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Impact Wrestling results: Fallout from Redemption

Previously: At Redemption, Pentagon Jr. defeated Impact World Champion Austin Aries and Fenix to win the title.

Tonight: Impact World Tag Team Champions Scott Steiner & Eli Drake take on LAX.

Show Recap --

- Earlier today, Austin Aries gathered the roster and addressed losing the title. He proclaimed that the Grand Championship is the main title.

Aries promised he wasn’t going to make any excuses for losing the World Championship -- and then proceeded to make excuses. Moose called him out and told him off. The roster walked out, but Aries acted as if he ordered them to leave.

Brian Cage defeated Trevor Lee (w/ Caleb Konley)

Cage was firmly in control until Lee bit his hand, then Lee hit a double foot stomp on the apron. Cage made a wild comeback and nailed Konley with a clothesline on the floor. He won after hitting the Drill Claw.

- Eddie Edwards arrived at the Impact Zone. Tommy Dreamer tried to convince him to leave and stay with his wife at the hospital, but Edwards was blinded with rage and ignored his advice.

Edwards came down to the ring and discussed putting Sami Callihan in the hospital. Edwards isn’t finished and called out OVE. They ran out, but Edwards cut them off with a suicide dive. Edwards got a kendo stick from underneath the ring before a video started to play.

At the hospital, a man in a wheelchair with flowers entered Alisha Edwards’ room. His face was covered with two white balloons. He removed the balloons to reveal Callihan, saying he just wants to talk. Edwards ran out of the Impact Zone.

Flashback Moment of the Week: The Steiner Brothers defeated Team 3D in a two-out-of-three tables match (Bound For Glory 2007)

Both teams brawled all over ringside and in the crowd. The Steiners were in complete control until Team 3D put Rick through a table. Scott gave Bully Ray a top rope Frankensteiner through a table, and The Steiners won the match when Rick gave D-Von a bulldog through a table.

Moose defeated Braxton Sutter

Sutter was in control until Moose made a comeback. He hit the hesitation dropkick and a spear for the win. After the match, Moose congratulated Pentagon Jr. but promised he was coming after the Impact World Championship.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Matt Sydal, who mentioned that he no longer needs a spiritual advisor. Suddenly, the camera cut away and a person was found knocked out backstage with an X on his chest.

- At the LAX Clubhouse, Ortiz and Santana tried to figure out what to do next. Santana wondered about Homicide, but Ortiz wanted to focus on the World Tag Team Championship match later. They still haven’t heard from Konnan.

Knockouts Champion Allie defeated Taya Valkyrie to retain her title

Valkyrie jumped Allie to start the match, but Allie fired up and made a wild comeback. She countered out of the Road to Valhalla and hit the superkick. She won the match after hitting the code breaker.

Following the match, a group of undead bridesmaids brought a casket to the ring. Allie starred at the casket when the lights went out. Su Yung appeared in the ring and attacked Allie. The lights went out again and Rosemary appeared in the ring. The lights went out a third time and Yung disappeared.

- In the back, KM apologized to Fallah Bahh for fat shaming him. KM revealed they are teaming up together and have a match next week. Bahh was confused.

- At the hospital, Edwards barged into his wife’s room and was angry she spoke with Callihan. She wanted to know why Edwards left her alone. Edwards then ran to Callihan’s room and attacked him until the doctor and nurses stopped him. Edwards ran out of the room.

Later, Josh Mathews announced that Edwards had been arrested.

Impact World Tag Team Champions Eli Drake & Scott Steiner defeated LAX to retain their titles

Before the match, Steiner cut a promo on LAX and called them out. LAX were in control early before Drake sent Santana to the floor. Steiner gave Santana a belly-to-belly superplex for a two count.

Ortiz got the hot tag and ran wild, scoring a near fall after hitting a Death Valley Driver. LAX set up for the Street Sweeper, but Drake countered into a slam for the win.

Drake promised that he’s cashing in his title shot soon. Aries came out and noted that the Grand Championship is the most important title. Aries said it doesn’t matter which title he cashes in on because the World Championship is coming back to him.

Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. came down to the ring. The tag champs jumped Aries and Pentagon, but Pentagon cleared the ring.

Aries and Pentagon had a staredown with each other while holding their respective championships.

Next Week: Rosemary battles Su Yung. Plus, Drago, El Hijo Del Fantasma & Aerostar take on DJ Z, Dezmond Xavier & Andrew Everett.