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Impact Wrestling results: Karen Jarrett returns

Previously: Alberto El Patron defeated Ethan Carter III to earn a future shot at Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley. Also, LAX made their return to Impact by attacking Decay.

Tonight: Impact featured the return of the mysterious “she.” This was the long-anticipated return of Karen Jarrett.

Show Recap --

Davey Richards (w/ Angelina Love) defeated Suicide

Suicide got in some early offense, but Richards took over and controlled most of the match. Suicide hit a springboard missile dropkick, followed up by a suicide dive. Richards hit a running forearm in the corner and teased doing the “Wolves nation” scream but didn’t do it. Richards hit a running kick to score the win.

- Jeremy Borash promised that “she” would soon arrive at the Impact Zone. J.B. and Josh Mathews continued their feud on commentary.

- A really cool LAX video aired of the group playing poker. Konnan said last week was a warning shot. He told Ortiz and Santana to win the Impact Tag Team Championship.

- In the back, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Laurel Van Ness. She was still drunk and wearing her wedding dress. Sienna approached and told her everything is Allie and Braxton Sutter’s fault. Sienna has a surprise for them.

Laredo Kid, Garza Jr. & Shera defeated Idris Abraham, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

This was a fun match with the heels looking really good, as well as Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid. The heels got the advantage and isolated Laredo Kid in their corner. Fallah can move really well for his size. Shera got the hot tag and ran wild. Laredo Kid and Garza hit moonsaults to the floor and Shera hit the Sky High powerbomb on Bokara to win the match.

- A limo arrived in the back, though nobody came out.

Reno SCUM defeated Decay

Decay cut off Adam Thornstowe on their side of the ring. Crazzy Steve missed a cannonball in the corner and Luster the Legend got the hot tag. Rosemary accidentally spit the mist in Steve’s eyes. Luster picked up Rosemary and tossed her into the arms of Abyss.

Luster locked Steve in a surfboard and Thornstowe jumped over Luster and hit a double foot stomp on Steve for the win.

- A creepy video aired teasing an upcoming debut. It ended with “Fury Will Be Unleashed.”

Moose vs. Eli Drake didn’t happen

As Drake and Tyrus waited in the ring the camera cut back to the limo. Cody and Brandi Rhodes exited. Brandi tried to stop Cody from going to the ring. Cody was wearing a Bullet Club hoodie. As Moose was about to make his entrance Cody rocked him with a chair shot and gave him the Cross Rhodes on the ramp.

LAX (w/ Konnan, Diamante, and Homicide) defeated DCC (w/ Kingston)

LAX cut off Storm from his corner and hit double team moves. Bram finally got the tag but Santana caught him with a kick to the head. Kingston and Storm had a miscommunication and LAX hit their finisher to win the match.

After the match, Storm argued with Kingston and Bram. Storm ended up walking away.

- Earlier in the week, Bruce Prichard interviewed Bobby Lashley. Lashley talked about how he had planned on competing at the 2004 Olympics. In 2003, while at the bank depositing money, he injured his knee when avoiding being shot at by bank robbers. The injury resulted in him entering professional wrestling.

- McKenzie interviewed Braxton Sutter and Allie in the back. Sutter promised to protect Allie till the day he dies.

ODB defeated Rebel

Rebel jumped ODB as she put her flask away. Rebel twice threatened to slap Earl Hebner. ODB took a swig of her flask and made a comeback. Rebel went to slap Earl but he blocked it and gave her a kiss. ODB hit a fallaway slam and went for her flask but Earl stopped her. ODB gave Earl a big kiss and he collapsed. ODB hit the TKO to win the match.

- The Lashley interview continued. Basically, Lashley is the greatest and nobody can beat him. Lashley said he would like to fight Fedor Emelianenko or Brock Lesnar.

Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Jake Holmes

Lashley completely dominated Holmes and won the match with the spear.

- J.B. introduced the returning Karen Jarrett. She said the last few years have been difficult and there have been a lot of changes. The crowd broke into a massive “Fire Josh” chant and she promised to put that on her list of things to change. Ethan Carter III interrupted and promised to make Impact great again, not for her last name but for his.

Josh Mathews left the announcers booth and entered the ring. He called Karen the evil queen tyrant. Mathews said he loves EC3 but has a problem with Borash. Mathews mentioned his wife is five-time Knockout champion Madison Rayne. He said it wouldn’t be long before the Jarrett family is gone forever. Karen slapped Mathews so hard he fell to the mat.

Next Week: Impact Grand Champion Moose will defend his title against Cody. Also, new Impact Tag Team Champions will be crowned next week.