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CM Punk: I'm pretty confident that my next fight will be in the UFC

While addressing his MMA debut in the most depth he has since falling to Mickey Gall at UFC 203, CM Punk told Ariel Helwani on today's edition of the MMA Hour that he's pretty confident that he will fight in the UFC again.

"Yes," Punk said when questioned if he would fight again before being asked if it would be in the UFC. "To me, yeah, but that's up to Dana. I had a good conversation with him, I told him, 'Hey if you want to cut me, yeah I get it. But I'm fighting whether it's for you or somebody else.'"

"I told him I want to fight again. We're back at it, we're back to the drawing board. It's up to him. He floated me an idea, and we're kind of going back and forth on it right now. I'm at the point where I kind of want to get something on paper, so you might hear an announcement in the coming weeks, I really don't know."

Punk said he thought White would've killed the idea when he talked to him if he wasn't going to allow him to step into the Octagon again. Helwani pressed Punk on the details of what White pitched him but Punk said it was a private conversation.

"Until anything is official, I don't want to say either way what he's thinking or saying, but, yeah, I'm pretty confident it'll be in the UFC." Punk said.

Punk noted that he hasn't thought much about who he was going to fight next and said he was focused on getting better. He mentioned possibly fighting in January or February if he does get another fight in the UFC.

After taking a break in October to go to Chicago Cubs games, Punk said that he's still training at Roufusport in Milwaukee and wants to get a win for his team. He was back training in Chicago the Monday after losing to Gall and told Helwani that he hasn't watched the fight back because he was there and knows what he did wrong.

Video of today's episode with Punk's appearance is available below: