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Impact Wrestling results: Madman Fulton vs. Trey Miguel

Impact Wrestling results: Fulton vs Trey Miguel

Opening video recapped The North’s assault on Ken Shamrock, Deonna Purrazzo’s in-ring debut, and the main event between Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin’s new backup -- Madman Fulton.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne welcomed us to the show by addressing that the Impact World championship has been vacated and that the main event of Slammiversary XVIII will now be a four-way between Eddie Edwads, Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, and a mystery opponent.

Chris Bey (with Johnny Swinger) defeated Suicide

Bey started the match with some early strikes, but took too long to hit a standing moonsault, giving Suicide the time to recover, hitting an atomic drop, and a low dropkick for an quick two count. 

Suicide hit an electric chair drop and a lionsault, but Bey was ready with the knees on Suicide to turn the match around and went back to striking Suicide, earning a two count with a clothesline. 

Suicide caught Bey with an octopus stretch and transitioned into a sunset flip pin for a two count. Bey draped Suicide on the ropes for a spinning kick for another near fall.

Bey hit an high angle backplex, followed by a moonsault, but once again Suicide dodged. Suicide came back with a big shotgun dropkick, a series of chops and palm strikes, a running forearm and kick, but Bey escaped the German suplex. Suicide responded with a foot stomp for another two count.

Suicide faked Bey on the ropes, sending him to the floor, sent Swinger along with Bey, and hit an ugly trust fall from the top rope to the floor.

Back in the ring, Suicide got a near fall with a sunset flip pin. Bey recovered, hitting a spinning knee. Suicide went for the top rope, but Swinger tossed him off behind the referee’s back, allowing Bey to hit the springboard fameasser for the win.

Matthews and Rayne ran down the rest of the card tonight.

Gia Miller interviewed Moose about his match with Crazzy Steve. Moose said that Steve doesn’t take things seriously, but fun and games didn’t make Moose the TNA World champion. Tonight, Crazzy Steve will find out why Moose is the best wrestler on the planet.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger congratulated Bey for winning and that as long as he follows his plans, Bey will become the champion. Swinger said that dealing with Impact referees is a walk in the park and said he would pay them for Slammiversary. One of the referees overheard Swinger and banned him from the Bey vs. Mack match.

TJP & Fallah Bahh defeated Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend)

Reno Scum jumped TJP and Bahh during their entrance, but Bahh quickly regained control, throwing out Thornstowe and attacking Luster with a couple of shoulder blocks, feeding him to TJP for the school boy and the early pin attempt. 

TJP and Bahh hit a couple of double team moves on Luster, including a poetry in motion and a double splash for another pin attempt. TJP had some offense on Luster, but Thornstowe interfered, pulled him to the floor, beat him up a bit, and sent him back for Luster in the ring. 

Now under control, Reno Scum worked over TJP with quick tags, some double team moves, and a lot of striking. Luster tossed Thornstowe onto TJP for a senton, but TJP blocked with his knees, twisted Luster’s neck, and tagged Bahh.

Bahh came in strong, splashing Thornstowe with a running hip attack, but when he went for the Samoan drop, Luster blocked him off, setting up a footstomp version of the poetry in motion for a two count when Bahh broke it up.

TJP dropped Thornstowe for a springboard dropkick, but Luster blocked him from following up. Bahh took out Luster with a belly-to-belly. Thornstowe hit Bahh with a superkick, but when he tried to take out TJP, Thornstowe was blocked and ended up being tossed into Bahh’s Samoan drop, followed with a mamba splash for the win. Good match, TJP and Bahh have improved as a tag team.

We had another installment of Madison Rayne’s Locker Room Talk, with special guest John E. Bravo. Rayne asked about having to obey Taya, and about Bravo and Rosemary flirting. Bravo denied there being anything romantic. Madison Rayne brought in a second guest -- Rosemary.

Rayne asked Rosemary about her and Bravo. Rosemary didn’t say anything either, but Swinger interjected saying that there was some sexual tension in the room between him and Rosemary, claiming that he had a thing for facepaint and that he and Aja Kong had a thing some time back.

Bravo stepped up and defended Rosemary. Bravo and Swinger got into a face off, while Rosemary enjoyed it. 

Taya interrupted everyone and joined the party. Taya asked Rosemary to tag team together and Rosemary agreed. Swinger’s comedy is seriously underrated.

We got a recap of the ongoing feud between “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace.

The North came out to address their attack on Ken Shamrock from last week. They said that the legend of Ken Shamrock is over and that he has no friends because he has rage issues and can’t control his anger. 

Ken Shamrock came out and tried to get in the ring, but couldn’t. Sami Callihan hacked the screen and said ‘who needs a friend when you have an enemy’. When the lights came back, Callihan was in the ring, and along with Shamrock, they ran out The North. Afterwards, Callihan gave Shamrock the thumbs down and disappeared again. I guess we have our tag title match for Slammiversary here.

Backstage, The North approached Scott D’Amore while he was talking to some ‘good brothers’. Page complained about being jumped by Callihan and Shamrock. D’Amore made The North vs Shamrock and Callihan official for Slammiversary XVIII.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Magnus vs Eric Young from April 10, 2014.

Jimmy Jacobs tried to interview Trey Miguel, who was extra cautious about surprise attacks. Trey said that tonight, he was going to break his foot on Madman Fulton’s face.

Self-Proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose defeated Crazzy Steve to retain the title. 

Match started with Moose using his strength to push around Steve, but the latter, with the speed advantage, started dodging and striking Moose until he sent Moose to the floor. As he went for a plancha, Moose caught him, slammed him on the apron, got him by the legs and swung him onto the steel steps. Moose punched into Steve’s ribs over and over again before sending Steve back to the ring. Moose suplexed Steve into the ropes ribs-first.

Crazzy Steve tried to make a comeback, striking Moose, but got easily cut off by a running back elbow. Once again, Moose locked in an abdominal stretch and sank his knuckles on Steve’s ribs. 

Moose tried to superplex Steve, who had to rely on biting Moose’s face to stop him. Steve hit a sunset powerbomb, but Moose kicked out at one. Steve once again used his speed to strike Moose and got a two count with a school boy. Steve hit a running knee and a running cannonball to the corner, tried to follow with a crossbody, only for Moose to catch him again. Moose hit a fallaway slam, hit the lights out, and won the match. Arguably a squash, Moose looked really dominant. 

After the match, Moose kept attacking Crazzy Steve until the referees and Tommy Dreamer pulled him off. Moose kicked Dreamer and attacked him before walking away.

Crazzy Steve was helped to the back while Dreamer cut a promo in the ring, calling out Moose for stealing a title because even with his natural talents, he couldn’t cut it in Impact. Dreamer told Moose to be a locker room leader, not a locker room cancer. He said that Moose wasn’t a draw and he wouldn’t even be a footnote in wrestling. This felt unnecessarily dramatic and a bit shooty.

Hernandez and Cousin Jake arm wrestled in the back with Cody Deaner watching along. Hernandez beat Jake. Cody challenged for a double or nothing, and also lost. Arm wrestling is the best use of Hernandez right now.

Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz)  defeated Havok (with Nevaeh) 

Hogan jumped Havok with a dropkick to start the match. She tried to strike down Havok, but got pushed back by Havok’s strength advantage and as soon as she recovered, Havok got a hold of Hogan and tossed her around from corner to corner. Havok then hit a scoop slam. 

Tasha tried to stop Havok by grabbing her foot, but Havok took her out. The interruption was enough for Hogan to recoup and dodged the senton to regain some control. 

Back from commercial, Hogan had Havok in a sleeper hold, right before Havok slammed Hogan back first into the turnbuckle. Hogan used her hair to choke Havok, but once again, Havok managed to get her hands on Hogan and toss her around. She then hit a backbreaker, a running knee, then a couple of running boots to a down Hogan. As Havok prepared to finish her off, Tasha stole Havok’s mask, distracting Havok, Nevaeh, and the referee as she tossed it to Hogan, who used it to take out Havok. Hogan finished her off with kicks to win the match.

Moose cut a promo on Dreamer, saying he doesn’t know anything about him and that Dreamer is nothing while he is the top man in the promotion. He gave Dreamer an ultimatum that if he doesn’t apologize publicly, he would sue him and the promotion.

Matthews and Rayne ran down the current card for Slammiversary XVIII, including the newly added tag title defense between The North and Shamrock and Callihan. Also, for next week, Sami Callihan takes on Josh Alexander in a singles match.

Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin) defeated Trey Miguel by disqualification

Story here is that Ace Austin is taking out each of his opponents for the Slammiversary XVIII main event by using Fulton, who defeated Eddie Edwards last week.

Trey rushed the ring to start the match, dodging Fulton, but took out Ace with a suicide dive, followed by  a second one that was caught by Fulton. 

In the ring, Trey used his speed to dodge Fulton’s strikes and land a kick or two when he had the opening. Trey tried to hit a crossbody, but Fulton caught him. Trey tried to armdrag Fulton, but again, he was stopped, this time with a chokeslam. Fulton hit a one arm military press. Trey went for some bodyscissors, but again, Fulton blocked and hit a reverse suplex. 

Trey tried to strike down Fulton with forearms, kicks, or anything that worked, but Fulton was unstoppable and would flip around Trey as soon as he had a hold of him. 

Fulton slammed Trey’s head to the turnbuckle over and over again, but as he whipped him to the ropes, Trey somersaulted off the ropes and locked in a sleeper hold. Fulton tried slamming Trey down, but he couldn’t break the sleeper off. After multiple slams, Trey eventually did. 

Trey hit a couple of kicks and hit a second rope neckbreaker to bring Fulton down, followed by some buzzsaw kicks and two superkicks. Trey went for a springboard DDT, but Fulton blocked and hit a northern lights suplex for a two count.  

Fulton splashed Trey in the corner and draped him over the ropes, but as he attacked him, Trey sneaked and grabbed Ace Austin’s magic stick and broke it off in Fulton’s face for the DQ. 

Afterwards, Trey attacked Ace and Fulton with a chair until they were both down.Trey survived another day.

We got another tease, this time around, it was Eric Young’s old Super Eric costume. I don’t know if they’re teasing some of TNA’s worst gimmicks as a way to throw a curb ball at us.

Final thoughts -- 

Good show. Wrestling was decent to good and we had a lot of storyline developments towards Slammiversary XVIII. Episode went by faster than usual.