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Impact Wrestling results: Four titles on the line in India

Previously: GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron defeated Ethan Carter III to earn a spot in the Slammiversary main event.

Tonight: Impact takes place all the way from Mumbai, India. Both El Patron and Bobby Lashley defend their titles.

Show Recap --

- In the back, Bruce Prichard held a meeting with Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash. He said that if they have a physical altercation they’re both fired regardless of who starts it. Mathews and J.B. are the announcers tonight, with The Pope not on commentary.

- The crowd was exceptionally enthusiastic and hot all night.

- Alberto El Patron came down to the ring. He recounted his trip from Mexico City to Mumbai. He discussed all the titles he’s won but said there's one more to win and that’s the Impact championship. He promised to win the title at Slammiversary.

Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley interrupted. He guaranteed to retain the title and said he would shut up El Patron.

Prichard came down to the ring. He announced that Lashley and El Patron would defend their titles in separate matches tonight. They’ll find out who their opponent is at match time.

- In the back, Prichard talked to two guys in orange masks, The Mumbai Cats. They wanted to face El Patron and Lashley but Prichard turned them down.

X Division Champion Low Ki defeated Caleb Konley to retain his title

Low Ki controlled the match with vicious strikes. Konley made a comeback and took out Low Ki with a suicide dive. Low Ki was busted open and bleeding right above the eye. He hit the Warrior's Way on Konley (who was draped over the second rope) to win the match.

Sonjay Dutt came out and pointed out the irony of Low Ki busting his eye when he did the same to Dutt. Dutt asked for a title shot and Low Ki agreed.

- Swoggle recounted the angle with Rockstar Spud and vowed revenge.

Davey Richards defeated Kumar

Angelina Love has been sent home for injuring Alisha Edwards. Eddie Edwards stayed back in the US to take care of his wife.

Davey Richards dominated the match. Kumar had a brief flurry of offense, but he ended up missing a moonsault. Richards used the ankle lock to win the match.

- EC3 came out after and whipped Kumar until James Storm made the save.

- Backstage, Chris Adonis and Eli Drake demanded to face El Patron and Lashley. Prichard said he’d think about it.

- Swoggle chased Rockstar Spud through the crowd.

Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Grand Champion Moose to retain his title

Moose’s title was not on the line. If Moose wins the Impact Championship he meets Alberto El Patron at Slammiversary.

Moose scored a close near fall after running up the turnbuckles and hitting a crossbody. Lashley took over and controlled the match. Moose made a comeback, hitting a powerbomb, senton, and moonsault for a near fall. Moose missed the Game Changer and Lashley hit the spear to win the match.

- At the LAX clubhouse, Konnan was very happy with LAX being both GFW and Impact Tag Team Champions.

Knockouts Champion Rosemary defeated Laurel Van Ness (w/ GFW Women’s Champion Sienna) to retain her title

Rosemary was in control until Sienna interfered. Van Ness gained the brief advantage, but Rosemary made a comeback. She sent Van Ness into Sienna and rolled her up to win the match.

After the match, Sienna and Van Ness attacked Rosemary. Allie ran out with a kendo stick to make the save and the heels ran off. Rosemary teased hitting Allie with the kendo stick but instead dropped it at her feet.

- A clever series of video packages promoting Slammiversary aired. It was actually EC3 running down the Hall of Famers, the roster, and putting himself over huge.

-  Earlier this week, Joseph Park and J.B. trained for their match at Slammiversary.

GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron defeated Chris Adonis (w/ Eli Drake) to retain his title

If Chris Adonis wins the GFW Global Championship he’ll meet Bobby Lashley at Slammiversary.

They fought into the crowd to start the match. Drake interfered to give Adonis the advantage. Adonis attempted the Masterlock, but El Patron countered and hit the double foot stomp in the corner to win the match.

Drake and Adonis beat down El Patron after the match while Bobby Lashley watched from the ramp. Moose ran out for the save and cleared the ring.

GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron vs. Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley is official as the main event for Slammiversary.

Next Week: X Division Champion Low Ki defends against Sonjay Dutt.