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Impact Wrestling results: Edwards vs. Fulton, Deonna Purrazzo debut

Impact Wrestling continued their build toward July's Slammiversary pay-per-view with another show from Nashville, TN.

The opening video focused on Trey Miguel being taken out once again and the investigation that led to a street fight between Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin where Madman Fulton and Austin's teamup was revealed. We also saw Deonna Purrazzo’s attack on Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace.

Tasha Steelz (w/Kiera Hogan) defeated Nevaeh (w/Havok)

Steelz, as usual, started her match with some trash talk until Nevaeh had enough and started throwing chops and sliding lariats, forcing Steelz to leave the ring.

Once back in the ring, Steelz caught Nevaeh with a jumping knee followed by more trash talk, but fully in control, Steelz made sure to not let Nevaeh up, keeping her down with kicks and strikes, and the occasional snapmare when she did get up. Steelz got a couple of near falls with headbutts or straight punches, but it wasn’t enough. 

Steelz hit a couple of running attacks and a neckbreaker for yet another two count, but when she went to follow up with a third running attack, Nevaeh dodged and hit a knee strike, clothesline, low dropkick, and a German for a two count. Nevaeh went for her finisher, but Hogan distracted Nevaeh and Havok, allowing Steelz to sneak up behind Nevaeh and roll her up for the win.


- We got footage of Deonna Purrazzo’s interview on Busted Open Radio where she got interrupted by Jordynne Grace. The champion confronted her over her sneak attacks in the last two weeks. This was pretty good.

- Gia Miller interviewed Purrazzo about Grace in which Purrazzo said that she wasn’t interested in brawling with Grace until the title was on the line. Alisha Edwards, not a great actor, interrupted her and challenged her to fight.

- We got the same promo for Slammiversary with the key words “at least one former World Champion”.

- Backstage, Johnny Swinger welcomed Rich Swann and invited him to be the third person in the Swinger and Chris Bey pairing set to take on The Deaners and Willie Mack tonight. Swann said he was still injured and that Mack was his homie.

- The Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was the November 1, 2012, Bully Ray vs. Devon match where Doc Gallows unmasked in yet another Slammiversary  tease.

- Ethan Page complained to The North teammate Josh Alexander about Ken Shamrock getting so much praise and respect instead of them, the longest reigning tag team champions. Eventually, Shamrock walked up and heard Page complaining. Shamrock berated him, but then Alexander challenged Shamrock to a match instead.

- Moose forced some referees and people to listen to him about being the World Champion. Crazzy Steve interrupted, calling him a fake World Champion. Moose then gave him a title shot next week as an excuse to beat him up.


Deonna Purrazzo defeated Alisha Edwards

This was a successful in-ring debut for “The Virtuosa” and a complete squash. Purrazzo started the match showing off her technical prowess, quickly escaping a wristlock and locking in a koji clutch before Alisha made the ropes. She kept working on her left arm and kept her down with a short arm clothesline. Alisha had a short hope spot, but Purrazzo came back with a running kneelift and the armbar for the submission win.

After the match, Grace rushed the ring and wanted to fight, but Purrazzo left, saying that it would be when she decided.


- Again, Swinger tried to find a partner, asking Suicide to unmask and join them. Suicide ghosted him and disappeared. Swinger’s next option was offering a lot of money to Hernandez, but Swinger had to beat him in an arm wrestling match first. Swinger lost, so Hernandez passed. Swinger is really fantastic.

- Walking to the back, Swinger tried to get Taya Valkyrie to join them, but she told him off and berated his attire. She was looking for John E. Bravo to which Swinger said, "Say hi to Dino for me."

Ken Shamrock vs. Josh Alexander

Shamrock came down for his match when The North jumped him during his entrance. Even with Shamrock trying to make a stand, the numbers game was too much as Alexander locked in the ankle lock as Page stomped him. I really wanted to see that match, too.

Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) defeated Susie

Susie tried introducing herself to Valkyrie, but was met a shove and trash talk. Valkyrie dropped Susie with a takedown, but was suddenly surprised with an armdrag and a schoolgirl for an early pin attempt. 

Susie hit Valkyrie with a headlock takedown and a bulldog for another two count. Taya recovered, sidestepped Susie, and hit a german for a two count. Valkyrie and Bravo took turns choking Susie and distracting the referee. She continued with stomps and kicks to the back, trash talking the entire time. She locked in an STF, but Susie made the ropes.

Valkyrie went for the running elbow, but Susie blocked with kicks on all three attempts and hit Su Yung’s arachnarana for a two count. 

Susie tried to strike down Valkyrie, but was brought down with a clothesline that got two. Valkyrie kicked around Susie some more, but once again, she failed to land the running knee attack. Susie hit the Thesz Press and a roll up for two. Valkyrie hit a Super Dragon-style curb stomp, but Susie kicked out at two. Valkyrie started blaming the referee and Bravo for not getting the pin. 

Valkyrie went for Road to Valhalla, but Susie rolled over for the pin attempt. Valkyrie kicked out, hit a knee, and then successfully hit Road to Valhalla for the win. After the match, she bullied Susie more until Kylie Rae came down for the save. Rae superkicked Taya, but Bravo pulled her to safety.


- Jimmy Jacobs tried to interview Madman Fulton about his alliance with Ace Austin, but Austin was there and said that he did the talking in the team. He said Fulton has almost the most potential in the roster and he will bring it out as Fulton helps him become the youngest Impact World Champion.

- Swinger and Bey met backstage. Swinger introduced Rohit Raju as his partner, but Bey wasn’t having it. Raju said that he didn’t want to be there either, but he bought a used car from Swinger and this was part of the deal.

Chris Bey, Rohit Raju & Johnny Swinger def. Willie Mack & The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake)

Rohit and Cody started with a lock-up and some comedy with Raju pulling on Cody’s beard. Jake and Mack came in and all three hit moves on Raju, ending with Mack’s moonsault for an early pin attempt. 

Mack tagged in and Bey tagged in Swinger who took punches and dropkicks by everyone on the babyface team. All six men came in, but it was the Deaners and Mack who cleared the ring.

Back from commercial, Cody Deaner was cut off from his team as Raju was working on him in his corner. Bey sat Deaner on the ropes, hit a step-up enzuigiri, and then a spinning kick for another two count. Swinger came in and mostly did old school dirty tricks. Later, Bey locked in an abdominal stretch, but Cody finally managed to escape and tag out. 

Cousin Jake came in and ran wild with lariats and corner spears on everyone until he had Bey down, tagging in Mack, but Mack was taken out by Raju. Jake instead took out Bey with a huge powerbomb, Swinger took out Jake with a swinging neckbreaker, Deaner hit the Give’er on Swinger, Raju hit a jumping knee on Deaner, Mack hit a pop-up forearm on Raju and finally, Bey ensnared Mack with a roll up, but Mack kicked out. 

Mack went to hit the stunner on Bey, but Raju saved him. Bey’s reaction was to toss Raju into Mack to get stunned and then use the distraction to hit the Fame-asser on Mack to pick up the win for his team.


- Backstage, Reno Scum bullied D’Lo Brown who was working on some marketing. Fallah Bahh and TJP then confronted them about being accused of attacking Trey Miguel. Bahh and TJP challenged them to a match which Reno Scum accepted.

- Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne announced that Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo is official for Slammiversary XVIII.

Madman Fulton (w/Ace Austin) defeated Eddie Edwards

Fulton has a new theme song and it is pretty good. He has also slimmed down a lot since the last set of tapings. 

The match started with Fulton throwing around Edwards until he got a hold of Fulton’s hair. Yet, it wasn’t enough to stop Fulton who kept ramming Edwards into each of the turnbuckles. Edwards eventually landed an atomic drop and hoped to follow with a suplex, but Fulton blocked and hit one of his own. 

Edwards managed to catch Fulton with a kick and send him outside, but when he tried to go for the dive, Fulton was standing there ready for him so Edwards decided not to.

Back in the ring, Fulton regained control, continuing to toss him around, even tossing him outside the ring with one hand. Fulton followed and threw him into the apron and a slingshot into the ropes. 

Fulton smashed Edwards' head into the turnbuckle over and over again until Edwards couldn’t stand on his own strength. Fulton went for a suplex, but Edwards blocked mid-air and used the momentum to hit one of his own. However, Fulton was back at his feet immediately.

Edwards tried to chop down Fulton and send him to the floor, this time managing to land a suicide dive on Fulton to bring him down. Still, Fulton got right up. Edwards went back to chops, but Fulton took him by the neck and started choking him, forcing Edwards to have to punch Fulton’s arm away and hit a desperation blue thunder  bomb for a two count.

Edwards went for the tiger driver, but Fulton reversed for an overhead suplex. Fulton hit a big tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam for a two count. Edwards caught Fulton going to the top rope with a enzuigiri and a frankensteiner. Austin stepped up on the apron, but was Edwards knocked him off. Edwards escaped a german, hit a forearm, a jumping kick, and landed the tiger driver, but Fulton still kicked out.

Edwards set up for the Boston Knee Party, but Fulton caught him, hit the End of Days, and took the win. The match was pretty good. If they’re trying to rebuild Fulton as a monster, this was a successful step.

After the match, we saw D’Lo Brown talking to someone on the computer about getting the band back together. We then saw the Aces & Eights vest on his chair. Oh, no.

Final Thoughts:

This was a good show that went by pretty quick with a lot of female action. For a show that was edited at last minute due to the Joey Ryan situation, it came out flawless and nothing seemed off.

Next week:

- TNA Champion Moose vs. Crazzy Steve

- Bahh and TJP vs Reno Scum

- Kiera Hogan vs Havok