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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Jeff Hardy & Eddie Edwards vs. The DCC

Previously: Eddie Edwards retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Eli Drake. After the match, The DCC attacked Edwards and unmasked to reveal James Storm, Bram, and Eddie Kingston.

Tonight: Ethan Carter III, Trevor Lee, Mike Bennett, and Bobby Lashley will battle in a four-way number one contenders match for a shot at the TNA World Champion. 

Show Recap:

Eddie Edwards kicked the night off by calling out The DCC. He said he wasn't leaving until somebody came out for a fight. The DCC responded in a video. They said it’s not about titles, it’s about chaos and they accept Edwards' challenge.

The DCC came down to the ring and Eddie Kingston attacked Edwards. Edwards made a comeback until all three ganged up on him. James Storm was about to hit Edwards with the World title when Jeff Hardy ran out for the save. Hardy took out Kingston and Bram while Storm backed off.

- In the back, Edwards and Hardy demanded that Aiden O’Shea let them speak to the boss. They want a match with The DCC.

Jesse Godderz defeated Aron Rex

This was not for the Grand Championship and was fought under regular rules. Godderz controlled the early part of the match until Rex took over. Godderz made a fiery comeback but Rex briefly regained control. Godderz countered a submission attempt by Rex into the Boston crab for the submission victory.

- In the back, Laurel Van Ness claimed that Braxton Sutter texted her. Allie’s feelings seemed hurt. Maria Kanellis showed up and pointed out that Brandi Rhodes was all alone because of Cody’s injury. She asked if Allie would team with Brandi and she said no.

- In breaking news, Gail Kim announced she is vacating the Knockouts title. She suffered an injury in her match with Maria. A new champion will be crowned in two weeks.

Brandi Rhodes & Madison Rayne defeated Sienna & Laurel Van Ness w/ Maria Kanellis

Maria sent Allie to the back before the match started. The heels isolated Rayne in their corner and wore her down. Brandi got the hot tag and ran wild on Sienna. Van Ness interfered but Rayne took her out. Brandi slipped out of the AK47 and drove Sienna face first into mat for the pin.

- Edwards and Hardy left the boss’s office and announced they’ll face all three members of DCC in a handicap match.

- Broken Matt sat on the computer deleting emails and ate a ton of candy. Reby pointed out that Jeff is at the Impact Zone fighting The DCC. Reby found some video she thinks will help bring Matt’s memory back.

Ethan Carter III defeated Trevor Lee, Bobby Lashley, and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett in a four-way number one contenders match

Lashley, Lee, and The Miracle ganged up on EC3 and beat him down. They threw EC3 out of the ring. Lee, Lashley, and Miracle turned on each other. Lashley gained control and guerrilla press slammed Lee on EC3 on the outside. Lee and Miracle worked together to take out Lashley and isolate EC3.

Lee and Bennett turned on each other and traded shots. EC3 made a comeback and ran wild. Lashley went for the spear but Lee countered with a standing moonsault fallaway slam for a near fall. The finish came when EC3 locked on the sleeper on Lee to win the match and become the number one contender.

- Reby showed Matt video of his past antics including his Final Deletion match with Jeff. Matt was shocked by his past actions and disgusted in himself. It appeared that Matt was about to have a premonition but it turned out to just be a sneeze.

- Up next was The Fact of Life with Eli Drake. His guest tonight was EC3. Drake was annoyed that EC3 has another title shot. Drake challenged EC3 to a match next week with EC3’s title shot on the line. EC3 agreed to put it on the line, but if Drake loses he can’t talk for the rest of 2016.

- Abyss and Crazzy Steve approached Jade and told her that she should go look for Rosemary.

Mahabali Shera defeated Basile Baraka

Baraka controlled the majority of the match but Shera made a comeback and locked on the camel clutch to pick up the victory. After the match, Baron Dax and Baraka ganged up on Shera until Al Snow made the save.

- Jade searched and found Rosemary. Jade said that it’s going to be her and Rosemary for the Knockouts Championship. The match will take place inside the six sides of steel cage.

The DCC (James Storm, Bram & Eddie Kingston) defeated Eddie Edwards & Jeff Hardy

This match had no count outs and no disqualifications. This was a wild brawl with all five guys in the match at once. Edwards hit a sick suicide dive onto The DCC and Jeff hit a crossbody. The DCC isolated Jeff on the outside and worked over Edwards in the ring. Kingston set up two chairs in the ring back-to-back. He set up for a suplex but Edwards countered and Kingston landed on the chairs spine first.

Bram hit the Brighter Side of Suffering DDT on Edwards off the apron through a table on the floor. In the ring, Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Storm countered into the Last Call superkick to pick up the win.

Next Week: It’s a special Thanksgiving edition of Impact. EC3 defends his number one contender title shot against Eli Drake; if Drake loses he cannot speak for the rest of 2016. Also, next week’s show will feature an X Division elimination match.