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Impact Wrestling results: The North vs. Marufuji & Edwards

Impact Wrestling results: The North vs Marufuji & Edwards

Impact Wrestling returns from the St. Claire College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Opening video focused on how last week oVe managed to antagonize the whole Impact roster, ending with Callihan being humiliated by Tessa Blanchard and Rich Swann, which led to tonight’s Daga vs Jake Crist match and the tag team main event. 

Twitch stream was hosted by Melissa Santos, who promoted the upcoming Impact Plus special No Surrender, the Throwback Throwdown Thanksgiving special, and January’s pay-per-view, Hard to Kill.

Ace Austin opened the show coming down to join the commentary table for the next X-Division Championship No. 1 Contendership match.

Trey Miguel defeated Petey Williams, Rohit Raju, Aiden Prince, Brent Banks, Willie Mack to become X-Division Championship No. 1 Contender.

Rohit Raju started the match strong, not only taking out Mack, but tossing Prince out of the ring and following with a dive on to Mack. Left in the ring, Miguel, Banks, and Petey all traded ranas and arm drags. Trey hit a dive on everyone outside, leaving Banks and Petey going one-to-one with Petey getting the better of Banks. Petey hit a diving headscissors on Miguel to the outside. 

Mack returned to the ring and took down Banks and Prince with arm drags and ranas. Mack ended taking out the men in the ring, and a dive on top of everyone outside. 

Back in the ring, the local talent faced off, Prince and Banks were pretty equal to each other, at the end, they just hit double dives too. 

Again in the ring, it was now Miguel, Banks, and Prince going at each other with Miguel taking them out with a meteora, only for Rohit to come in and hit a northern lights and rolling up to an extra auplex to take him out. Petey came in and hit a rana and Flatliner combo, setting up the Destroyer, but Rohit countered and picked up a two count with a roll up, countered into a Sharpshooter for the submission tease until Mack broke it up.

Mack hit the Samoan drop and moonsault combo on Petey for a two count. Banks hit a poison rana on Mack. Prince hit a butterfly brainbuster on Banks for a two count. Finally, Trey Miguel hit some Cheeky Nandos, but got cut off by Banks. Prince suplexed Banks onto Miguel, hit a 450, followed by a Frog Splash, followed by a Canadian Destroyer, but at the end, it was Trey Miguel stealing the pin by rolling up Petey for the win.

Match started weak with everyone selling outside, but it got really good towards the end. Rohit Raju was fantastic here, and Impact really needs to bring back Brent Banks.

Throughout the match, they showed Trey Miguel’s mom in attendance, with constant hinting that Ace Austin is going to try and seduce Trey Miguel’s mother.

Gabby Loren interviewed Rich Swann about next week’s 5-way No. 1 Contender’s match for Callihan’s title. Swann said that becoming world champion would prove everyone wrong that his size will not stop him. 

Next up, Loren interviewed Michael Elgin about the same match. Elgin said that a lot of people wish they can win, but at the end, it’s him that will win. Elgin has proved to get things done since his debut, and now his sights are on the title.

Madison Rayne (w/Kiera Hogan) defeated Alexia Nicole

Rayne mocked Nicole to start the match and got beat up early until she blocked a backstabber and hit a blockbuster for a quick pin attempt. Rayned locked in a cravate and hit some knees, followed with a sliding clothesline for another two count. Kiera Hogan got a slap in on Nicole for good measures. 

Nicole made a small comeback with a desperation Neckbreaker. They traded some forearms with Nicole getting the better of Rayne. Nicole followed with a shotgun dropkick, a backstabber, and an electric chair drop for a two count. Rayne tried to leave the match, but Nicole pulled her back to the ring the hard way, but as she did, distracted herself with Hogan, allowing Rayne to hit a draping neckbreker.

Nicole got a roll up for a near fall, but Rayne came back with Cross Rayne for the win. Ok match, what Rayne lacks in wrestling ability, she makes up with her character work.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger told Aiden Prince that he took a dump in Petey Williams’ bag, but he accidentally did it to Ken Shamrock’s bag. Swinger will suffer for this.

RVD cut a promo from his pool along with Katie Forbes, who was just out there twerking. Rob said that he doesn’t need the money, but that Impact needs him, and so he’ll be back next week. Not good.

Daga defeated Jake Crist

Great match. Daga is in the 5-way No. 1 Contendership match for Callihan’s title, and thus got the win tonight in a great showing. 

They started the show with a fast paced sequence of kicks, slaps, and counters, that ended with Crist outside the ring and Daga hitting a springboard tornillo on him. 

Back in the ring, Crist got Daga with a Dragon Screw, sending him outside, following with a diving DDT, but Daga managed to rebound and drop Crist instead, but at a cost, Daga seemed hurt from the rebound. 

Back from commercial, Crist and Daga are back in the ring exchanging chops before Daga school boys Crist for a quick two count. Crist locks in the Last Chancery, which Daga escapes by elbowing Crist on the face. Crist goes back on the head submission against the ropes and follows with a good old rake to the eyes. 

Daga made a comeback with some elbows and a bit neckbreaker and DDT combo for a two count. Both men exchanged Pop-up Death Valley Drivers. Crist blocked a Dragon Suplex, but ended up eating a couple of Germans instead for a two count. Crist countered Daga with a Powerslam into the corner, followed with a kick combo for a two count. 

Both men took to the top of the turnbuckle and exchanged strikes until Daga hit a rana for a two count. Daga followed with a Tiger Driver ‘98 for the win.

We got a fantastic recap of Joey Ryan vs Ken Shamrock with opera music.

Loren interviewed The North about tonight's match with Edwards and Marufuji. Great short promo by confident champions, happy to go against top talent. 

oVe (Impact World Champion Sami Callihan & Madman Fulton) defeated Rich Swann & Tessa Blanchard

Tessa and Swann rushed the ring, supekicked Callihan out, and team up against Fulton, how fell to a kick and backstabber combo. Swann hit a phoenix splash to the outside. 

Back in the ring, Tessa and Callihan faced off, Tessa started with strikes, but Fulton distracted her, giving Sami the opening for a Brainbuster. 

Swann tagged in and ran wild on Callihan, catching him with a kick and Rana on the top rope. Fulton came in and cut him off, hitting a Reverse Suplex to regain control of the match. Fulton chokeslammed Swann and tried to snap his neck against the ropes. Scoop Slam followed by Callihan’s elbow and into the headlock. The beatdown continued with Fulton striking Swann’s back and locking in a Bearhug. Slingshot plancha by Callihan for a two count and back into the headlock. Complete dominance by oVe. 

Eventually, Swann managed to roll around and dodge Callihan enough to get the tag to Tessa, who came in and hit a Samoan Drop on Callihan, tilt-a-whirl DDT on Fulton, diving cutter on Callihan. Tessa set up the Magnum, but Callihan blocked it, fed her to Fulton’s slam for a two count when Swann made the save. Swann took out Fulton with a kick, sending him outside, running knee on Callihan, followed by a DDT. 

Tessa took out Fulton with a dive, while Swann got a two count over Callihan with a Moonsault. Callihan went for Swann’s eyes and his baseball bat, but the referee took it away. With the referee distracted, Callihan instead used the belt to take out Swann and pick up the win for his team. Great match.

After the bell, oVe took out Swann with another belt shot. Tessa went for the save, but took a belt shot too from Sami. As the beatdown continued, Brian Cage came down for the save, took out Fulton with an F-5, but Callihan escaped. Cage is not in contention of the title after losing at Turning Point, but he’s not done with Callihan.

Backstage, Loren asked Brian Cage what was next for him. Cage said that he wasn’t done with oVe, Callihan, or the title. Cage said he will be in next week’s title contention match. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was the Ultimate X match of Rich Swann vs Jake Crist vs Ethan Page vs Trey Miguel from the Homecoming Pay Per View.

Johnny Swinger is now bragging about taking a dump on Shamrock’s bag, but the people there tell him that is probably illegal. 

On the other side of the building, Jordynne Grace came up to Taya and told her she wants her shot at the Knockout’s title. Taya said Jordynne doesn’t just get to make challenges, but Bravo takes the challenge instead. Next week, it’s Jordynne Grace vs both Taya and Bravo.

Moose cut a promo from a tennis court talking about he is the greatest of all time. He said that by defeated Shamrock, he proved that he is the greatest MMA fighter of all time, and now he was going to prove he was the best tennis player of all time by defeating Mikey, who he bullied into losing. 

Havok defeated Krystal Moon

Total squash, Havok tossed around Moon from corner to corner, kicked her while down in the corner, rammed her against the apron, beat her down, and hit a Chokeslam for the pin, except Havok broke her own pin, only to deliver a tombstone piledriver instead. Moon was really green even for a squash, but she had great facial expressions of fear and pain. 

Backstage, Suzie found Havok as she returned from the ring. Havok pushed Suzie away, which triggered something in Suzie that brought back some memories of her former self.

It was officially announced that Brian Cage has been added to next week’s No. 1 Contendership match. 

Impact World Tag Team Champions The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) defeated Naomichi Marufuji & Eddie Edwards to retain their titles. 

Edwards and Marufuji started the match with control, out-wrestling Alexander and chopping around Page, but after some exchanged, the North’s teamwork paid off and they managed to cut off Marufuji for a bit. Marufuji and Edwards came back and sent the North outside, where Marufuji kicked away Alexander, and Eddie hit a rope auicida on Page. 

Back from commercial, Eddie and Marufuji are still in control of the match, working over Page with chops, you can tell that Page is starting to feel them. Right when it seems all good for Eddie, the quick tag work of The North overtakes Eddie and Alexander takes him out with a dive while Page takes out Marufuji. 

The North, now in control, start working over Eddie with quick tags, cheap shots, double team moves, and keeping him away from Marufuji. Page got a two count with a double backbreaker. Alexander went for a suplex, but Edwards blocked it and hit a desperation one instead, finally getting the chance to tag in Marufuji. 

Marufuji came in and ran wild over The North, chopping and kicking both Page and Alexander. Eddie came with the aid with a Frankenstiner, feeding Page into Marufuji’s running knees. Page and Marufuji exchanged strikes but with a blind tag, Alexander came in, blindsided Marufuji, and cut him off. 

The North went for their team finisher, but Marufuji blocked and got rid of Page. He hit a Curb Stomp on Alexander and tagged in Edwards, who delivered a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Alexander went for the ripcord elbow, but Eddie blocked. All four men exchanged kicks and lariats until they were all down. 

Marufuji kicked Alexander, Edwards hit a Powerbomb and a Liger Bomb for a two count. Page pulled Eddie’s ankle, allowing Alexander to kick him. Page and Alexander hit an elbow and kick combo on Marufuji, leaving Eddie alone for the double team finisher and a huge near fall. The North deliver their assisted Spinerbuster finisher next and pin Edwards to retain the titles. Great match.

Final Thoughts -- 

Really strong show inside the ring with only a couple of storyline developments, as most of the show built towards next week’s big 5-person elimination match to pick a new contender for Callihan’s championship.