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Impact Wrestling live results: The fallout from Victory Road

Thursday's edition of Impact Wrestling will see the fallout from Victory Road, kicking off with now-former X-Division Champion Josh Alexander.

After defending the title against Chris Sabin, Alexander walked out following Christian Cage's World title defense over Ace Austin and invoked "option C" which means he relinquishes his title in exchange for a World title shot. That match will happen at Bound for Glory.

Mickie James will also be on the show after she and Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo got in a brawl on last Thursday's Impact where James left the champion laying.

Only two matches were announced as Hikuleo will face David Finlay as the Bullet Club vs. FinJuice feud continues while Rohit Raju takes on Chelsea Green in an intergender match as Raju's feud with Green and Matt Cardona also continues.

The BTI pre-show match will see John Skyler vs. Laredo Kid in the finale of their recent best-of-three series.

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Laredo Kid defeated John Skylar on BTI

Matthew Rehwoldt was shown watching the match in the back. 

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Opening video was a recap of Victory Road’s Josh Alexander vs Chris Sabin match, which saw the former take the win, and later on come out to challenge Christian Cage to a world title match at Bound For Glory, as he invoked Option C. 

- Show opened with Scott D’Amore in the ring announcing that Josh Alexander had indeed called for Option C, and thus, he invited Alexander out to the ring to officially relinquish the title. 

Alexander came out. D’Amore explained that if he relinquishes the title, Alexander must understand that win or lose at BFG, he will not continue as X Division champion after tonight. 

Alexander said that he believes that he can be the face of the company, but he can only do it as the World Champion. Before he could continue, Christian Cage came out to the ring.

Cage told Alexander that unlike him who almost lost his career, he did lose his for several years and he clawed himself back to become the champion. Cage tried to mess with Alexander’s head saying that if he gives up the X title, he will end with nothing after BFG. 

Alexander had no second thoughts and turned in the title to D’Amore. Cage came off a bit heelish with everyone behind Alexander.

Ace Austin suddenly decided to join the party. Austin said that he was close to winning the title at Victory Road, and he was not quietly going to stop chasing the title. Austin also messed with Alexander, saying he shouldn't relinquish the title. A short brawl broke out with Austin and Fulton laying out Cage and Alexander.

- Gia Miller interviewed Rich Swann and Willie Mack about an announcement they had. Swann and Mack said that since the X Division title is vacant, Mack wants a shot at the title, while Swann wanted to enter the Call Your Shot gauntlet match at BFG. 

Brian Myers and his group of students walked up and announced that he is also entering the Call Your Shot gauntlet. I guess the Good Brothers feud indeed ended on Saturday. Rich Swann challenged Myers and one of his students to a tag match. Beale and Dice discussed who it should be.

- Backstage, a doctor tried to evaluate Cage’s eye, which had been injured by Austin in the opening brawl. Alexander asked D’Amore to sign a match between them against Austin and Fulton, but since the doctor wouldn’t allow Cage to wrestle until he was clear, D’Amore booked Alexander vs Austin for later tonight.

David Finlay (with Juice Robinson) defeated Hikuleo (with Chris Bey) 

Chris Bey and Hikuleo have been feuding with FinJuice ever since Jay White came to the company. They defeated FinJuice at Victory Road, where they re-injured Robinson’s leg, and thus tonight, David Finlay is out for revenge. 

This was a power vs speed match. Finlay got a lot of offense in as long as he could keep some distance from Hikuleo, but every time Hikuleo got his hands on Finlay, he hurt him and slowed him down. As Finlay started to gain some momentum, Hikuleo pulled on the referee to distract Finlay and cut him off. 

HIkuleo worked over Finlay for a good amount of time, at one point he even had him down with a headlock, but again, it was a matter for Finlay to get some space to start using his speed to dodge around Hikuleo and drop him with a neck breaker. 

Finlay made a comeback with a crossbody for a near fall, followed with a sleeper, but Hikuleo tossed Finlay off and took him out with a big clothesline. Hikuleo went for the chokeslam, but Finlay turned it into a stunner, tripped him against the ropes, and won with a roll up. 

After the match, Hikuleo attacked Finlay. Robinson and Bey got involved. FinJuice ended up outsmarting the Bullet Club and were ready to win the brawl with a doomsday device, but out came El Phantasmo for the aid, and between the three, finished off FinJuice with the loaded superkick. 

- We got a promo from Violent By Design on Rhino. EY told Rhino that the attack from last week can be either an exodus or a passage for him, he understands violence and it falls on him whether he wants to apologize and move forward and be the War Machine, or not. He gave Rhino an ultimatum to give them an answer.

- Miller interviewed Cardona and Green about her match with Rohit Raju tonight. He said that at Victory Road, he did all he wanted to do, beat up both Raju and Shera, so he was out, but Green still wasn’t done until tonight, when she gets her hands on Raju.

- We had a video with Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren giving Su Ynug some souls they had collected for her. It was just a belt, I don’t know if belts can hold souls. 

Rohit Raju defeated Chelsea Green (with Matt Cardona)

As explained in the previous promo, Green and Cardona have been feuding with Raju and Shera for a while, but after Victory Road, Cardona is done with them. Green however, still feels she is owed revenge. 

Match saw Raju play around with his size advantage to get the better of Green early on, until he got too cocky and Green got some offense on him. Raju regained control and once again started playing around overpowering Green, breaking his own pins, and once again getting too cocky for his own good. 

This time around, Green made a comeback and got a couple of near falls. Raju and Green traded near falls, ending with Cardona getting involved to break a pin where Raju had his hands on the ropes. During the commotion, Raj Singh made his return  and attacked Cardona, distracting Green and allowing Raju to roll her up for the win. This wasn’t that good. 

- Eddie Edwards cut a promo about not learning that Alisha shouldn’t have come out with him at Victory Road, he vowed that Morrissey would pay. Callihan approached him and instead of calling him out for being left alone last week, he told Edwards that it was time they did something about it and went out to find Moose and Morrissey.

They found Moose first, who initially had the better of Edwards, but between Callihan and Edwards, they tortured him until he gave out Morrissey’s location. They are the babyfaces?

Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated Brian Myers & VSK (with The Learning Tree)

Prior to the match, Brian Myers found someone outside of the Learning Tree, since he thought that his current crop was a bit too green, and so instead, he called out VSK.

Swann and VSK started with a good fast paced sequence of reversals, with Swann and Mack getting the better of VSK. 

Myers tagged in against Mack and after Mack got a couple of takedowns, Zicky Dice distracted Mack, allowing Myers to cut him off. Myers and VSK worked on Mack for some minutes until Mack caught Myers with a pop-up forearm. 

Swann and VSK came in, with the former getting a two count with a standing frog splash. VSK came back with an elevated DDT for a two count himself. Finish saw Swann take out a couple of the Learning Tree, but when Beale tried to push Swann off the top turnbuckle, he ended up tossing him into VSK, who got rolled up by Swann for the win. Not great, but it was short.

- Over at Swinger’s Palace, Swinger complained about the news that they’re headed to Las Vegas, where his casino won’t be able to compete. They decided to write a letter to D’Amore to request they don’t go to Las Vegas. Swinger dictated the letter and it was something, he invited D’Amore to the palace and signed it as J.J. Dillon.

- Good Brothers celebrated their win, saying they were on vacation. They celebrated being the most dominant tag team on Impact and how they had defeated everyone that had challenged them, from Impact to AEW.  This was followed by a video package of the Good Brother’s defeating all those teams.

- Mickie James came out to the ring. She said she was glad to have returned at Slammiversary, with the intention of showcasing and building women’s wrestling. She brought up that Deonna Purrazzo’s actions at NWA Empower were disrespectful, but then again, she had returned it in kind. James called out Purrazzo. 

James called Purrazzo entitled and challenged her to a match at Bound For Glory for the Knockouts Championship. Purrazzo brought up that she accepted James' request for her to wrestle Melina Perez, but she doesn’t owe her anything more. Purrazzo said wrestling is what everyone wants, but she doesn’t get anything from wrestling James, she didn’t even idolize James when coming up. 

Purrazzo told James that here on Impact, she needs to earn that title shot. Both women started to brawl until security came out for the pull apart. D’Amore came out and told James that wrestlers don’t get to book matches, but he also thinks that James does deserve a title shot, so he booked the match for Bound For Glory. Wrestlers booking matches is bad, but nepotism is ok. 

- As D’Amore walked back to the office, he encountered Eddie Edwards and Morrissey about to brawl, so he stopped it and booked a street fight for next week instead.

- Miller interviewed Gail Kim about organizing Knockouts Knockdown when The Influence approached her and brought up that they should be challenging for the Knockouts tag team titles, but Kim told them that they would have to win a #1 contendership match against Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. 

Also next week, we start a tournament to crown a new X Division champion at Bound For Glory, starting with Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel vs Alex Zayne. 

Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) 

Alexander dominated this match from the get go, even with some distractions, he stayed focused, even when Fulton tripped him up and Austin got a cheap shot, Alexander was able to block him and maintain control of the match. 

Austin kept getting cheap shots here and there and they did start to pile up, but Alexander kept control, getting near falls over and over, dropping Austin with delayed vertical suplexes and locking in the ankle lock when the opportunity presented itself. 

It was until Alexander distracted himself with Fulton for a minute, that Austin had enough time to recover and get some space to use his speed to cut off Alexander. Austin went straight for the head and kept that target throughout the heat segment, tossing him to Fulton here and there for extra work. 

Alexander made a comeback and while Austin still managed to counter most of his offense, Alexander finally dropped Austin with a German to keep him down. Alexander caught Austin with a running boot before trying for the C4, but Austin blocked. Alexander and Austin traded some counters and near falls, ending with Alexander hitting the diving crossbody through the ropes, only to get a big spinning kick by Austin. 

Austin finally went for the Fold, but Alexander countered into the powerbomb into the knee and the C4 spike for the win. Really good main event. 

After the match, Fulton attacked Alexander, joined by Austin until Cage ran down for the save. Cage and Alexander cleared the ring, but the latter wasn’t happy that Cage had gotten involved, and with the distraction, Austin and Fulton attacked them again, but the one to come out to confront them was Christopher Daniels! Daniels took down both Austin and teased hitting the angel’s wings on Fulton, before Austin and Fulton ran off.