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Impact Wrestling results: Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin street fight

Impact Wrestling results: Eddie Edwards vs Ace Austin

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for tonight’s episode as the build towards Slammiversary XVIII continues.

Opening video made a big emphasis on Deonna Purrazzo’s debut from last week, attacking the Knockout’s Champion Jordynne Grace after she had defended the title against Taya Valkyrie.

Right before their match, Xavier and Wentz were ready in the Gorilla position when Trey Miguel approached them. Wentz was suspiciously jumpy.

Impact Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) to retain the titles.

Wentz started the match dropkicking Page out of the ring, taking it to Alexander along with Xavier with a kick combo for an early two count. Xavier separated Josh to his corner for a senton atomico by Wentz. Josh and Wentz exchanged some strikes before tagging in Page. 

Page successfully cut off Wentz as The North started to work on him with quick tags and mostly strikes. Josh got a two count with a knee drop. 

Wentz made a great comeback with strikes and a jumping knee that allowed him to tag out. Xavier ran wild over Josh, using his speed to land several strikes, but Alexander managed to catch him midair and drop him to tag in Page. 

The North separated Xavier and worked over him in their corner. The North hit Dezmond with a delayed vertical suplex that they passed around, but only for a two count when Wentz broke the pin.

Back from commercial, Dezmond is starting to make a comeback, escaping Page’s powerbomb attempt. He tags in Wentz, who ran wild over both men. Wentz went for a springboard plancha on Josh, but was caught, only for Dezmond to hit a moonsault and drop Alexander. Page got rid of Dezmond, while Wentz dropped him with a kick and standing moonsault for a two count. 

Dezmond tagged in and hit a superkick and meteora combo with Wentz for a two count. Xavier went for another meteora, but Page dodged, hitting a couple of superkicks. Dezmond hit one for himself and took each other out. Wentz and Josh tagged in, with the former hitting a destroyer after a Pele kick by Dezmond, earning a two count when Page broke up the pin attempt. 

Dez went for a suicide dive on Page, but Page caught him and tossed him over the rail. Wentz took out Page, but back in the ring, Alexander dropped him groin first into the ropes, tagged in Page, then followed with a torture rack into a spinebuster to retain the titles. Great opener.

Backstage, The North celebrated their win, but Page got angry that nobody was watching their match. Page said that no one would ever take the titles from them, they had no competition, and no one appreciated their greatness.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card, pushing Moose’s defense of the TNA title and the street fight main event. He was interrupted and we went to the back where Trey Miguel had been attacked again while The Rascalz were in a match. Dezmond and Wentz went after Reno Scum.

Jimmy Jacobs approached Ace Austin for a comment about Trey’s attack. Ace said he didn’t know anything about it, saying that everyone keeps blaming him while there are a ton of crazy people on Impact. Eddie Edwards blamed him for Trey’s attack and told him that they would meet tonight.

Neveah (with Havok) defeated Kimber Lee

Neveah is making her in-ring debut tonight. 

They started the match going straight for the forearm exchange until Neveah swept Lee’s leg, only for her to land a split, eating a dropkick instead. At this point, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan came out to talk trash.

Kimber Lee took advantage of the distraction to attack Neveah, taking her down by kicking her leg and landed a low kick for a one count. Lee locked in a deep knee submission, mocking Havok. 

Neveah recovered and chopped Lee, but got her eyes raked and choked against the ropes. Suplex for a two count. 

Neveah finally made a comeback with some lariats, a bad looking STO, and a better looking German for a two count. Lee hit a kick combo ending with an enzuigiri for a two count. Neveah finished it with a great twisting DDT for the win. Not a good match, Neveah seemed kinda off. 

After the match, Havok almost came to blows with Hogan and Steelz, but Neveah stopped her.

Backstage, Reno Scum and some staff are watching some matches when The North approached them asking if they were watching their match. They were watching Ken Shamrock, so Page got mad and broke the iPad they were using.

We got a video package for #CancelCulture, with Joseph P. Ryan talking about how Jacob Crist beat Crazzy Steve. He said that next week, he gets cancelled for good. 

We then got a video of Crazzy Steve talking to himself about people telling him to not do things. He called himself a “Homicidal Artist”.  He implied that he had some allies to face off with Cancel Culture.

Rhino defeated Rohit Raju

Rohit Raju jumped Rhino while he was doing his entrance. Rohit went for an early pin, but the referee said that the match hadn’t even started. Match started and Rohit went after Rhino with kicks and punches in the corner. 

Rohit tossed Rhino to the floor, where he kept the momentum going, ramming Rhino to the apron over and over again into the ringpost. 

Back in the ring, Rohit got a two count. He followed with more kicks and punches. Rhino tried to come back, but Rohit was fast enough to cut him off, dropping him with an elbow for another two count. 

Rhino finally recovered with a suplex, a couple of clotheslines and back elbows, but when he went for a Gore in the corner, Rohit dodged and hit a running cannonball. Rohit went for a foot stomp, but Rhino dodged, hit the Gore, and won. Rohit looked great, but they still had him lose. 

After the match, Rohit seemed to be having a breakdown.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the week was ECIII defeating Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Championship in 2015.

Backstage, Elgin was on the phone when Jimmy Jacobs approached to ask about Trey Miguel. Elgin told him that he doesn’t jump people from behind, he would rather drag a cameraman for everyone to see.

Susie and Kylie Rae met in the locker room. Susie said that she liked being good, but that everyone bullied her, so maybe she should be bad. Rae tried to tell her that she liked her. 

Taya interrupted them and told them that they were losers and bad people have more fun. They brought up that Taya lost last week before Taya walked away, looking for Bravo.

Self-Proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose defeated Hernandez to retain his title.

Moose tried to jump Hernandez to start, but was caught with a dropkick and clothesline to the floor. Moose and Hernandez brawled, ramming each other into the rails and ringposts. 

Back in the ring, Moose pulled Hernandez face-first into the turnbuckle and followed with stomps and clubs to the back. Moose whipped Hernandez from corner to corner, with uppercuts in between. At the third attempt, Hernandez tried to block, but Moose got him with an Okada-like dropkick off the turnbuckle, sending Hernandez to the floor. 

Moose raked Hernandez’ eyes, stomped on him and played to the camera, but eventually Hernandez had enough and chokeslamed Moose. Hernandez hit a senton and a backbreaker for a two count. 

Hernandez went for a suplex, but Moose escaped and hit a low blow. He hit the Lights Out, the new name for the No Jackhammer Needed for the win.

Instead of Moose’s music, the theme for Ethan Carter III was played. Ethan was not there, however. Big teases!

The Rascalz approached Reno Scum about Trey’s attack. Reno Scum said that they haven’t talked to Ace Austin in a while and that he owes them some money. Reno Scum passed the blame to TJP and Fallah Bahh.

We got a skit with The Deaners saying how much they missed one another Willie Mack was there just making faces. Cousin Jake challenged Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger to a six-man match. They made jokes about Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey. This was weird, but it had some funny bits. Mack is a terrible actor, however.

Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Acey and Thornstowe started the match, with the former dominating easily with his power. Along with Larry D, they took down Luster, but Adam was quick enough to take out Acey and hit a bulldog onto Luster’s knee on D.

Reno Scum went to work on Larry D with some double team moves, mostly clubbing him. Thornstowe got a two count with a standing moonsault. Thornstowe went for a crossbody, and Larry caught him midair and dropped him in desperation. 

Acey and Luster tagged in, with Acey hitting clothesline after clothesline on Luster, followed by a sidewalk slam for a two count. 

Thownstowe tried to fight off both D and Acey, but got crushed between them instead. Larry D took down Luster with a clothesline, but ate a step-up kick by Adam, setting up the top rope curb stomp double team for the win.

Backstage, Bey talked to Swinger about the challenge of the Deaners and Mack. Swinger said he had the perfect teammate to join them. He called someone who was in a 90 day no compete clause, so instead he told Bey he would call someone else.

We got a great profile piece on Deonna Purrazzo. She talked about starting her wrestling career, being invited by Impact a while back to wrestle Brooke Tessmacher as enhancement. After that, she traveled the world, wrestling in Japan and Europe to learn more and more. She now was back, knowing that she was the best female technical wrestler in the world and wanted to prove it. 

She said that the attack on Jordynne Grace was simply because she is the champion, and she is here to reach the top and nothing else. She will be the next Knockout’s champion.

Miller interviewed Grace about the piece. Jordynne said that Purrazzo came to the right place if she wanted competition, but if she wanted a shot, she just had to ask. Purrazzo then jumped Jordynne Grace, locked in the armbar and injured Grace.

Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards in a street fight

Eddie jumped Ace Austin during the entrance and started brawling. Eddie started going strong with the knife-edge chops early on before going to fetch some weapons. Eddie went for a garbage can that Ace tried to avoid, but in the end, Eddie caught him by tossing the garbage can at him.

Eddie dropped Ace groin first on the guardrail then chopped him, but Ace had his gambit stick ready to retaliate. 

Back in the ring, Ace regained control with the trash can, setting it on Eddie’s head and kicking him over and over, earning a two count. Ace raked Eddie’s face, hit a knee to the back, hit him with a metal sign, and connected several chops and kicks, but Eddie only hit one chop to set Ace back down. 

Eddie sent Ace to the floor again, but when he went for the dive, Ace caught him with a trash can lid to the head. 

Ace set up a piece of guardrail as a ladder between the apron and the ramp, but was countered and was tossed spine first into the guardrail. 

Back in the ring, Eddie hit Ace with a traffic sign, then a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Eddie went for a chair shot, but Ace dodged and hit his version of the Van Daminator for another two count. 

Ace brought out a table and set up Eddie on it, hitting him with the traffic sign over and over. Ace got to the top rope, but Eddie blocked him and went for a super backplex. Ace, in desperation, gave him a papercut under the eye to cut him off. He followed with a crossbody for a two count.

Eddie caught Ace with another cooking sheet and a tiger bomb for a two count. 

Eddie brought out his kendo stick, but got dropped with a drop-toe-hold onto an open chair mouth first. Ace tried to use the kendo stick, but Eddie dodged, took the stick and hit Ace. He then hit one of the most disgusting neckbreakers I’ve seen, by turning the table legs up and hitting a neckbreaker over the legs of the tables. 

Eddie prepared for the BKP, but suddenly Madman Fulton rose like Godzilla behind Eddie. Fulton chokeslammed him over and over again, then fed him to Ace for The Fold, giving Austin the win. Ace and Fulton seemed to be a new unit. Good match, but that neckbreaker spot was seriously scary.

We got a new Slammiversary teaser. The reporter said that at least one former World champion would make an appearance, showing various names from the past.

Final Thoughts: 

Good show by Impact, went by fast. Strong in-ring action top to bottom, with only one match being poor. Storyline wise, you can now start to see all the pieces coming together towards Slammiversary.

Next week has Susie vs. Taya, Mack and The Deaners vs. Bey, Swinger, and a mystery partner, and Cancel Culture vs. Crazzy Steve and two mystery partners.