 

Cage talked about the differences between being a champion now and his past reigns. He knew what it took to be on top, but Alexander wasn’t ready, he couldn’t control his emotions. Cage agreed he had followed Alexander’s career, and he knew he wasn’t ready to be on top.

They showed a video from an AEW press conference where Cage denied knowing who Alexander even was, at which point, Alexander told Cage he didn’t respect him and walked out. 

Cage pointed out Alexander’s control of his emotions as the show ended.