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UFC on ESPN+ 22 live results: Jan Blachowicz vs. Jacare Souza

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC On ESPN+ 22: Blachowicz vs. Jacare, emanating from Ginasio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Octagon returns to Brazil for the third time this year with a light heavyweight main event pitting a man looking for a title shot against a man looking for a fresh start in a new division.

Jan Blachowicz looks to put his name in the race as the next in line to face Jon Jones when he welcomes Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza to the 205-pound division in the headline bout. Blachowicz is looking for another big win after knocking out Luke Rockhold at UFC 239 in July, pushing his record to 5-1 in his last six fights. Souza moves up in his attempt to fight for a UFC title after dropping a decision to Jack Hermansson in April.

In the co-main event, Brazilian legend and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua looks to score his second straight win when he takes on Paul Craig. Also on the main card is a lightweight battle between the holder of the most submission wins in UFC history, Charles Oliveira, and Jared Gordon.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Vanessa Melo (10-6, 0-1 UFC) vs. Tracy Cortez (6-1, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Cortez scores with a combo early. Cortez landing kicks followed with punches early but Melo is countering them. They each land a right hand. They trade in close range. Cortez with a combo to the body and goes to the head. Cortez fakes a takedown and lands up top with some punches. Cortez lands some punches and Melo lands some counter punches. Cortez with a left hand. Cortez lands some punches late. 10-9 Cortez.

Cortez tries a takedown to start the second but Melo defends and they clinch against the fence. Cortez lands some knees to the body. Cortez still has the back and is looking to drag the fight to the mat but can't get Melo down and she lands knees to the legs. All pressure from Cortez but not a lot of offense but she is staying busy. Cortez with short punches from the back. Cortez scores the takedown but Melo gets up and Cortez retains back control. She has the back as the round ends. 10-9 Cortez, 20-18 Cortez.

They come out throwing punches and Melo rocks Cortez. Cortez fires back some punches but Melo lands a right hand and then follows with a combo. Melo with a kick and Cortez grabs the leg and takes Melo down. Cortez working in the half-guard and landing lots of punches from the top as she keeps Melo pinned down. Cortez with heavy left hands from the top. Melo trying to grab the arm for a kimura but Cortez with elbows and knees to the body. Cortez stands up and goes back to the guard with a left hand and hammerfists as the fight ends. 10-9 Cortez, 30-27 Cortez.

Official Result- Tracy Cortez def. Vanessa Melo by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

> Ariane Lipski (11-5, 0-2 UFC) vs. Isabella de Padua (5-1, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Flyweights* (de Padua missed weight by 4 pounds)

de Padua took this fight less than 48 hours ago. Lipski coming out with hard shots as he is kicking the body and punching de Padua and she drops de Padua with a right hand. Lipski gets on top in the guard. They get up and Lipski was landing hard punches until de Padua took her down. de Padua landing from the top and Lipski is trying to throw her legs up for an armbar. de Padua landing big punches from the top to the body as Lipski was looking for a leg lock. 10-9 Lipski.

Lipski lands a combo to start the second. Lipski lands some big punches and de Padua tries a takedown but Lipski defends and ends up on top. Lipski lands some from the top as she is trying to pass the guard to side control. de Padua landed an upkick to the face while both were on the ground and the referee calls a timeout. It was a clear illegal upkick. de Padua had a point taken away by the referee and they were put back into the ground position as we get back to action. Lipski with punches to the head and body from the top. de Padua trying for a reverse triangle choke and looks for an armbar but Lipski gets out of danger at the end. 10-8 Lipski, 20-17 Lipski.

de Padua got a takedown to start the third and Lipski works for a kneebar from the bottom. de Padua gets out and lands a couple of hammerfists. de Padua gets to full top control as Lipski is trying to escape. Lipski sneaks out from the bottom and tries to gain top position. de Padua grabbing the neck looking for a choke but doesn't have it and Lipski gets into the full guard. Lipski landing ground strikes to the body. Lipski with some right hands to the head as de Padua looking for an armbar or a triangle. Lipski ends the fight on top. 10-9 de Padua, 29-27 Lipski.

Official Result- Ariane Lipski def. Isabella de Padua by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27)

> Douglas Silva de Andrade (25-3 1 NC, 3-3 UFC) vs. Renan Barao (34-8 1 NC, 9-7 UFC)

Andrade tries a right hand but misses it and it had a lot of power behind it. Andrade lands a combo. Barao with a left hook. Andrade with a right hand. Andrade with a punch to the body of Barao. Barao with a heavy leg kick. Andrade tries a right hand and Barao dips under and takes Andrade down. They are stood up and that was a quick standup. Andrade with a quick flurry and they clinch. Andrade with some punches in the clinch and they break. Andrade lands some late. 10-9 Andrade.

They trade to start the second and Barao with some leg kicks though he lands a low blow and we have a quick timeout. Barao lands a leg kick as they get back to action. Andrade with the jab and a combo but Barao takes him down again and is in the guard of Andrade. Barao staying busy with punches to the body from the top. They are stood up again by the referee. Both of the standups in this fight have been bad. They trade punches. Barao tries a takedown but Andrade defends as they clinch against the fence. Barao is cut over his left eye and we have a timeout for the doctor to check the cut. Andrade with a couple of kicks and then a left hand. They trade late. 10-9 Barao, 19-19.

Both landing punches to start the third and Andrade is landing harder punches. Barao scores a brief takedown and Andrade is able to scramble to his feet. They trade punches and Andrade wobbles Barao with a right hand. They both land punches. Andrade with an uppercut. Barao tries a takedown but Andrade slips away. Andrade with a big elbow that hurts Barao and follows it with a spinning kick to the body that hurts Barao even more. Deep breaths from Barao. Andrade with a left hook to the body. Andrade with some deep breaths as well. Barao tries another takedown but Andrade slips away. Andrade with a big body kick late. 10-9 Andrade, 29-28 Andrade.

Official Result- Douglas Silva de Andrade def. Renan Barao by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

> Warlley Alves (13-3, 7-3 UFC) vs. Randy Brown (11-3, 5-3 UFC)

Alves takes Brown down right away. Alves keeping Brown down on the ground but he stands and tries to go back to the guard but stays standing. Brown rolls to his knees and Alves gets to his back but they scramble up. They go back to the ground and Alves goes to the guard of Brown with some heavy right hands. Brown gives up his back and Alves goes for a rear-naked choke. Alves has his arm under the chin. Alves still working for it. Brown reverses to the guard near the end of the round. 10-9 Alves.

Alves gets a takedown in the first minute of the second and is in the guard of Brown. Brown with some elbows from the bottom. Brown working for a triangle and has it locked it and Alves taps! That is a big win for Brown.

Official Result- Randy Brown def. Warlley Alves by submission (triangle choke) at 1:22 of Round 2

> Francisco Trinaldo (23-7, 13-6 UFC) vs. Bobby Green (24-9-1, 5-4-1 UFC)

Green with some front kicks to start. Green lands a right hand. Trinaldo misses a head kick. Trinaldo drops Green with a left hand and Green gets up and Trinaldo with a big takedown. Green able to reverse positon as they scramble and Trinaldo grabs a guillotine choke and has it under the chin. Green pops his head out and is on top landing punches. Green looking for a kimura from the top but Trinaldo is defending. Trinaldo escapes and gets up and lands a big slam takedown on Green but Green again ends up on top and moves to side control. Green with body punches late. 10-9 Green.

Green with the jab and Trinaldo with a calf kick. Trinaldo misses a big left hand. Trinaldo with a body kick. Green with a leg kick and Trinaldo counters with a left hand. Trinaldo with another left hand and then Green comes forward with some punches. Green with a body kick. Green ducking away from Trinaldo's punches. They are trading short punches and Green lands some solid punches late. 10-9 Green, 20-18 Green.

Trinaldo lands some good punches in the first minute of the third. Green now lands some short punches and body kicks. They trade in close range. Trinaldo with a combo. Green fires back with some right hands and Trinaldo now lands a left hand. Trinaldo with a kick and Green catches it and pushes him to the mat. Trinaldo gets up and has the body while Green has his neck. Green is able to switch and takes Trinaldo down to the ground. They get to their feet. Trinaldo with some knees and they break and Green stumbles backwards but gets to his feet. They trade punches. Trinaldo lands a right hand late. 10-9 Green, 30-27 Green.

Official Result- Francisco Trinaldo def. Bobby Green by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

> Ricardo Ramos (13-2, 4-1 UFC) vs. Eduardo Garagorri (13-0, 1-0 UFC)

Ramos moved up in weight for this fight. Both throwing spinning kicks in the first minute. Ramos with a leg kick. Garagorri with a body kick. Ramos with a nice combo. Ramos with a right hand. Ramos gets a trip takedown near the fence. Ramos with a knee to the body. They scramble to their feet. They break. Ramos with a body kick. Ramos gets the back of Garagorri and scores a takedown and works right away for a choke. Garagorri stands and Ramos stays on his back. Ramos has a standing rear-naked choke and they fall to the ground and Garagorri taps out! Ramos with an excellent first-round win.

Official Result- Ricardo Ramos def. Eduardo Garagorri by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:57 of Round 1

> Sergio Moraes (14-5-1, 8-4-1 UFC) vs. James Krause (26-7, 7-3 UFC)

Moraes with an immediate takedown into side control on Krause. Moraes not doing anything with the position and just holding Krause in side control. They scramble and Moraes has the back for a split second and Krause ends up in his guard. Krause was covering up the nose and mouth of Moraes and they scramble. They get to their feet. Krause with a leg kick. Krause with some calf kicks. Moraes with a combo. Moraes tries a late takedown but Krause defends. 10-9 Krause.

Krause landing some kicks and punches as he comes forward. Krause lands some right hands. Moraes is looking tired. Krause lands some short punches including an uppercut in close range. Krause drops Moraes with a punch but lets him back up. Krause with a right hand. Moraes is really tired. Krause tries to land an uppercut but Moraes falls to the ground before it lands trying to bait Krause to the mat. The ref orders Moraes up. Krause coming forward and landing punches. Moraes with a spinning back elbow. Krause with some big elbows and right hands and Moraes falls to the mat. Krause gets on top and looks to finish but Moraes stalls him out on the ground. 10-8 Krause, 20-17 Krause.

They trade inside the pocket to start the third but not much power being thrown by either fighter. Krause with a leg kick. They trade punches. Krause with a combo against the fence and Moraes is covering up. Krause landing combos and Moraes is landing one punch at a time. Moraes tries a takedown and misses and stays on his back and wants Krause down but Krause stays standing. Moraes stands and Krause with a combo. Krause with a right hand and Moraes runs away. Krause then lands a big right hand and Moraes goes down and this fight is stopped. Big knockout win for Krause late in the fight. That is six straight wins for Krause.

Official Result- James Krause def. Sergio Moraes by knockout (punch) at 4:19 of Round 3


> Markus Perez (11-2, 2-2 UFC) vs. Wellington Turman (15-3, 0-1 UFC)

Turman coming out firing right hands. Turman gets a brief takedown but they get to their feet. Perez with a spinning back fist to break the clinch that Turman had. They trade punches and Perez lands some good shots. Perez with a body kick. Turman with a right hand as Perez landed a body kick. They trade right hands late. 10-9 Perez.

They trade left crosses at the beginning of the second. Perez with a couple of kicks. Turman with an uppercut to the body. Turman with an elbow on the inside. Perez tries a spinning back fist but eats some punches from Turman. Turman grabs the back of Perez and Perez lands a back elbow. Turman with a heavy knee to the thigh of Perez. Turman has full back control. Perez spins and Turman with a high kick but Perez catches it. They break the clinch. Turman with a short elbow and Perez is cut open. Perez with a right hand. They break and Turman with an elbow. Perez with a body kick. 10-9 Turman, 19-19.

They trade to start the third before going to the clinch. Turman moves to the back of Perez and takes him down for a second and retains back control as they stand. Turman with a knee. Turman gets another takedown and has the back of Perez. Turman gets to the full mount and Perez grabs the leg and goes for an ankle lock but Turman gets out and moves back to the guard of Perez. Turman lands from the top until they get to their feet. Perez with some elbows in the clinch. They break and Perez lands a spinning back fist. They clinch and Perez throwing big punches and kicks and lands a knee. They trade at the end. 10-9 Turman, 29-28 Turman.

Official Result- Wellington Turman def. Markus Perez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

> Antonio Arroyo (9-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Andre Muniz (18-4, 0-0 UFC)

Arroyo with some punches to start and he takes Muniz down. Muniz goes for an armbar from the bottom and Arroyo is trying to defend. Muniz trying to crank on the arm as Arroyo is being patient. Arroyo gets his arm free. Muniz scrambles up and takes Arroyo down. Arroyo gets Muniz in his full guard. Muniz landing from the top. They get to their feet and we have a timeout. They thought an illegal knee was landing but replays show there was no illegal knee landed. Muniz was warned but there was nothing illegal landed there. This is bizarre. Arroyo with a combo. Muniz with a body kick and then connects with two left hands. Arroyo with a body kick. Arroyo with a leg kick. Muniz lands a right hand. Arroyo rocks Muniz late. 10-9 Muniz.

Muniz landing some punches early and Arroyo lands a head kick. They trade and Muniz lands a series of punches and works for a takedown against the fence and gets it. Muniz gets the back right away. Muniz looking for a rear-naked choke and has a neck crank in right now. Muniz with lots of punches from the back. Muniz looking for another choke and he turns over to the mount position. Arroyo able to escape and then gets to his feet. Arroyo lands some punches standing as Muniz is down on the mat. Arroyo goes into the guard of Muniz. Not much happens at the end. 10-9 Muniz, 20-18 Muniz.

Muniz gets a takedown at the start of the third and works in the guard of Arroyo. Arroyo switches to the top and gets to his feet and lands some punches. There hasn't been a lot of action in this round. Arroyo with a right hand and Muniz tries to get another takedown. Muniz with some upkicks. There is nothing happening in this round. The referee orders Muniz up. This round was horrendous. 10-9 Muniz, 30-27 Muniz.

Official Result- Andre Muniz def. Antonio Arroyo by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

> Charles Oliveira (#13, 27-8 1 NC, 15-8 1 NC UFC) vs. Jared Gordon (15-3, 3-2 UFC)

Oliveira with a leg kick as Gordon came forward. They tie up and Gordon tried a takedown and Oliveira went for a submission but they got up. Oliveira with a right hand and then a leg kick. Oliveira with a left hook to the body. Oliveira then lands an uppercut that finishes Gordon! Oliveira dropped him with a right hand first, Gordon got up and then Oliveira knocked him down again with an uppercut and it was all over. That was a great win for Oliveira.

Official Result- Charles Oliveira def. Jared Gordon by knockout (punches) at 1:26 of Round 1

> Mauricio Rua (#14, 26-11, 10-9 UFC) vs. Paul Craig (12-4, 4-4 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Craig connects with a spinning wheel kick right to Rua's head. Rua lands a right hand and Craig clinches with him. They battle for position against the fence. Rua has the body lock against the fence but they break. Craig with a spin kick. Craig with a kick and Rua grabs the leg and looks for a takedown. Craig with the neck and lands some knees and then lands some punches as they break. Rua covering up to block punches and he lands a right hand on Craig. Craig goes for a takedown. They break. Rua misses a right hand. Rua tries a takedown against the fence but the fence blocks it and they break. They trade left hooks. Craig with a spin kick. Rua lands a right hand. Rua lands a late combo. 10-9 Craig.

They trade to start the second. Rua just misses an uppercut. They both land left hands at the same time. They do it again. Craig with a body kick and Rua takes him down and lands some heavy punches from the top. Rua with some hammerfists but Craig dodging a lot of it. Rua tries to pass guard and moves to side control for a moment but goes back to the guard. Rua stands and lands a right hand as Craig remains on his back. Rua goes back into the guard with a right hand and works in Craig's half-guard. Rua ends the round on top. 10-9 Rua, 19-19.

Craig with a body kick but misses a wheel kick. They trade punches. Craig with some kicks. Craig shoots in and Rua gets him on his back and is in the guard of Craig. Rua works from the top and stands and then swings a right hand as he enters back into the guard of Craig. Rua gets back to his feet and Craig remains on his back. He goes back to the guard of Craig with a right hand. Rua seems content to ride out the fight on top. Craig with short punches from the bottom. Rua stands and Craig gets up. Rua lands some punches and Craig gets a late takedown against the fence but unable to do anything with it. 10-9 Rua, 29-28 Rua.

Official Result- Mauricio Rua vs. Paul Craig ends in a split draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28)

> Jan Blachowicz (#6, 24-8, 7-5 UFC) vs. Ronaldo Souza (#8 MW, 26-7 1 NC, 9-4 UFC)
 Light Heavyweights

Souza just misses a right hand and shoots in for a takedown but Blachowicz defends against the fence. They remain clinched against the fence until Blachowicz slips out. Souza with a leg kick. Blachowicz with a leg kick. Blachowicz with a body kick. Souza just misses a right hand and they clinch against the fence. There isn't a lot happening against the fence as they battle for underhooks. 10-9 Souza.

They trade right hands. Blachowicz with an inside leg kick. They both land hard right hands. Blachowicz with a body kick. Souza with a leg kick. Blachowicz is landing the jab well in the first 90 seconds of this round. Souza shoots in for a takedown against the fence. Souza working hard to get Blachowicz down. Blachowicz with some knees. Souza with a foot stomp. They break. Blachowicz tries a body kick but Souza blocks it. Blachowicz landing the jab and then lands a combo. Souza with a leg kick and Blachowicz lands a counter combo. Souza lands a nice right hand. 10-9 Souza, 20-18 Souza.

Blachowicz with the double jab. Souza with a right hand and Blachowicz rushes forward with a combo. They trade and clinch and Souza pushes Blachowicz against the fence. They separate and trade. Blachowicz with a short uppercut as Souza rushes in looking for a takedown. Blachowicz reverses and they break. Souza controlling more of the action. Souza with a leg kick. Souza with a right hand. 10-9 Souza, 30-27 Souza.

Blachowicz lands a few jabs but not doing much else. Souza isn't doing much either. Blachowicz lands a couple right hands and Souza pushes him against the fence. Not much happened and they broke back to the center. This fight is not entertaining. Blachowicz with a body kick and then a leg kick. Souza backing up. Blachowicz with another leg kick. Blachowicz with a body kick. 10-9 Blachowicz, 39-37 Souza.

Souza trying another takedown to start the final round but still can't get Blachowicz to the mat. The crowd has been booing this fight for a while. They break and Blachowicz lands a combo. Souza shoots in again and fails to score the takedown again. They are broken up by the referee after not much action against the fence. Blachowicz with a high kick that is checked. Blachowicz with a leg kick. Blachowicz with an uppercut and Souza tries a takedown but fails. Blachowicz lands some punches and Souza slips down. Blachowicz with a leg kick. Souza is not doing much. This was such a boring fight. 10-9 Blachowicz, 48-47 Souza.

Official Result- Jan Blachowicz def. Ronaldo Souza by split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)