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Impact Wrestling live results: Kenny Omega in six-man tag team action

Preview by Josh Nason

AEW roster members Kenny Omega and Frankie Kazarian will be on opposite sides of a six-man tag team match in the main event of Thursday's Impact Wrestling.

The Impact World Champion will team with Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers against Kazarian, Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan. Kazarian made his surprise return last Thursday to defend Callihan as he was getting beaten down by The Elite team members. Edwards was added to the match by Tommy Dreamer despite Edwards being the blood rival of Callihan.

This will be Kazarian's first match in Impact/TNA since May 2014.

Thursday will also see Chris Bey take on Juice Robinson as the former tries to earn his way into the Bullet Club; Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering against Fire N' Flava in a battle of former Knockouts Tag Team Champions; and Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel vs. Daivari in an X-Division no. 1 contender's match.

In the BTI pre-show match, Fallah Bahh will face Crazzy Steve of Decay.

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Crazy Steve (with Decay) defeated Fallah Bahh (with No Way) on BTI

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Chris Bey (with Jay White) defeated Juice Robinson (with David Finlay) 

Chris Bey has joined Jay White, as he hopes to be accepted into the Bullet Club, and after helping him attack Robinson and Finlay last week, we got this match. Finlay and White will be wrestling at NJPW Resurgence. 

Match saw Bey get the better of Robinson right off the bat. He was cocky, kicking to the chants of “Bey” from the fans, dodging Robinson’s cannonball attempts, sending him to crash and burn on the corner, but Juice did eventually make a comeback.

Finish saw Jay White and Finlay brawl outside after White tried to distract Robinson, but the distraction was enough that it allowed Bey to hit the art of finesse on Robinson and get the win.

After the match, White officially gave the Bullet Club tee to Bey, accepting him in the stable.

- Gia Miller interviewed The Elite. Callus said that this was a trio of the top wrestlers in the world and there was no combination of wrestlers in the world that could contend with Omega and the Good Brothers together.

Violent By Design confronted them and told the Good Brothers that at Emergence, they’re calling for their tag title rematch.

- Miller interviewed Fire ‘n Flava about their match tonight after a rough couple of days. Hogan said that they were ready to get a W tonight. Hogan had a bit of backhanded comments about Steelz’ performance at the Homecoming tournament. The dissension continues. 

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card and showed a short recap of the Homecoming King and Queen tournament, won by the debuting Matthew Rehwoldt and Deonna Purrazzo. They also recapped Josh Alexander defeating Black Taurus and Eddie Edwards defeating W. Morrissey.

- The Drama King Matthew Rehwoldt came out to the ring to cut a promo. After the crowd stopped rudely interrupting him, he introduced Deonna Purrazzo. 

Purrazzo said that she has been collecting accolades since debuting for Impact Wrestling; she ran down all of her achievements when Micke James interrupted. 

Purrazzo once again berated James for once again interrupting her during one of her ceremonies. James told her that she knew she’d say that, but she was there for business and wanted to seal the contract that would book Purrazzo for NWA’s EMPOWERRR in a title match. Purrazzo said she needed to know who her opponent was before signing, and out came Melina Perez!

Purrazzo and Melina exchanged some words with the usual threats of beating each other, both signed the contract, and it’s on.

- Miller interviewed Taylor Wilde about being gone for some time after coming back. Wilde said that she had been reported on the Canadian border and wasn’t allowed to come to the US until things cleared out. She suspected Dashwood because the person who called in was a ‘Kalvin with a K”. She challenged Dashwood to a match next week.

- Somewhere in the Undead Realm, Undead Kimber Lee asked “Mother” Su Yung if she could collect souls for her. 

Jake Something defeated Trey Miguel, Daivari, and Rohit Raju (with Mahabali Shera) in an X Division Number One Contenders match

Match started and they immediately went into dives, first with Something taking out Daivari to the floor, Raju followed, and later Miguel. They did a couple more spots outside the ring with Something hitting a crossbody over all other men. 

Back in the ring, Something dominated the ring for a couple of minutes before the numbers game was too much and he was cut off by Daivari and Raju. Something managed to make a comeback on them, only for Miguel to come back into action and take them all down. Miguel came close to getting the win with a last chancery on Raju, but Something broke it and hit the biggest powerbomb you’ve seen for a near fall. Something got rid of Raju and hit the black hole slam on Daivari for the win. Something was portrayed as a monster in this match, he dominated everyone.

Backstage, Raju threw a fit saying he should be the one challenging for the title. Matt Cardona confronted him because when he tossed his bag, he almost hit Chelsea Green. Raju walked away.

- Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander about Jake Something earning a title shot. Alexander was happy about it, but Daivari confronted him about not getting a shot himself. Alexander told him that they can wrestle next week and if Daivari wins, he’ll happily defend it against him too.

Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering defeated Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz)

These teams had a long feud when Fire ‘n Flava were the tag team champions, but now both teams are looking to earn wins and shoot to challenge Decay for the same titles. 

They started exchanging strikes before the bell, but the referee was able to get things under control. Once both teams were in their corners, Ellering and Grace dominated the match over Steelz until she escaped a muscle buster attempt from Grace and cut her off. 

Steelz and Hogan did a good job keeping Grace away from her corner, but she eventually did. Ellering got the hot tag and things came down to her and Hogan, with the latter taking the loss from an assisted slam, after Stelz wasn’t able to recover quick enough to help her. 

After the match, Steelz looked frustrated at Hogan. Suddenly, Savannah Evans came out and took out Hogan as Steelz watched. 

- Miller interviewed Kazarian about coming back to Impact. He said that he was there because he had promised to chase The Elite wherever they went, and it happened to end up being Impact. He talked about all the men that built Impact, but that was yesterday and he was there for today.
Miller asked if she was ok teaming with two men that have a lot of issues between them, but Kazarian told her that he trusted Dreamer's decision to recruit them.

- Violent By Design went to Scott D’Amore to confirm their rematch clause at Emergence. D’Amore said that Swann and Mack beat them and they also deserve a shot at the titles, so it will be a 3-way dance for the titles instead. 

- We got a recap of last week’s altercations between Steve Maclin and Petey Williams. 

Steve Maclin defeated Frontman Jah-C

This was another Maclin squash, he had him beat with a spear to Jah-C, who was in the tree of woe, but he released the pin in order to further injure the man. He did so several times until he hit mayhem for all. At one point, he even threatened referee Hebner for trying to pull him off Jah-C.

After the match, Maclin kept stomping until Petey Williams came down for the save, this time, Maclin avoided wrestling Williams. 

- We had a new installment of All About Me with Tenille Dashwood. She explained that Taylor Wilde has been running wild attacking people, so today’s special guest interviewer was Impact’s doctor Ross Foreman. 

Scott D’Amore interrupted the show and addressed Dashwood. She hoped that Wilde had been fired, but instead, D’Amore told her that Wilde had requested a match against Dashwood and he had granted her the match.

- We got a recap of last week’s Moose vs Chris Sabin match. Afterwards, Miller interviewed Sabin whether they had settled things. Sabin said that they were not done and that Sabin will win the number one’s contenders battle royal, defeat Omega, and will never let Moose be a champion.

Brown & Striker ran down next week’s card, including the Battle Royale, Tenille Dashwood vs Taylor Wilde, Daivari vs Alexander, and FinJuice vs Chris Bey & Jay White.

Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan, & Frankie Kazarian defeated Impact World Champion Kenny Omega & Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) (with Don Callis) in a non-title match

This match came about after Frankie Kazarian chased down The Elite to Impact Wrestling and Tommy Dreamer gave him a match against Omega and The Good Brothers. Dreamer recruited Callihan and Edwards to team with Kazarian, but the issues between Callihan and Edwards go back a couple years already.

Match started with a brawl both inside and outside the ring, by the time the bell rang, Callihan was already going for a cactus special on Omega. He didn’t land it, but the babyface team had a chance to run wild over Omega, mostly Kazarian who got a good amount of offense in until Gallows attacked him from behind and allowed Omega to cut him off.

The Elite worked over Kazarian for some minutes, but he actually managed to escape and tagged in Edwards, who also immediately got cut off and worked on. 

The Elite took more time to work over Edwards with more tags and triple team moves, they made sure that both Kazarian and Callihan were not available for tags, but nonetheless, Edwards made a comeback against Gallows and got the tag to Callihan, reluctantly. 

Callihan went against Omega, but the match quickly broke down into tornado tag action with all men hitting their signature moves, ending with The Elite triple teaming Callihan with a double neckbreaker suplex for a near fall. 

Edwards and Anderson tagged in, with the latter hitting a spinebuster, while Kazarian was taking out Gallows with a clothesline to the floor. Edwards hit a blue thunder bomb and set up the Boston knee party. Callihan took out Omega with a piledriver on the apron right before Edwards hit the BKP and got the win. 

After the match, Don Callis checked on Omega, who was selling his neck after the piledriver. Edwards was hyping up the crowd when W. Morrissey jumped him from behind, hit a powerbomb, and posed over his fallen body. No one even tried to help Edwards.