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Impact Wrestling results: Impact & Cage vs. Kross & Moose

Tonight’s Twitch broadcast is hosted by Melissa Santos. Josh Alexander did a post-show interview talking about how he started to wrestle and his plans for the future with Impact. During the broadcast, we got commercials specifically promoting the Twitch channel. Twitch viewership topped around 14k.

Impact Wrestling returns from Sam’s Town Casino from Las Vegas, Nevada. Opening video focused on lasts week’s title match between LAX and the Lucha Bros! where LAX unmasked Pentagon and Fenix to close the show. Also, Johnny Impact’s ongoing story with Brian Cage, Moose, and Killer Kross; Tessa’s threats to Impact management; and the incoming Dark War between Rosemary and James Mitchell’s army.

Willie Mack defeated Jake Crist (w/Dave Crist) by DQ

Match started quick with Mack landing a Thesz Press and a quick neckbreaker on Crist. Jake retaliates with a series of kicks, a snap German, and Tope Suicida, a Tope con Giro, and finally, a tornado DDT to the outside. Jake got a two count after a flying elbow.

Jake went for a crossbody, but Mack caught him, hit a Samoan Drop and a Moonsault for a two count. Mack hit a draping Codebreaker, and as he went for a top rope move, Dave Crist attacked him giving Mack the win by DQ.

Jake and Dave Crist attacked Willie Mack until Tommy Dreamer came out to even out the odds and take out oVe. Dreamer cut a promo saying he has been trying to correct the wrongs in Pro Wrestling, he cut that usual promo asking the fans if they want to see Mack and Dreamer tag team, so instead we got…

Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer defeated oVe

Match started during the commercial break, when the show came back, Dreamer and Mack have the upper hand as they brawl outside the ring. Back in the ring, Dreamer and Mack hit a couple of double team moves over both Crist brothers.

As Tommy Dreamer worked over Jake Crist, Dave got a sneak attack turning the momentum to their side and cutting the ring in half on Dreamer. oVe worked mostly with quick tags and strikes over Dreamer, going for quick pin attempts to tire out the old timer. Eventually, as Jake Crist went for a top rope move, Dreamer managed to cut him off and drop him with a superplex, getting enough time to tag in Mack.

Willie Mack came in throwing around both Jake and Dave. Dreamer got rid of Dave Crist outside the ring, leaving Jake Crist opened for Mack to hit his rolling Senton to the corner. Mack hit Dave with a Stunner, Dreamer hit the Spicolli Driver on Jake, and after a Frog Splash, Mack pinned Jake Crist to win the match. This was ok, nothing special, felt somewhat long if you take in both matches as one.

Johnny Impact was interviewed in the back by Rolando Melendez, investigative reporter, who inappropriately said that Johnny is giving out title shots for ‘favors’. Johnny said that he gives title shots to who he thinks deserves one. He blamed Moose and Kross for Cage not getting his singles title shot. I like this Melendez guy, he’s bold and straight forward.

KM & Fallah Bahh defeated Reno Scum

Thornstowe looked a lot different from their first Impact run. Bahh and Thornstowe started the match with the latter trying to pick up Bahh, but failing at Bahh’s weight. KM came in with a slingshot plancha, but Lester took him out from the apron and they turned the match around.

Reno Scum worked over KM for a bit, mostly with punches and stomps, nothing particularly pretty or impressive. KM eventually got himself an opening and tagged in Bahh.

Fallah Bahh came in and quickly took out Thornstowe and Lester with chops and crossbodies. Bahh and KM rolled over Lester, but distracted themselves playing at the fans. Thornstowe came back, only to take a Rocket Launcher into a Samoan Drop combo and get pinned by Fallah Bahh.

After the match, Reno Scum attacked KM and Bahh from behind, they hit a top rope Footstomp and Curb Stomp combo on KM. They posed over KM’s body.

Backstage, Glenn Gilbertti asked Ethan Page about the Impact Management offices were. Page blew him off, but pointed to the door. D’Lo Brown opened the door and revealed he’s a new producer. Gilbertti went to the office and was told that he is a week late. Gilbertti wanted to bring up an idea for a G1 Climax style tournament for the X-Division, but management also blew him off making fun of some old Russo bookings. Gilbertti walked out to search for Don Callis. I wouldn’t mind a round robin tournament for the X-Division while Swann deals with Callihan.

Backstage, KM and Bahh cut a promo. They said that for two years, they’ve been crawling to make it in Impact, and now Reno Scum comes back from being gone for so long and tried to make a name out of them. Awesome fired up promo by KM and Bahh, who are technically, comedy acts.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week was Rosemary vs Jade’s Monster’s Ball match from January 2017.

Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards met backstage. Drake said that they are one and one, but he brings up that he was right about Eddie not needed his kendo stick to win. Eli Drake proposed becoming a tag team and chase the tag team championship, but Eddie rejected the idea.

Scarlett Bordeaux was shown in her locker room, she called us all 5s and said that next week, she announces her opponent for her debut. They’re really milking this debut.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Delilah Doom

Doom rushed the ring, but Tessa caught her. Doom took down Tessa, hit a few lucha arm drags and ranas, but eventually, Tessa overpowered her and stopped a rana into a sit down powerbomb. Tessa hit a few short distance lariats, maintaining wrist control. Tessa hit a modified Saito Suplex for a two count. Doom started a comeback, but was quickly stopped by another clothesline. Tessa hit a vicious running dropkick to the back of Doom’s back.

Delilah Doom caught a hope spot hitting a 619 and a flying dropkick for a two count, she went for a Crucifix pin, but Tessa straight up stood up from pin position with Doom on her shoulders. Tessa hit the Hammerlock DDT for the pin. Pretty much a squash match. Delilah Doom is still somewhat green, but she has good fire and potential.

Tessa talked to the camera telling management that she’ll get her rematch ‘or else’.

Melissa Santos interviewed Brian Cage. She asked about coexisting with Johnny Impact tonight. Cage said he and Johnny can coexist, because tonight it’s about taking out Kross and Moose and that no matter what happens tonight, his title shot is already on paper.

Rosemary cut a promo. She talked about going in along against James Mitchell’s army, but Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace came up to her, offering to help. Rosemary told them this was not their fight. I take it Rosemary hasn’t been watching Impact the last months with Kiera and Grace taking on Allie and Yung week to week. Rosemary accepted the help, but she warned them that once Allie is back, they need to back off.

Zachary Wentz defeated Ethan Page

Match started with a series of counters and reversals, quick action that ended with Wentz dropping Page with a twisting crossbody. Wentz went to whip Page, but Page used his strength to cut him off. Page hit a flapback, blocked some kicks, and hit a reverse suplex and big scoop slam.

Wentz started to make a comeback with striking combo. Wentz hit a running knee, a PK, and a standing SSP for a two count. Wentz went for a suicide dive, but Page caught him and turned it into a back breaker.

Outside the ring, Page started to antagonize some of the NFL Hall of Famers in the crowd, he pushed one of them, causing a big distraction that allowed Wentz to recover, enough to hit a big dive, a What-a-Cutter and the pin for the win.

Backstage, Gilbertti met with Dreamer. Disco walked into a room with THE Anthem Owl, who I guess ended up attacking Gilbertti. I don’t know what this was supposed to be.

We got another vignette for Ace Austin, debuting next week.

We got a video package recapping the story between Sami Callihan and Rich Swann. Callihan explained that Swann had no family and he took him in and gave him everything, and now, Rich Swann is turning his back on him and the oVe family. Callihan said he only asked for a little bit of loyalty. He said that he attacked Swann in Mexico, not because he hates him, but because he loves him and wants him to wake up and come to their family.

Melissa interviewed Moose and Killer Kross backstage. Kross tried to talk some sense to Moose, bringing up that Johnny is getting in their heads and in between them. He said that tonight, they’re not going out there to lose. Moose then cut a great promo about Johnny cheating everyone out of title shots.

LAX were in their club’s corner. Santana is explaining why they unmasked Pentagon and Fenix last week. Him and Ortiz explained Konnan why they did it. Konnan said that it’s because of this behaviour that they’re in that situation. Konna said he was going out there to ask for another match, but they have to stay low and do it his way.

Moose & Killer Kross defeated Impact World Champion Johnny Impact & “The Machine” Brian Cage

Moose came out wearing what can be described as a sleeveless Ric Flair robe with spray painted dollar signs. He’s the only man that could pull this off.

The story of the match was great. It played off their previous tag match where Johnny and Cage couldn't work together at all, which led to their loss, but even with good team work, Cage once again ended getting the short end of the stick when Johnny was taken out and he had to fight off both Kross and Moose.

Match started with Kross and Cage trading forearms and kicks. Cage got an early 619 in and tagged in Johnny, who used his speed to work around Kross’ strength. Moose came in and suffered the same fate against Johnny’s athleticism. Johnny and Cage hit a few double team moves on Moose.

Back from commercial, Johnny worked over Moose, right when Kross tagged in, who also got taken down by Johnny and Cage’s team work. Cage hit a deadlift suplex from the apron to the ring, then Johnny followed with a Countdown to Impact, but in landing, Johnny seemed to have hurt his neck. Johnny dragged himself to tag in Cage, who came in against Kross while Johnny was still laying in the ring.

The numbers game of Moose and Kross got the better of Cage, who tried to take on both at the same time, but ended up outside the ring, being rammed to the ringpost by Kross while the referee was distracted with Johnny.

A group of refs came out to check on Johnny; meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Kross was just torturing Cage with the championship belt, busting him open. A bloody Cage was tossed back to the ring, where Moose continued with a series of strikes. At this point, Moose and Kross just tortured Cage inside the ring, who hoped to tag out, but there wasn’t anyone left in his corner.

Cage made one final comeback, but having lost so much blood and not having anyone to tag in was too much. Cage managed to hit Kross with an F-5 and went to the corner and asked for Johnny, distracting himself from Kross, who hit a Doomsday Saito from behind, and locked in the Straightjacket Hold for the submission win when Cage faded out.

Johnny was carried to the back by the refs and Taya, while Kross and Moose posed over Cage’s bloody body in the ring, as the show went off the air.

Overall a good show, it went by fast. The wrestling was nothing special, but we got several storyline developments. Next week, The Dark War between Rosemary’s army against James Mitchell’s army takes place.