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Nick Diaz suspension and fine reduced

Nick Diaz

During a Nevada Athletic Commission hearing Tuesday, the commission reduced Nick Diaz's penalty for a marijuana drug test failure back at UFC 183 to 18 months down from five years, and a $100,000 fine, down from $165,000. He is eligible to return starting in August of this year.

At the hearing, the NAC quickly said they had reached a settlement, but didn't reveal what the actual settlement was. It wasn't until later that we learned what the terms were.

The original hearing came as a result of a drug test failure after Diaz's bout with Anderson Silva. Prior to the fight, Diaz had failed twice for marijuana, and under the new drug penalties, Diaz was given a five year suspension and a fine of $165,000. The NAC believed Diaz lied on his pre-fight questionnaire, and wanted to make an example of him. However, there was a tremendous outcry of public support, as well as UFC support, including fighters refusing to fight in Nevada, and even a petition to President Obama.

Nevada deputy attorney general Christopher Eccles' case was that Diaz's two negative tests were diluted and that he lied on his pre-fight questionnaire. After the grassroots uprising and support from the UFC's lawfirm, the NAC decided to re-evaluate the suspension. Diaz' lead counsel argued that Diaz had actually passed two fight night tests and the one he failed came from a lab that was not accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency.