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TNA Impact Wrestling results: A wedding, a return & the Hardys

Previously: Davey Richards defeated Eddie Edwards in an intense street fight. Also, the Broken Hardys defeated Psicosis & Super Crazy to win the Crash Tag Team Championship.

Tonight: The Expedition of Gold continues when the Broken Hardys challenge Mathis & Rage for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship. Additionally, the wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness will take place tonight. Plus, Cody Rhodes returns to Impact.

Show Recap --

An in memoriam graphic for George “The Animal” Steele, Chavo Guerrero Sr., Ivan Koloff, and Nicole Bass aired.

- In Cameron, North Carolina, Broken Matt was going on an odyssey so he gave all of his powers to Jeff Hardy. Jeff had a premonition that Matt was going to Egypt and he transported moments later.

- Cody and Brandi Rhodes came down to the ring. Cody mentioned that last week when teaming with Moose, Brandi went by the name Mini-Moose. Brandi thanked Cody for supporting her and thanked Moose for being her partner. Cody told Brandi that she’s perfect and invited Moose to the ring.

The crowd chanted “Moose-Brandi,” which seemed to bother Cody. Moose mentioned that both Cody and Brandi have his number. Cody got mad that Brandi has Moose’s number and asked if they’re going to sleep together.

He called Moose a disparaging name for someone who sleeps around but then said he was just joking. They shook hands but Cody gave Moose a low blow and beat him down. Cody did the Bullet Club gun sign as Brandi checked on Moose. Cody dragged Brandi away.

In the back, Cody and Brandi stormed away as Cody screamed at the cameraman to stay away from his wife.

Tyrus defeated Eli Drake by DQ

Drake tried to negotiate with Tyrus to let him win the match but Tyrus refused. Drake teased starting the match but instead knocked down referee Earl Hebner. Drake offered Tyrus a raise not to fight. Tyrus accepted and they hugged.

- On commentary, The Pope mentioned that Anthem management is going to be making some changes. Josh Mathews was frustrated that Pope knew this and he didn't. Mathews wondered if he’ll still have a job when Anthem fully takes over.

- Maria Kanellis, Sienna, and Laurel Van Ness were getting ready for the wedding. Allie had the rings but they didn't know where she was.

- Matt and Skarsgard the golden boat transported back to Jeff. They then transported to their next destination on the Expedition of Gold.

- Jade came down to the ring and said the feud with Knockouts Champion Rosemary isn’t over. Rosemary is finished facing Jade but Jade isn't finished with Rosemary. Jade and Rosemary agreed to battle in a last Knockout standing match.

- In the back, a drunken Mike Bennett gave Braxton Sutter marriage advice. Sutter doesn’t want to marry Laurel because he has feelings for Allie.

Jessie Godderz defeated Bram (w/ Kingston)

The finish came when Godderz sent Bram into Kingston and rolled up Bram for the win. After the match, Bram and Kingston tried to jump Godderz but he fought them off.

- The Broken Hardys arrived in the Mid-Atlantic babyface locker room. The Mid-Atlantic Cowboys gave up their title shot so the Hardys can challenge for the titles.

- At the Impact Zone, Allie tried to get out of being the ring bearer but Maria wouldn't let her. Allie ran into Sutter and asked if he really loves Laurel. Sutter didn't answer so she ran off.

The Broken Hardys defeated Mathis & Rage to win the Mid-Atlantic tag titles

This match took place at the Madison Civic Center. Mathis and Rage attempted a double clothesline on Jeff but he countered and made the hot tag to Matt. Matt ran wild on the heels. Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Mathis, followed by Jeff hitting the Swanton Bomb to pick up the win.

The Hardys, the babyfaces, and the audience celebrated the victory. The Hardys then suddenly disappeared.

Josh Barnett defeated Bad Bones

Bobby Lashley joined in on commentary. Barnett was introduced as a former UFC heavyweight champion. Barnett took Bones to the ground to start the match and then knocked him out of the ring. Bones had the brief advantage until Barnett hit a sick looking powerbomb. Barnett got the submission win with the keylock.

X Division Champion Trevor Lee (w/ Gregory Shane Helms) defeated DJ Z to retain his title

DJ Z aggravated his knee after hitting a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Lee took over and worked over the knee. DJ Z made a comeback and hit a reverse hurricanrana. DJ Z went for the ZDT but Lee rolled him up for the win. After the match, Lee and Helms beat down DJ Z until Andrew Everett made the save.

- In the back, Maria threatened Sutter that she'll fire Allie if Sutter doesn't go through with the wedding.

The Wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness

The Impact Zone was transformed into a wedding chapel. A very intoxicated Mike Bennett walked Sutter to the ring. Rockstar Spud and Aron Rex arrived for the wedding. Spud was the flower girl. Van Ness came out and almost tripped on the steps.

Maria welcomed everyone to the greatest wedding since hers. Maria invited Allie to the ring. It seemed strange that the ring bearer came out after the bride.

Sutter’s jaw dropped when he saw Allie. Van Ness read her vows but Sutter forgot his. The minister asked if anyone objected and Allie teased objecting. The crowd chanted “We object.” Sutter teased saying “I do” but instead said “I don’t.” He can't marry Van Ness because he's in love with Allie.

Maria freaked out on Sutter and fired Allie but instead Allie quit. Sutter took down Bennett and Allie speared Maria. Brooke and Robbie E ran out to join the brawl. Sutter and Allie finally kissed as Laurel cried in the background.

Next Week: Bobby Lashley defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Josh Barnett.