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Impact Wrestling results: Vikingo vs. TJP

Impact Wrestling results: Daga vs Vikingo, Su Yung Returns

Impact Wrestling returns from Fronton Mexico in Mexico City for tonight’s episode. 

Opening video focused on highlighting the Elgin vs Edwards feud that kicked off the best-of-five series last week with Elgin winning. 

Tessa Blanchard came out to start the show. Tessa addressed Ace Austin’s comments from last week, saying he doesn’t have to play games with her, if he wants to fight, she’s easy to find. They have a match scheduled for Sacrifice, but Tessa called him out for tonight. 

Out came Ace Austin, along with Reno Scum. Ace sent out Thornstowe to fight Tessa instead.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Adam Thornstowe (w/ Ace Austin & Luster The Legend)

Thornstowe started the match overpowering Tessa a bit and getting a cheap shot, but Tessa brought the match back with strikes. She went for the running knees, but Luster distracted Tessa, only to dodge Thornstowe who accidentally took out Luster. Tessa followed with the running knees. 

Tessa hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Thornstowe, then followed with a dive on Luster, but he caught her in the air and slammed her against the apron. 

Back in the ring, Thornstowe worked a bit on Tessa, mostly strikes and stomps, but also a couple of headlocks in between. Thornstowe got a two count by stomping on Tessa’s arm. Thornstowe started to get cocky with Scoop Slams, but when he mocked Tessa’s pose and went for a standing moonsault, Tessa dodged and made her comeback with strikes and clotheslines. 

Tessa hit a rana and a samoan drop. Superkick and Thornstowe fell on both Luster and Austin, followed by two Suicide Dives by Tessa, and a final Somersault from the top rope to the floor. 

Back in the ring, Tessa got a two count with a cutter. Thornstowe went for an Impaler DDT, but Tessa reversed into the Buzzsaw DDT for the win. Ok opener. 

After the match, Luster grabbed Tessa from behind with a bearhug. She took him out with a low blow, but Ace Austin was there to take her out. Reno Scum held Tessa while Ace prepared to hit her with his stick, but Dreamer came down for the save. 

Backstage, Taya approached Rayne and Hogan to ask them to take out Jordynne Grace again. This time, Rayne and Hogan tell Taya that they’re not doing it again. 

We got footage from ‘during the break’ where Tommy Dreamer challenged Ace Austin to a street fight for tonight. Callis and Matthews confirmed the match, but the screen was interrupted by a QR Code that said ‘scan me’. They also announced that Rhino vs Moose has been signed for Sacrifice.

Rhino defeated Taurus by DQ

Collar and elbow to start the match, both men seem at the same level. They do a couple of Japanese shoulder tackle challenges to each other until Rhino gets the better of the exchange, only for Taurus to return with one of his own and send Rhino to the outside, where Taurus tries to follow, but gets tripped out by Rhino. 

Both animals brawled outside the ring. Rhino accidentally clotheslined the ringpost and ran back in the ring, but Taurus was right behind him as he started working over Rhino’s arm. 

Taurus took out Rhino’s knee and hit a shining wizard for a two count. Taurus followed with a twisting moonsault, but Rhino moved out of the way. Both men traded chops and Rhino started his comeback with clotheslines and a belly-to-belly for a two count. Taurus hit a Diamond-giri for a two count. 

Rhino came back with a big Spinerbuster, set up the Gore, but Moose came down and attacked Rhino for the DQ. Moose attacked Taurus too, but then Moose started to play to the crowd and allowed both men to recover. Taurus hit a headbutt and Rhino the Gore to send Moose packing.

Michael Elgin cut a promo against a mirror saying that he used to look up to Eddie Edwards, but now it’s Eddie that looks up to him. He said he’s going 3-0 on the series and will finally claim the world championship soon after.

Johnny Swinger walked up to the Desi Hit Squad and challenged them to a tag match, but when Shera stood up to him, he backed out and made it Willie Mack vs Mahabali Shera. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Team 3D vs Beer Money vs Motor City Machine Guns from Sacrifice 2010.

Taya was now trying to get Rosemary to help her with Jordynne, but Rosemary wasn’t even paying attention to her, she was stalking James Mitchell, who she locked inside a room. Taya was fantastic.

Back from commercial, Havok tried to free Mitchell, but Rosemary jumped her and choked her out. Rosemary now has Susie all to herself.

Rosemary vs. Susie ended in a double countout

Man, I hope Su Yung comes back, Susie’s song is terrible. 

Rosemary offered Susie a free slap, but Susie only offered to shake her hand. Rosemary pulled her hands to choke her, but Susie didn’t want to hurt her. Eventually, Rosemary slapped Susie with Su Yung’s dirty glove.

Susie took the glove, put it on, screamed, and jumped on Rosemary, attacking her. Susie hit a huge Shotei and choked Rosemary. Susie locked in the Mandible Claw until Rosemary broke it and ran out of the ring. 

Both women started brawling up the ramp and into backstage, and into the same stairwell where Havok ‘killed’ Su Yung last time they were in Mexico. We started getting flashbacks of that match, as Rosemary tried to hang Susie again until she finally brought back Su Yung. 

Havok joined the fight and had a staredown with Yung. Visually, this was great, but the whole thing was all around terrible.

Back from commercial, we just saw the aftermath of the chaos as Rosemary, Havok, and two staff members having been all taken out by Su Yung, who is nowhere to be seen. Mitchell gets there only to see Rosemary laughing. Mitchell tells her we’re all doomed. 

TJP (w/ Fallah Bahh) defeated El Hijo del Vikingo

Match started with a fast-paced mat wrestling sequence with both men wrestling for wrist control. This sequence transitioned into some lucha spots with tons of counters and reversals. Vikingo got into TJP’s guard and the match became a short slap fest until they both went for the dropkick and the standoff.

TJP tried to fake out Vikingo to the outside, but Vikingo hit a springboard spear, sent him out with a rana, followed with a tope con giro and a shooting star press from the apron to the floor. 

Back in the ring, Vikingo went for a springboard 450, but TJP dodged and pinned him with a senton atomico. TJP went for a butterfly lock submission, but Vikingo got out and locked in a version of the Mecedora, but TJP actually escaped into a sunset flip, rolled over, and did the Pentagon armbreaker on Vikingo. 

TJP hit a side leg sweep for a two count. He continued working on Vikingo’s now injured arm with a shoulder breaker. TJP and Vikingo started exchanging strikes, Vikingo relying on kicks, eventually, TJP hit a punch and Vikingo countered into an armbar, but TJP escaped and transitioned into the last chancery, working the arm. Vikingo made the ropes.

Both men went back to the chops, but Vikingo has a chest plate, so he obviously won the exchange. There was a quick spot with TJP chasing Vikingo to the outside, where Vikingo kicked TJP and followed with an over-the-turnbuckle tope con giro. This is awesome chants.

Back in the ring, Vikingo set TJP in the ropes, kicked him in the back then hit a second rope leg drop for a two count. TJP jumped from the second rope with a wheelbarrow, and hit a Tombstone Piledriver, followed by a top rope elbow for a two count. 

TJP went for the third rope, but Vikingo knocked him down and hit the running knees, only to get a two count. Vikingo went for the top rope, but TJP jumped and hit a superplex out of nowhere. TJP transitioned into the Octopus Stretch, but Vikingo made the ropes.

Vikingo hit a spin kick then went for a springboard, but TJP caught him, went for the detonation kick, but Vikingo reversed it into the Dragonrana, only for TJP to catch Vikingo’s leg and locked in the submission for the win. Awesome match!

After the match, The North jumped Vikingo, but Fallah Bahh was there to save both TJP and Vikingo.

Backstage, Katie Forbes approached Joey Ryan about Joey’s comments when he said she wanted to touch it. Forbes distracted Ryan enough until RVD jumped him from behind. 

Gabi Loren tried to interview RVD about losing his cool with Ryan, but RVD said that he’s still cool. Ryan vs RVD next week.

Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr. (w/ Galeno del Mal) defeated oVe (w/ Madman Fulton) 

Wagner and Dave Crist start the match. They did a little bit of lockup before Wagner dropped Dave with a toehold and followed with a low kick. Wagner powerslam for a one count before tagging in Jake Crist.

Wagner got the better of Jake with clotheslines. Wagner hit a cutter on Jake and tagged in Daga. He and Jake did a quick sequence of kicks and counters that ended with both men hitting DVDs one after the other. Jake left the ring, but Daga followed with a baseball slide. Daga chased after Jake, but Dave was there to clothesline him and cut him off. 

Back in the ring, oVe seemed to start working on Daga, but he quickly took out Dave with a kick combo and tagged in Wagner for the warm tag. Wagner did dragon screws on both Crists, German suplex on Jake Crist, and tagged Daga back in again. 

Daga hit a running boot, followed by a running kick by Wagner. tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Daga on Jake, followed by a Brainbuster for a two count when Dave broke it off. Jake Crist hit a kick combo on Daga and tagged in Dave. 

Dave came in with a Meteora into Jake’s knees on Daga, hit a spike piledriver on Daga, but Wagner broke up the pin. Diamond-giri by Wagner on Jake, followed by a rolling senton to the floor. In the ring, Daga hit the Daga driver on Dave Crist for the win.

Fulton attacked them both after the match, going after Daga. Fulton hit the End of Days, then went after Galeno del Mal. Fulton was the last man standing. 

Backstage, Swinger tried to play it out that it was Mack’s fault that Shera was after him. Mack said it was cool, he’d take on Shera, but he didn’t need Swinger out there with him.

Next week: Taya vs Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts title, RVD vs. Joey Ryan, Madman Fulton vs Daga, and match 2 of the Elgin vs. Edwards series.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin defeated Tommy Dreamer in a non-title street fight

Everyone is banned from ringside according to Josh Matthews. 

Dreamer started the match by pushing into Ace, tossing him out of the ring early on and following through to the floor for the brawl. Dreamer spat water on Ace’s face, but Ace recovered for a bit until Dreamer hit a suplex on the ramp. 

Dreamer brought out a garbage can of weapons, which he slammed on Ace’s back. Dreamer’s first weapon was a crutch while he used a Mexican sombrero. The brawl went into the stage area where Ace started going into the crowd, only for Dreamer to chase after him, choking him across the rafters. 

After some brawling around the crowd, Ace caught Dreamer with a kick, sending him down to the floor and back into ringside where Ace hit a huge crossbody over the crowd. Ace followed up with punches and chops, but Dreamer came back and dropped him while Ace did his apron headstand tricks. 

Dreamer pillmanized Ace’s wrist. Dreamer went for a DDT on the chair, but Ace blocked it and did the paper cut on Dreamer’s forehead, busting him open pretty bad. Ace followed with chair shots to the back of Dreamer. Ace then went for a table.

Ace went for another chair shot, but Dreamer kicked it into Ace’s face, but was smart enough to follow with an elbow drop on the chair, which probably hurt him more. Dreamer hit the Bionic Elbow. Dreamer hit a cutter for a two count. 

Dreamer rushed at Ace with a Kendo stick, but Ace dodged and took him out with a famouser for a two count. Ace started swinging at Dreamer with the kendo stick until Dreamer connected with a side Russian leg sweep with the kendo stick. Dreamer went for the top rope kendo shot, but Ace caught him with a kick as he came down. Ace continued with paper cuts, but Dreamer hit the groin claw and a huge DDT for a two count.

Dreamer whipped Ace into a chair in the corner and used the momentum to go and power slam Ace into the chair, but he only got a two count. Out came the ladder.

Ace hit a Backstabber, went to the top rope, but Dreamer stopped him. Dreamer set up the ladder in the middle rope where Dreamer stood to superplex Ace, but Ace hit him with his magic stick, dropping Dreamer onto the ladder. Ace followed with The Fold and picked up the win.

Final Thoughts -- 

Go watch TJP vs. Hijo del Vikingo now. The rest of the show was good, we got some good wrestling and some storyline developments heading into Sacrifice, with only small hints towards Rebellion.