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Impact Wrestling Uncaged results: Two title matches, World Cup

Impact returned this week with their “Uncaged” special episode. This was the final show from last month's tapings at Fronton Mexico in Mexico City.

Tonight’s Twitch stream was hosted by “Disco Inferno” Glenn Gilbertti and Melissa Santos live from the Las Vegas tapings. They answered questions, interviewed several wrestlers throughout the show, and talked to some of the people involved with the NFL Las Vegas Alumni affiliation.

After the show, they featured each of the main event’s competitors doing post-match thoughts. Impact is really making great use of Twitch, having an open time slot, and having live contact with fans.

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie defeated Tessa Blanchard in a street fight to retain her title

Blanchard came out wearing, according to Don Callis, an original Four Horsemen T-shirt from one of Tully Blanchard's street fights. Valkyrie came out with a Perros del Mal T-shirt and sporting face paint that looked more like Rey Bucanero than anything else. There was a huge board in the ring with Wera Loca vs. Diamond spray painted on it.

Blanchard tried to attack Valkyrie with a chair on the ramp during Valkyrie's entrance, but Valkyrie was ready for her, took her down, and beat her up back into the ring. Blanchard set up a chair in the corner and they did a few spots trying to ram each other on the chair.

Valkyrie went after Blanchard's back with kicks before throwing Blanchard to the outside. Valkyrie went for a tope suicida, but Blanchard caught her with a chair. Blanchard started to beat up Valkyrie, throwing her to the ring post and barricades. Blanchard hit a huge running dropkick to Valkyrie that found herself between the barricade and a chair.

Valkyrie made a small comeback using a cooking plate. Blanchard put a chair around Valkyrie's neck and rammed her into the ring post -- just like Killer Kross did to Johnny Impact a month ago.

Back in the ring, Blanchard choked out Valkyrie with an electrical cord. The cord went around her face, looking a lot more painful than if it had been the neck. Blanchard ripped the Perros del Mal shirt to huge boos by the fans. Blanchard went for a spear, but Valkyrie dodged and Blanchard flew into the chair that was previously set up in the corner.

Valkyrie made a bigger comeback this time. She started throwing Blanchard around the ring, connected with a few clotheslines, and hit the running meteora to the corner. Valkyrie set up the cooking pan between Blanchard's legs and hit it with a chair.

Blanchard woke up a bit and took down Valkyrie with a chair for a two count. Blanchard started to bring more weapons into the ring. She climbed to the top rope, but Valkyrie caught her with a chair and hit a dangerous looking Samoan drop onto the chairs.

Back from commercial, both were going at it trading forearms. They even did the sit-down strike off, slapping each other back and forth. Valkyrie got the final shot for a two count.

Blanchard speared Valkyrie into the board that was in the corner, but it didn’t break. They went for a second one -- and it still didn’t break. It just looked brutal. Blanchard got a two count from both spears.

Blanchard then went to get a table from under the ring. She went to foot stomp Valkyrie's head on the table, but Valkyrie recovered, threw Blanchard to the outside, and followed with a top rope crossbody.

Back in the ring, Valkyrie set up Blanchard on the table and hit a top rope foot stomp for the pin.

This was a straight up fight. All the spots looked brutal -- more than they usually do in other street fights. Great opener.

The GWN Flashback Moment of the Week (as voted by the Twitch viewers) was Dezmond Xavier vs. Taiji Ishimori from the Super X Cup finals at Destination X 2017. Fun match.

Team Impact was interviewed by Melissa Santos. Sami Callihan proclaimed himself as the leader of the team, then Fallah Bahh did some comedy and Eddie Edwards and Callihan almost restarted their rivalry. Eli Drake cut a great promo actually hyping up the team and getting them all together.

Willie Mack defeated Ethan Page

This was a slow, okay match -- nothing special to it. They started by chasing each other around the corner -- where Mack did a headstand on the top rope, swerving Page, taking him down with a kick, and getting control of the match.

Mack hit a few chops and an actual nipple-twister. Page swept Mack and hit a DDT to turn the match. Now it was Page that got a few chops in. He went for a suplex, but Mack countered with one of his own.

Page hit a second rope enzuigiri for a two count. Mack hit a running cannonball and a Samoan drop/moonsault combination for a two count. Mack went for the stunner, but Page countered with a kick and a suplex for another two count. Mack finally hit the stunner and got the win.

Killer Kross cut a promo telling Johnny Impact that he will need a miracle to win tonight -- because if he’s not focused, Kross will take him out and take his championship. Great short promo.

The camera turned, and we saw Mack walk to the locker room. Dave and Jake Crist followed him in and closed the door.

Team AAA was interviewed by Santos. Psycho Clown cut a promo hyping up the team, saying that this is their territory and they will win tonight. Puma King said that this goes beyond AAA -- this one is for Mexico.

Sami Callihan came out to the ring. Callihan cut a promo, addressing Rich Swann. He said that everything that Swann said in last week’s interview was "fake news." Callihan said that for the last few weeks, he’s been offering Swann a chance to join their group, but he gets rejected over and over. He called out Swann.

Callihan told Swann that if their relationship means anything to Swann, he will come out and accept the offer.

Swann came out and rejected once again. Callihan attacked Swann with the microphone. Swann made a small comeback and hit a Phoenix Splash to the outside.

They brawled around ringside and up to the ramp -- where Callihan dropped Swann with a piledriver. He then tossed Swann off the ramp onto a table. Good angle -- this is surely going all the way to Impact’s Rebellion PPV in April.

Team AAA (Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo, Puma King & Aerostar) defeated Team Impact (Sami Callihan, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards & Fallah Bahh) in an elimination match to win the World Cup

Callihan and Psycho started the match striking. Callihan had the upper hand until Psycho hit a plancha from the top rope. Aerostar got tagged in and hit a few tornillos and a wacky looking codebreaker on Callihan.

Drake came in and fought Aerostar with some great looking power moves. Hijo del Vikingo then got tagged in. Drake went for the same moves on him, but Vikingo turned a pop-up powerslam into a DDT.

Edwards came in and paired up with Vikingo for a bit before Puma King came in. Puma hit Edwards with a delayed vertical suplex. Edwards hit a backpack stunner and tagged in Bahh. Finally, Bahh and Puma did some lucha teases before the match broke down with all eight men in the ring -- where they started brawling.

Team AAA cleared the ring until Drake and Callihan attacked them from behind to keep the brawl going outside the ring.

Psycho hit a tope con giro on Callihan and Bahh. Puma King hit a springboard plancha. Aerostar hit a double-jump plancha, Bahh hit a plancha from the apron, and -- finally -- Hijo del Vikingo hit an impressive Imploding 450 to the outside. Vikingo went for another one, but Drake cut him off and tossed him on top of everyone.

Back in the ring, Edwards had his kendo stick. Drake took it from him, and as he was about to use it on Puma King, Edwards took the stick from Drake. Amid all this distraction, Puma King pinned Drake with a wacky pin to eliminate him from the match.

Back from commercial, Callihan was working over Puma King. Bahh and Vikingo tagged in, with Vikingo doing speed spots, dodging Bahh, and hitting Callihan with a springboard codebreaker. Vikingo hit a running double knee on Edwards in the corner, but after that great sequence, Bahh caught Vikingo in mid-air and dropped him with a slam for the elimination.

Aerostar came in, but Bahh cut him off with a crossbody. As Bahh went for the Banzai Drop, Aerostar dodged him and used the momentum to roll Bahh up for the elimination.

Callihan and Edwards were left for Impact. Aerostar hit a cutter on Edwards, but he couldn’t follow up on a plancha. Edwards dodged and hit the Boston Knee Party to eliminate Aerostar.

Puma King and Callihan went at it. Callihan hit a powerbomb, V-Trigger, and a piledriver to eliminate Puma King.

Psycho Clown took on both Edwards and Callihan. He initially managed to get some momentum, but the numbers game got to him. Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party, but Callihan threw Edwards out, trying to steal the pin. Psycho kicked out and rolled up Callihan to eliminate him.

The final two were Edwards and Psycho Clown. Psycho hit a big tope suicida. But back in the ring, Edwards capitalized and hit a powerbomb for a two count. Psycho hit a couple of kicks and a Slice Bread Number Two for two.

Edwards hit a few clotheslines, but suddenly, Drake came out with Edwards' kendo stick and hit him with it, giving Psycho the opening to pin Edwards with La Magistral to give Team AAA the win.

Overall, the match had some good parts with Puma King and Hijo del Vikingo, but it was one of those where the eliminations just happen one after the other because there’s not enough time to properly build any of them.

We got a vignette for the return of Reno Scum in two weeks.

We also got a video recapping the saga between Lucha Bros and LAX, going all the way to the title change from last week. We then got a skit from LAX’s clubhouse with Konnan yelling at Santana and Ortiz for losing the titles. Konnan told them that he is going to get them a rematch, but it’s the last time they face each other, win, lose, or draw.

Allie and Su Yung were talking somewhere in the basement. Allie’s voice has changed. She said that Rosemary is playing mind games. Rosemary crept around the shadows and then disappeared.

Scarlett Bordeaux cut a promo from her hotel room where she was barely waking up.

Impact World Champion Johnny Impact defeated Brian Cage, Moose, and Killer Kross to retain his title

The match started with all four men trading strikes. Johnny took out Moose with a dive. Cage tossed Kross outside and followed with a tope con giro himself. Cage and Johnny went at it in the ring, with Johnny hitting a shining wizard on Cage before Kross and Moose once again got in the ring and double teamed Johnny with a double powerslam.

It was quite early, but they already got the dissension spot between Moose and Kross out of the way with Moose going for the pin on Johnny.

Moose and Kross hit a double powerbomb on Cage, but Moose then tried to roll up Kross from behind. Kross hit a Saito suplex on Moose. Johnny recovered and took out everyone, but he got kicked low by Moose to cut him off. Moose kicked Cage and Kross, then dropped Johnny with a Go to Hell for a two count.

Cage recovered, hitting a Centipede German on Moose and Kross. He brought in Johnny with a deadlift suplex from the apron to the ring. Cage went for the discus lariat, but Kross dodged and hit a Saito suplex on him. All four traded strikes and took each other out. The crowd chanted "Impact Wrestling."

Johnny made it to his feet first. There was a Tower of Doom spot with Kross as the base and Johnny on top. Kross locked in an armbreaker on Johnny. Moose applied a figure four on Johnny as well, but then Cage went for a dragon sleeper on Kross, breaking the submission chain.

Kross took down both Cage and Johnny in the corner, then hit Moose with a Doomsday Saito. Johnny connected with a springboard kick on Kross for a two count. He went for Starship Pain, but Moose cut him off and hit a senton for a two count.

Moose went for the Game Changer on Cage but got countered with a jumping knee. Cage hit the Drill Claw on Moose for a two count when Kross broke it up. Kross hit a Doomsday Saito on Cage, but Cage fired up and hit a discus lariat.

The finish saw Johnny hit the Starship Pain on one corner on Moose, while Cage hit the Drill Claw on Kross on the other corner of the ring. Johnny went for the pin first, so when the ref counted to three, Johnny got the win instead of Cage.

Overall, a good main event -- it was really action packed. The last minutes of the match were really good.

This was a good show -- these special episodes are usually good inside the ring. It felt like a mid-season finale heading into the Rebellion PPV, with several storylines escalating into proper feuds, and potentially ending the Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard program.

Next week, Impact returns to Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada with Scarlett Bordeaux’s debut.