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Impact Wrestling results: Lucha Bros vs. LAX

Impact Wrestling results: LAX vs Lucha Bros! - The Final Chapter

Tonight’s Twitch stream was hosted by Don Callis and Melissa Santos, with a special cameo by Brian Cage, and a post-show interview with Al Snow, talking about his purchase of OVW and their upcoming show with Impact Wrestling.

Opening video recapped Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Impact’s defenses from the Uncaged special episode, plus the attack of Sami Callihan on Rich Swann. Tonight, Impact Wrestling returns to Sam’s Town Casino from Las Vegas, Nevada for this new set of tapings.

Johnny Impact opened the show coming out to the ring. He cut a promo saying that he has been the fighting champion he said he’d be when he won the title. Johnny brought up his questionable wins against Cage, but at Uncaged he defeated all those men and closed that chapter. He said he is ready to move on to the next contender, but the man to come out is Moose.

Moose got on the mic and made fun of Johnny complaining of being hurt and having to fight a lot. Moose said that the only reason he didn’t win is because of Brian Cage and Killer Kross, who comes out to join them in the ring.

Kross came out to a big pop. Kross called Moose a betrayer and told Moose that he should know better than to cross him. They did a small bit of comedy, talking about fashion, that was really off with the mood. Johnny tricked Kross and Moose into having a No. 1 contendership match.

Killer Kross vs. Moose for an Impact World Title shot went to a no contest

This was a great hoss fight. Both men went straight for the shoulder tackles and forearms. Kross had the early advantage, taking down Moose with a series of clotheslines to the corner until Moose pulled the referee in front of him and used the distraction to low blow Kross for a two count. With another distraction, Kross returned the favor hitting Moose low for a two count himself.

Kross sent Moose to the outside where they brawled around, taking out Johnny Impact in the process, who was doing commentary at ringside. As soon as they made it back to the ring, Johnny attacked them both, causing the ref to throw out the match.

After the match, Kross locked in the Straightjacket Sleeper and once again, Moose and Kross joined forces to take out Johnny, but Brian Cage came out for the save.

Brian Cage and Johnny hit tandem superkicks to send Kross and Moose packing. Cage told Johnny he owed him one.

They played audio from Konna’s Keepin it 100 radio show, where Don Callis hired Glenn Gilbertti.

LAX were in some kitchen. Konnan hyped LAX for tonight’s match and tells them that tonight, win, lose, or draw, this is it.

Back from commercial, Johnny and Cage are talking backstage. Johnny thanks Cage for helping him out. Johnny tells Cage that if he wants his title shot, he won’t be able to get a clean one unless they take out Kross and Moose once and for all. Cage doesn’t want to team up with Johnny anymore, so Johnny shows him a title shot contract if Cage teams up with him one last time.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week was Eddie Edwards defeating Tommy Dreamer at 2018’s Slammiversary XVI.

The Rascalz did their That 70’s Show round table. Trey Miguel and Wentz are arguing and agree to trade places in their following matches, making it Trey and Dezmond teaming against the Desi Hit Squad and Zachary Wentz vs Ethan Page. They were joined at the end by Gama Singh, showing them how to smoke a hookah. All the Rascalz go to sleep and Gama kept talking. This was weird, even for a Rascalz’ skit.

Reno Scum return to Impact Wrestling next week.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Trey Miguel) defeated Desi Hit Squad (Raj Singh & Rohit Raju) w/Gama Singh

Story is that The Rascalz are feeling the effects of the hookah they smoked with Gama, revealing that it was Gama’s plan all along to get them ready for Desi Hit Squad.

Raj and Dezmond started the match, with Raj quickly getting the upper hand on Xavier. After a few hits in, Rohit Raju got in for a big knee and a two count.

Desi Hit Squad kept control over Xavier for a while with quick tags, but every time that Xavier started a comeback, he would get cut off again since he lacked his usual speed. Eventually, he landed a kick that gave him an opening and got the tag to Trey Miguel with a slap in the face because Trey was not paying attention and Dezmond lacked focus to direct his hand.

Trey came in, running wild on Rohit Raju with some great action, he hit the Trey19 on the corner. He went for a cutter, but Raju countered and hit a Wheelbarrow DDT along with Raj for a two count when Xavier broke the pin.

Trey and Dez hit a tandem X19 and after the Meteora, Trey pinned Rohit Raju for the win. Good quick match with an interesting way to make this match up different and give the Desi Hit Squad a small chance at winning.

Melissa Santos interviewed Eli Drake about his actions from last week. Drake said that he attacked Eddie because Eddie didn’t respect him in last week’s Team AAA vs Team Impact match. He said that he wants this match to show Eddie that hardcore wrestling makes Eddie a loser. Great promo.

We saw footage from Rich Swann in the hospital being visited by Sami Callihan, who tells Rich that he has no one to come visit him other than him. He apologizes to Swann because what he did wasn’t to hurt him, but to wake Swann up. Callihan said that Rich hadn’t lived up to his potential until now. A doctor came in and told Sami Callihan that visiting time was for family only, but Swann told the lady, “he is family”. Callihan left an oVe t-shirt and left.

Eddie Edwards defeated Eli Drake

They start the match by locking in and Drake quickly takes down Eddie with a shoulder tackle. They did a couple counters and reversals, ending with a few arm drags that send Drake to the outside.

Back int ehr ring, Drake tried to tell Eddie to realize that he didn’t need weapons since he was doing great with wrestling, but Eddie didn’t listen and just proceeded to chop Drake. They went outside the ring where Eddie rammed Eli to the post. The ref came out to get Eddie back in the ring, but Eli took advantage to blindside Eddie with a clothesline and get control.

Back in the ring, Drake worked over Eddie’s mid-section, he hit a big DDT and went to follow with a diving elbow, but Eddie dodged it.

Eddie hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Eddie hit a Tiger Driver for another two count. Eddie then went for the kendo Stick, but got distracted with the referee, giving Eli Drake the opening to hit a reverse DVD. Eli went for the kendo stick, but as he went for the swing, Eddie rolled him up and took the win. Another good short match.

Tessa Blanchard was arguing with Impact Management. She got interviewed and explained that management won’t give her a title rematch and blamed it on what she did to Gail Kim. She said that she will get her rematch one way or the other.

Glenn Gilbertti arrived at Sam’s Town Casino asking for directions for the Impact management offices, but instead, he got locked out outside the building.

Delilah Doom defeated Alisha Edwards by DQ

Delilah Doom is making her Impact Wrestling debut. She has a Richard Simmons ‘jazzercise’ gimmick. They start the match with an collar and elbow lock up, but Alisha quickly gets out and hits a plancha, as she goes for a second one, Delilah dodges and hits a 619. Delilah goes for a double on the corner, but Alisha dodges, hits a knee and a plancha that Doom rolls through for a two count.

Tessa suddenly comes out, attacks Alisha Edwards, press slams Alisha on the ramp. Tessa went for Delilah who tried to make a stand, even going for the 619, but Tessa caught her, hit deadlift sit down powerbomb and the Buzzsaw DDT. This was more of a segment than a match.

Delilah Doom cut a promo backstage. She challenged Tessa to a match for next week for what she did to her in the ring.

We got a vignette for Ace Austin.

We got a video recapping last week’s event between Impact Wrestling and the NFL Alumni Association, Las Vegas chapter.

Allie and Su Yung are in one of those dark places in the arena. Rosemary is there, but James Mitchell interrupts her. Mitchell said that Rosemary can’t touch Allie since he owns her soul. Rosemary and James Mitchell make a deal for a winner take all match between Rosemary’s army against Mitchell’s army in a Dark War. If Rosemary wins, she gets Allie’s soul back, if Mitchell wins, he gets Rosemary.

Taya Valkyrie was interviewed by Melissa Santos, who asked about Tessa’s actions. Taya said that she is done with Tessa, and she won’t even acknowledge Tessa’s tantrums, because now that she is the champion, she has bigger things to worry about.

Impact Tag Team Champions Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) defeated LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan to retain the titles.

LAX jumped the Lucha Bros at the ramp, they brawled outside the ring for a while, ramming them to the steel steps and the ring post. Ortiz hit a Tope con Giro on Pentagon. Santana was going for an Asai Moonsault, but Fenix cut him off and took him out with a kick.

Back from commercial, the match has finally started. Fenix and Ortiz were in the ring first, but Pentagon and Santana joined the superkick exchange to take out their opponents and take charge of the ring. Crowd was split in half between LAX and Cero Miedo chants. Santana and Pentagon started trading forearms in the middle of the ring. Ortiz came back and helped Santana take out Pentagon with an assisted senton and moonsault combination. LAX, then focused on Fenix, who got taken out with a Flapjack and top rope Senton for a two count.

The referee finally got control of the match as LAX started working over Fenix’s arm, cutting the ring in half on him. LAX was being really disrespectful to Pentagon and Fenix, taunting Pentagon with the Cero Miedo sign. Fenix made a small comeback and tagged in Pentagon who ran wild on LAX. Slingblade and a double superkick on Ortiz to send him out of the ring.

Pentagon hit a Penta Driver on Santana for a two count when Ortiz broke it up. Pentagon and Fenix then hit their Wassap Dropkick on Ortiz. Santana returned with a cutter on Pentagon. Ortiz hit a codebreaker, and they both hit their double team finisher for a two count when Pentagon kicked out. LAX went for the 5150, but Fenix got rid of Santana with a springboard kick. Pentagon hit the Footstomp Fear Factor on Ortiz and picked up the win.

After the match, Fenix and Pentagon celebrated in the ring. They shook Konnan’s hand. Santana and Ortiz were weary about shaking the Lucha Bros’s hands, but ended up offering their hands. Pentagon and Fenix decided to taunt them and get in their faces instead, to which LAX responded by low blowing them and taking off their masks as a surprised Konna looked on and the show went off the air.

The match was considerably shorter than their previous ones, but this was more about setting up the turn at the end and what will most likely lead to a blood feud going forward to the Rebellion PPV.

Overall, the show was fine in the ring, but we saw several angles and segments that are starting to set up the direction going towards the Rebellion PPV.