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Impact Wrestling results: Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood

Impact Wrestling results: Jordynne Grace vs Tenille Dashwood

Impact Wrestling returned from Nashville, TN, for tonight’s episode on the road to Victory Road and later, Bound For Glory. The opening video made focus on the ongoing storyline with ECIII stalking Moose, and Rich Swann’s promo from last week pleading to be given a match against World Champion Eric Young.

Rohit Raju came out to watch the next match, knowing that he must defend his X-Division championship right after. 

Trey Miguel defeated Chris Bey and TJP in a X-Division Championship #1 contendership match

Bey started by jumping Miguel while TJP was still taking his shirt off. When TJP tried to interfere, Bey got the better of him. Once recovered, all three men traded ranas and arm drags, ending with TJP on the floor and Bey and Miguel in the ring doing a quick-paced sequence of counters and reversals. 

Bey got taken out, but TJP returned to the ring to exchange some reversals with Miguel. TJP went for an octopus stretch, but was rolled over for a two count. Bey returned and hit a DDT and neckbreaker on both men for two near falls. Bey got rid of Miguel and hit a jumping uppercut on TJP, followed by a palm strike and a jumping neckbreaker for another two count. 

TJP locked in a sharpshooter and a choke on Bey, then released him. But, he locked in a last chancery on Miguel alone. Bey broke it up with a double foot stomp.

Bey and Miguel exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring, Miguel caught Bey with a jumping kick, but couldn’t follow up. TJP returned with an atomic drop and springboard clothesline on Bey, hit the three amigos and signaled for the mamba splash, but Miguel blocked him off. 

Miguel hit a rana on Bey, a jumping knee, armdrag and foot stomp combo on both Bey and TJP, ending with a cutter on TJP for a two count. Miguel tried to follow with a top rope plancha, but TJP moved away, only for Miguel to land directly on a cutter from Bey for a close near fall.

TJP locked an armbreaker on Bey, who tried to roll him up, only for TJP to turn it into an ankle lock. Miguel landed with a meteora out of nowhere on TJP and picked up the win in a great opener.

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju defeated Trey Miguel to retain

Miguel tried to rush Rohit, but Rohit dodged him, caught him with a roll-up and pulled the tights to steal the win in less than a minute.

- Eric Young cut a promo about what happened last week. He said he had time to think about it and in the end, his conscience is clear from here on out because Swann decided to come after him and Scott D’Amore decided to give him the match.

- Gia Miller wanted to interview Tenille Dashwood, but only got Kaleb with a K, who said that she was busy with V-Venom therapy. She eventually walked out and had some nice words of wisdom for Miller.

Susie (with Kylie Rae) defeated Kimber Lee (with Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo)

Lee went in for an early kick on Susie, who caught it and tossed Lee into a leg split. Susie tried to do it too, but Lee rolled her up for a two count. Lee tried to punch Susie, but she was dodging everything. a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Lee got a two count.

Lee started working over Susie, choking her on the ropes and stomping on her. Lee landed a dropkick that sent Susie to the floor. Rae came for the save.

Back in the ring, Lee kept working over Susie with chokes and stomps. A kick combo got another two count, but Lee transitioned into a deep single crab. Susie escaped and tried to hit the arachrana, but Lee blocked it and dropped from the top rope with another Boston crab for a submission tease. Susie made the ropes. 

Lee went for kicks, but Susie started to fight back. She landed a monkey roll, connected with more strikes and hit the arachrana, but only got a two count. Susie rushed at Lee, but was caught with a pop-up powerbomb for a near fall. Lee dragged Susie to the corner and went for the swanton, but Susie caught her with a palm strike. Purrazzo tried to attack Susie, but accidentally hit Lee, giving Susie the opening to hit Su Yung’s panic switch for the win. This was surprisingly good.

Susie was transitioning into Su Yung when Rae calmed her down again. Purrazzo jumped Rae, but Susie saved her, only to get taken down with a Fujiwara armbar until Rae superkicked Purrazzo and tossed her out of the ring. 

After that, Rae said that if Purrazzo likes to bully people, she is taking her Knockouts title at Bound For Glory, making the match official.

- We got a commercial from Heath, rallying up the people to support him on his campaign to get an Impact contract. He said that it wasn’t just about the money or the kids, but he wanted to be there because he loved wrestling and Impact had the competition. Rhino and D’Lo Brown had some words for Heath. There were even cameos by David Hasselhoff, Flavor Flav, Nancy Kerrigan, and a very old Chuck Norris. Heath’s daughters even cut promos on Scott D’Amore. This ended up being quite good.

- Backstage, Impact Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns were approached by The Good Brothers kinda asking them for a thank you, saying they came in to replace those "young boys" in the eight man tag last week. The Rascalz came in with a fiery promo on the Brothers and challenged them to a match.

- The Impact Plus flashback moment of the week was Bound For Glory 2013’s Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles match.

- ECIII cut a promo about knowing what it feels to be robbed, so he told Moose these are the times to come together and control the narrative. He called for people to send hints to Moose via telephone and he gave up a phone number (407-457-8494).

- Taya Valkyrie approached Rosemary about not being out there for her match. Rosemary said she was unconscious backstage because Havok knocked her out. They agreed that they needed to be on the same page to make things work, so they agreed to deal with one’s problems.

- We then saw John E. Bravo rallying up his groomsmen which consists of The Deaners, Alisha Edwards, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger, and Fallah Bahh. The Deaners left for a match. Swinger was mad that Bahh was the best man. This was kinda funny.

- Gia Miller interviewed Brian Myers about cheating to defeat Willie Mack. Myers got all crazy about the allegations and started throwing tables around until Tommy Dreamer came out to stop him. He told him that he needed to chill and clean things up. Myers acted like a diva and wasn't going to clean up anything, so they exchanged some heavy words face to face. Dreamer asked Miller what would happen if Gia made a mess, to which Gia said she’d be fired. Dreamer told Myers to respect the company. Myers said he would clean it up this time, but next time he saw Dreamer in the hall, he better walk the other way. This was another surprisingly good skit.

- Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake came out for their match, but Eric Young jumped them from behind. Young punished Cody all around the ring to send a message to Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore. Cody tried to fight back, but Young raked his eyes, hit a piledriver, and locked in an armbar and ankle lock trying to break it. Cousin Jake came down for the save, fought off Young, and actually cleared the ring. Young threatened Cousin Jake that he was next, and as soon as Jake turned his eyes to his cousin, Young returned and attacked both again. Young hit a piledriver on Cousin Jake. 

Young cut a short promo directed to Eddie Edwards, Swann, and D’Amore, telling them that all that happens from here on is on their hands. 

Young went after Cousin Jake’s ankle, but some security came out, which were also taken out. After way too long, D’Amore casually came out and asked him to let go. D’Amore got in the ring and tried to break up the ankle lock, got face to face with Young and then Young went after him, but out came Eddie Edwards, sending the champion packing.

This was really good, but it went on for too long without anyone coming out to stop him or the Deaners being able to do anything. It also worries me that Edwards is going be added to the main event of BFG and take some of the thunder away from Swann.

Afterwards, Edwards came for D’Amore, telling him that Young is walking all over him. Edwards said he wanted his rematch before Swann got his. D’Amore said that Edwards could get his match at Victory Road on October 3rd.

Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) defeated Sami Callihan

The stipulation of the match was that if RVD could defeat Callihan, then Forbes gets five minutes alone with Callihan in the ring.

RVD rushed Callihan during his entrance and they started brawling outside the ring. They rammed each other into the guardrails and chopped each other around. Callihan had the upper hand until Katie got Callihan's foot and allowed RVD to take him out with a couple of jumping kicks. RVD hit a rolling thunder on the floor, hit Callihan with forearms, and connected with a spinning back kick. 

In the ring, the referee called for the bell to start the match. Unfortunately for RVD, Callihan had recovered and went after him with kicks, a falling elbow, a couple of JYD headbutts, and eye pokes. RVD managed to leg sweep Callihan down and distracted the referee, allowing Forbes to get some shots in before he followed up with a springboard kick. 

RVD kept control, hitting running dropkicks to the corner, stomps, and chokes. RVD hit a leg drop and went for a pin, but Callihan got his leg on the ropes. RVD kept chasing a camel clutch, so Callihan just bit his hands to break the submission.

Rob locked in a leg scissors around Callihan, so Callihan started going after Rob’s knees. They exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring until RVD went for the eyes and regained some control, only for Callihan to come back with an eye rake of his own. Callihan hit a DDT for a two count.

Callihan went for the cactus special, but Forbes distracted the referee, making Callihan break it up and go after her. Forbes was ready, however, and used hair spray on Callihan's eyes, allowing RVD to roll him up for the win.

Forbes now had five minutes alone with Callihan, which she took advantage of when Callihan was down. But, as soon as she started twerking, Callihan recovered and tried to piledrive her. RVD broke it up and took down Callihan. He went to hit a five star frog splash on a chair, but Callihan tossed the chair on RVD, taking him out instead. He hit the cactus special on Forbes and pinned her. 

- Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Austin said that last week, he pinned Chris Sabin and thus, they are next in line for the tag team titles. The North interrupted and told them that they run this division and that Austin got the pin because The North did the work. Page and Alexander challenged Austin and Fulton to a match next week.

- Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne announced matches for next week, including The North vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, Johnny Swinger vs. Fallah Bahh to become Bravo’s best man, Rosemary & Taya vs. Nevaeh & Havok, and The Rascalz vs. The Good Brothers. 

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) defeated Jordynne Grace

Dashwood started to strike Grace, but as soon as Grace got a hold of Dashwood, she started whipping her from corner to corner, clotheslining and tossing her around until Dashwood was forced to leave the ring. Grace tried to follow with a baseball slide, but Dashwood managed to dodge, spinning Grace around and slamming her down on the floor.

Back in the ring, Dashwood had control and worked over Grace with stomps, kicks, and quick pin attempts. Dashwood hit a draping DDT for a two count, and then went back to stomps afterward.

Dashwood went for a suplex, but Grace blocked and hit a back elbow. She went for a powerslam, but Dashwood escaped and dropped her with a reverse DDT for another two count. She went for a submission, but Grace powered out, caught Dashwood with a kick and went for another powerslam, but Dahswood escaped. Grace started chasing the Grace Driver, but Dashwood kept blocking, so Grace started hitting close distance clotheslines over and over until Dashwood was down. Grace followed with a couple of shouldertackles and a Michinoku driver for a two count. 

Grace went for a superplex, but Dashwood dropped her into a tree of woe. Dashwood slapped her, hit a double foot stomp and then followed with the Taste of Tenille for a two count. Dashwood went for a double underhook, only for Grace to power out and hit a big spinebuster for another two count. 

Dashwood escaped from a fireman’s carry attempt. Grace went for an O’Connor roll, but Dashwood still blocked. Grace landed a backfist and set up the Grace driver, but got distracted by Kaleb, allowing Dashwood to hit her running kick finisher for the win in a pretty good match.  

The end of the show saw Eddie Edwards being attacked in the dark.

Final Thoughts -- 

This was a really good show by Impact. We got many storyline developments towards both Victory Road and Bound For Glory. There wasn't a lot of in-ring work, but what we had was good.