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Impact Wrestling results: Rosemary vs. Taya in Demon's Dance

Previously: Eli Drake defeated Moose to win the World Championship title shot briefcase.

Tonight: Rosemary takes on Taya Valkyrie in a Demon’s Dance match.

Show Recap --

- Eli Drake came out and bragged about having both the World Championship and Tag Team title shot briefcases. He pointed out that he could be on his way to winning all the gold in Impact.

LAX interrupted, demanding to know the identity of Drake’s partner to challenge for the titles. Drake then introduced his partner for Redemption, Scott Steiner. Steiner promised to defeat LAX and win the tag titles.

Konnan played mind games and asked Drake if he could trust Steiner to show up. He also wondered if Steiner still has it or not.

Flashback of the Week: Rosemary defeated Knockouts Champion Jade in Six Sides of Steel

They brawled around ringside before getting in the cage. Rosemary was firmly in control until Jade hit a top rope hurricanrana. Jade executed a crossbody block off the top of the cage, but Rosemary spit the mist in her eyes and hit the Red Wedding for the win.

Moose defeated Sami Callihan by DQ

Callihan took over after a lariat and a suicide dive. Moose fought back and powerbombed Callihan twice on the apron, then Callihan regained control after a low blow.

Moose made a comeback, hitting a pop-up powerbomb and a senton for a near fall. He hit the Go 2 Hell for another close two count. The finish came when Callihan hit Moose with the baseball bat for the disqualification.

After the match, OVE beat down Moose until Eddie Edwards ran out for the save. OVE overwhelmed Edwards and beat him down as well. Alisha Edwards ran out to protect her husband, with Callihan backing Alisha in the corner when the lights went off.

When the lights came back on, Tommy Dreamer was standing in the ring. He cleared the ring of the heels. At Redemption, Dreamer, Moose & Eddie Edwards take on OVE in a House of Hardcore match.

Petey Williams defeated Josh Mathews (w/ Matt Sydal) by DQ

Mathews stalled and pretended to stretch in the corner. Williams chased him around the ring and Mathews let out a high-pitched scream. Williams set up for the Canadian Destroyer, but Sydal interfered for the disqualification.

The heels beat down Williams after the match.

- Backstage, Johnny Impact had another confrontation with Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong. They agreed to a match next week.

Tyrus, Fallah Bahh & Richard Justice defeated Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley & KM

The faces had the early advantage until the heels took over after a kick to Justice’s back. Tyrus got the tag and ran wild on the heels, and Bahh hit the Banzai Drop for the win.

Rosemary defeated Taya Valkyrie in Demon’s Dance

Valkyrie took over after dropping Rosemary stomach-first on the guardrail, then she hit double knees into a chair covering Rosemary. She also hit a chair with another chair that was placed between Rosemary’s legs.

Rosemary fought back and sent Valkyrie into a ladder that was set up in the corner, but Valkyrie regained control when Rosemary went head-first into a chair set up in another corner. She put Rosemary on a table and climbed to the top, but Rosemary cut her off.

The finish came as they fought on the top turnbuckle and Rosemary gave Valkyrie a piledriver through the table for the win.

- Highlights from Impact vs. Lucha Underground from last Friday in New Orleans aired. It focused on the Redemption press conference, the Impact vs. LU main event, and the aftermath. 

After brawling with Aries at the Redemption press conference last Friday, Alberto El Patron was shown leaving the event and promised to get revenge on Aries at Impact vs. LU that night.

After his House of Hardcore victory the next day, Aries mentioned Patron no-showing the night before at Impact vs. LU. He challenged Pentagon Jr. and Fenix to a rematch at Redemption, which is now the new main event.

Next Week: From Impact vs. Lucha Underground, Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix. PlusJohnny Impact takes on Kongo Kong.