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Impact Wrestling results: Tag team main event in India

Previously: Sonjay Dutt defeated Low Ki to finally win the X Division Championship.

Tonight: Bobby Lashley & Ethan Carter III battle Alberto El Patron & James Storm in the main event.

Show Recap --

- In the back, Sienna informed Laurel Van Ness that Rosemary isn’t in the building and Allie is alone.

Matt Sydal defeated Davey Richards, Suicide, Braxton Sutter, Eddie Edwards, and Trevor Lee in an elimination match to win the Sony Six Trophy

The match started with two guys taking turns in the ring while the other four waited on the floor. Lee nailed Sutter with a forearm and rolled him up using the tights for the first elimination. The second elimination came when Lee caught Suicide with a knee.

Richards was eliminated after being disqualified for using a chair on Edwards. Edwards was eliminated moments later for giving Richards a fisherman buster on the chair.

The match came down to Sydal and Lee. Sydal scored a near fall with a jumping hurricanrana. He then caught Lee with a kick to the head, followed by a Shooting Star Press for the win.

- On the streets of Mumbai, Rockstar Spud and Swoggle ran into each other. They teased fighting until someone intervened.

- Earlier, Jeremy Borash gave Joseph Park a pep talk to get him pumped for their Slammiversary match. It ended with them doing the Mega Powers handshake. Later, they trained intensely.

Sienna & Laurel Van Ness defeated Rosemary & Allie

They played Rosemary’s music, but she didn’t come out. The heels went after Allie up the ramp, then Rosemary came from underneath the ring for the save.

The heels were in control until Allie got the hot tag. KM came down to ringside, but Braxton Sutter ran out. Van Ness hit a curb stomp on Rosemary and Sienna scored the pin on the Knockouts Champion.

- Back in the United States, LAX invaded local independent promotions. They attacked the tag team champions and took the promoter's money.

- J.B. and Mahabali Shera introduced the new X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt for his celebration. He came out in traditional Indian attire with dancers.

Former champ Low Ki interrupted him. He congratulated Dutt on his win but challenged him to a rematch. The rematch will take place at Slammiversary and will be a two-out-of-three falls match.

Low Ki attacked Dutt and hit the Warrior’s Way on Shera. Low Ki attempted to hit the Warrior’s Way on Dutt until Sydal made the save.

Mahabali Shera defeated KM

The doctors tried to stop Shera from competing because of his injured ribs. KM was in control until Shera made a fiery comeback and won with the Sky High. After the match, Kongo Kong and KM attacked Shera and further injured his ribs.

- Eli Drake and Chris Adonis came to the ring to address Moose. They wondered about the identity of Moose’s Slammiversary partner. Moose came out and announced that his partner is NFL free agent DeAngelo Williams. A video package of Williams training aired and the heels attacked Moose during the video.

Alberto El Patron & James Storm defeated Bobby Lashley & Ethan Carter III by DQ

EC3 teased starting the match with James Storm but tagged out immediately. Lashley then teased starting with El Patron but tagged out. The faces ran wild and took out the heels.

Back from commercial, the heels were in control after Lashley shoved El Patron off the top. Storm came in and had EC3 in trouble, but Lashley attacked him from behind. El Patron got the hot tag and ran wild. El Patron and Storm gave EC3 a double superplex as Lashley gave them double powerbombs.

EC3 and Lashley were disqualified after EC3 whipped the referee with a strap. All four guys brawled all over the arena. El Patron posed with both belts to end the show.

Next Week: Impact will feature contract signings for Slammiversary. Plus, Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle in a Mumbai street fight.