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UFC on ESPN+ 30 live results: Figueiredo vs. Benavidez 2

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC On ESPN+ 30: Figueiredo vs. Benavidez 2, emanating from the Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

The third event in the span of eight days to be held on UFC Fight Island in Abu Dhabi sees a vacant championship up for grabs in a continuance of a February fight.

Deiveson Figueiredo and Joseph Benavidez will pick up where they left off when they meet for the second time for the vacant UFC Flyweight Championship. They met in February, a fight that ended in controversy as Figueiredo scored a second-round TKO finish that was preceded by a clash of heads that did a lot of damage to Benavidez. However, Figueiredo missed weight for that fight and the flyweight title remained vacant. A rematch was set up, and both men made weight, so someone will leave Fight Island with the title wrapped around their waist.

In the co-main event, it is a key middleweight fight with two men vying to get back into the win column as Jack Hermansson takes on Kelvin Gastelum. Also on the main card is a lightweight fight between Marc Diakiese, a women's flyweight fight between Ariane Lipski and Luana Carolina, and another flyweight bout as Alexandre Pantoja battles Askar Askarov.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Carlos Felipe (8-0, 0-0 UFC) vs. Serghei Spivac (10-2, 1-2 UFC)

Felipe throwing punches early but nothing connecting. Spivac with a nice jab. They trade jabs. Felipe taunting in there. Spivac with another couple of jabs and then lands a right hand. Spivac lands a knee after landing a right hand. They continue to trade and Felipe is landing with more volume but Spivac is landing better. Spivac lands a jab that stumbles Felipe for a second. Spivac lands a combo. They trade jabs. Felipe lands a right hand. 10-9 Spivac.

They were trading to start the second and Spivac was landing better. Spivac landed a leg kick and then a hard right hand. Felipe starts landing some more now. Spivac went for a takedown and landed an elbow as they break. Spivac goes for another takedown against the fence. They break and Felipe lands a punch. Both landing punches. Spivac with a body kick and Felipe lands a right hand. Felipe with some body punches. Spivac coming forward and just misses a head kick. They trade late. Close round. 10-9 Felipe, 19-19.

Spivac goes for the takedown against the fence and gets the back and is landing punches as they're still standing a little. They get fully to their feet and Spivac still has the body and gets Felipe back down to the mat and is landing punches from the back. Felipe not doing much just sitting there eating punches. They get up and Spivac still has a hold of Felipe and gets another takedown and steps over into mount. Spivac still landing punches and some short elbows. Felipe is doing nothing. Spivac still landing punches. Felipe is just looking at the referee like he wants it stood up but Spivac is working a lot and landing lots of punches. Spivac with more punches and elbows as the fight ends. Huge round for Spivac. 10-8 Spivac, 29-27 Spivac.

Official Result- Serghei Spivac def. Carlos Felipe by majority decision (28-28, 29-27, 29-27)

> Davi Ramos (10-3, 4-2 UFC) vs. Arman Tsarukyan (14-2, 1-1 UFC)

Tsarukyan throwing early and lands a spin kick. Ramos with a right hand that connects. Tsarukyan landing some good strikes mixing his punches and kicks. Ramos comes forward and grabs Tsarukyan and lands a knee before breaking. Tsarukyan with a leg kick. Tsarukyan gets Ramos to the mat and is working in the guard of Ramos. Tsarukyan lands some good head and body punches from the top. Tsarukyan with some elbows. They get up and Tsarukyan with some nice strikes on the feet late. 10-9 Tsarukyan.

Ramos coming forward as Tsarukyan is circling around. They trade punches. Tsarukyan with a quick combo and Ramos lands a big right hand. Ramos with a front kick. Tsarukyan with a left hook. They trade in close range. Ramos with a knee to the body. Ramos being aggressive in this second round. Tsarukyan with a combo and Ramos returns fire with big punches. Tsarukyan gets a takedown and Ramos grabs the leg looking for a kneebar but Tsarukyan gets up and they stand and clinch against the fence but break. They trade and Tsarukyan tries a takedown but Ramos defends. Tsarukyan lands a head kick. They trade punches. Tsarukyan tries for another takedown but Ramos defends. Close fun round. 10-9 Tsarukyan, 20-18 Tsarukyan.

They trade big punches to start the third. Ramos with a right hand and he is coming forward with punches and looks for a takedown but Tsarukyan defends. We have a timeout for equipment reasons but get to action. Ramos still pushing forward and eats a left hand from Tsarukyan that stops him in his tracks. They are trading in close range. Ramos still coming forward but Tsarukyan is still landing more. Tsarukyan with a nice combo as he slides away from a right hand from Ramos. Tsarukyan with a pair of big kicks. Ramos lands a flurry. Ramos is bleeding around his right eye. Tsarukyan with an uppercut followed by a lead left hand. Tsarukyan with another combo. We have a timeout to look at the cut on Ramos but he continues. Tsarukyan with some quick combos and Ramos lands a right hand. Ramos looks for a takedown but Tsarukyan defends. Ramos looks for the neck as they go to the mat. Tsarukyan spins out and stands as the fight ends. 10-9 Tsarukyan, 30-27 Tsarukyan.

Official Result- Arman Tsarukyan def. Davi Ramos by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

> Malcolm Gordon (12-3, 0-0 UFC) vs. Amir Albazi (12-1, 0-0 UFC)

Both men making their UFC debuts. Both looking to land the jab. They are both throwing lots in the early going but neither landing much. Albazi with a calf kick and then lands a nice body kick. Albazi grabs the single leg and gets Gordon down to the mat. Albazi landing lots of punches and elbows from the top as he goes to the mount. Gordon is able to scramble out to the top and Albazi looks for a triangle. He gets the triangle choke locked in deep and Gordon taps! Nice submission on a beautiful transition by Albazi.

Official Result- Amir Albazi def. Malcolm Gordon by submission (triangle choke) at 4:42 of Round 1

> Brett Johns (16-2, 4-2 UFC) vs. Montel Jackson (9-1, 3-1 UFC)

They trade kicks early on and we have a cup check. Back to action and Johns lands a combo and then looks for a takedown. Jackson got a brief takedown but they worked to their feet and Johns was looking for underhooks against the fence. Johns ends up getting a takedown. Jackson works to this feet and Johns looking for another takedown. He is still working for it against the fence and lands a knee. Johns lets go and keeps Jackson against the fence. They trade and Jackson knocks Johns down with a left hand and then goes on top. Jackson with a big elbow that hurts Johns. Johns goes for an armbar from the bottom but Jackson escapes. 10-9 Jackson.

Johns ducks under a punch from Jackson and immediately looks for a takedown. Johns pushes Jackson against the fence and has the body lock and gets Jackson down briefly. Johns still has the body lock and is working hard for the takedown. They break and Jackson with a body kick. Johns with a body kick. Johns grabs a single leg and looking for a takedown against the fence. Jackson with some knees as he defends. Jackson with a foot sweep trips Johns to the mat. Johns gets up and goes for a takedown as he eats a big body kick from Jackson but he finishes the takedown. Johns has the back and is working for the choke. Jackson defending well so far. Jackson hand fighting and is looking to spin out of the body triangle. Johns moves to the triangle but Jackson escapes it and is on top. Jackson with some elbows from the top. 10-9 Johns, 19-19.

Both looking to land to start the third and Johns with a left hand. Johns shoots right in for a takedown against the fence. Johns with relentless pressure against the fence. Johns completes the takedown and has the back. Jackson gets to his feet and they got to the fence and break. Jackson with a combo and then a body kick as Johns goes for another takedown. Johns finishes the takedown but Jackson gets back vertical and they break. They clinch and Johns lands a nice elbow on the break. Johns gets another takedown and has the back. They stand and now Johns grabs the neck and drops down for a guillotine but doesn't look in tight. Jackson rolls through and they stand and Johns still has control against the fence. This goes the distance. Close fight. 10-9 Johns, 29-28 Johns.

Official Result- Brett Johns def. Montel Jackson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

> Joe Duffy (16-4, 4-3 UFC) vs. Joel Alvarez (16-2, 1-1 UFC)

Duffy opens up with a nice combo. Alvarez with a nice combo with a leg kick. They trade leg kicks. Duffy with a hard leg kick and Alvarez lands a nice counter leg kick. Duffy lands a combo. Alvarez with a leg kick. Duffy gets a takedown. Alvarez gets a guillotine locked in and Duffy taps! Nice submission for Alvarez.

Official Result- Joel Alvarez def. Joe Duffy by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:25 of Round 1

> Grant Dawson (15-1, 3-0 UFC) vs. Nad Narimani (12-3, 2-1 UFC)
150-pound Catchweights

Dawson with a nice calf kick to start. Dawson with a leg kick. Dawson goes for a takedown but Narimani defends. Narimani with a left hook. Dawson with a leg kick. He lands another. Dawson with another and he slips but lands a flying knee right as he stands. Dawson with a takedown and tries to go to mount but Narimani gets him inside his guard. Dawson trying to work to the back but gets to the half-guard. Dawson with some punches from the top. Dawson with a hard elbow. Dawson with some ground-and-pound. He moves to the mount and is looking for the neck as he moves to the back. Dawson with some punches from the back. Dawson with a big round. 10-8 Dawson.

Dawson with a low kick and a flying knee. Narimani with a right hand. Dawson with a high kick. Narimani lands some punches. Dawson gets a takedown and is working from the half-guard and landing lots of punches. Dawson continuing to land lots of punches and Narimani is pinned on the bottom. Dawson gets the back and is landing punches and looks for the choke but lets go. Narimani's face is a bloody mess. Dawson with more punches from the back as the round ends. Another big round for Dawson. 10-8 Dawson, 20-16 Dawson.

Dawson with a body kick and then a right hand followed by a leg kick. Narimani lands a right hand as he avoids the stepping knees from Dawson. Dawson lands that stepping knee followed by a right hand and then a calf kick. Dawson goes for a takedown but Narimani sprawls out and they both land punches. Dawson with more punches as he lands another jumping knee. Narimani throwing right hands but Dawson is slipping away. Dawson with a right hand. Narimani lands a right hand. Dawson landing more kicks and then a right hand. Narimani is swinging for the fences with a minute left but taking tons of damage. Dawson with another calf kick. Narimani lands a right hand. Dawson shoots in and Narimani defends. Narimani with a right hand as he comes forward. Excellent showing from Dawson. 10-9 Dawson, 30-25 Dawson.

Official Result- Grant Dawson def. Nad Narimani by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-27)

> Roman Dolidze (6-0, 0-0 UFC) vs. Khadis Ibragimov (8-2, 0-2 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

They aren't doing much in the first minute. Ibragimov with a leg kick. Dolidze landing some leg kicks. Ibragimov with a leg kick that hurt himself and Dolidze is smiling at him. Dolidze with a leg kick. They are both feeling each other out and being patient. Dolidze tries an axe kick and slips to the mat and Ibragimov with a calf punch. Not much happens and they are stood up. Dolidze then tries a head kick and his knee lands flush on the jaw of Ibragimov and he is down and out and Herb Dean stops it. Nasty knockout by Dolidze.

Official Result- Roman Dolidze def. Khadis Ibragimov by TKO (strikes) at 4:15 of Round 1


> Alexandre Pantoja (#4, 22-4, 6-2 UFC) vs. Askar Askarov (#7, 11-0-1, 1-0-1 UFC)

Pantoja with a right hand and immediately jumps on the neck for a guillotine but Askarov escapes and is now in the guard of Pantoja. Pantoja now working for a triangle as Askarov stands and then he looks for an armbar but Askarov escapes. Pantoja now working for a heel hook but Askarov gets out and remains on top. They get to their feet as Askarov lands a right hand. Askarov gets a takedown but they get right up. Askarov has back control. He lands a knee from the back. Pantoja tries to roll through to escape. They scramble to their feet and Askarov has the body lock looking for a takedown. Pantoja gets a back take as they were scrambling. Askarov calm but Pantoja looking to work for a choke as he has the body triangle. Pantoja trying to get the arm under the chin. They make it through the first. 10-9 Pantoja.

Pantoja with a right hand and Askarov tries a takedown. Askarov with an inside leg kick. Askarov with another leg kick. Pantoja with a body kick. Askarov grabs it and they trade in a flurry. Pantoja with a leg kick and eats a counter right from Askarov. They trade and Askarov gets a takedown. They scramble up. He briefly gets a takedown but they stand and Pantoja with a knee on the break. Pantoja lands a right hand and Askarov lands some jabs in return and looks for the takedown. Askarov has the back but Pantoja scrambles out and gets the back of Askarov and digs the hooks in. Pantoja with a left hand but Askarov escapes and ends the round on top. Close round. 10-9 Askarov, 19-19.

Pantoja with a body kick. Askarov lands a couple of counter right hands. Askarov tries a takedown but Pantoja defends. Askarov with a left hand. Pantoja with a right hand and Askarov flops to the mat and Pantoja gets on top. Askarov kicks Pantoja away and they stand. Pantoja with a right hand to the body. Pantoja looking tired. Pantoja comes in with a combo and tries a takedown but Askarov defends. Askarov with a right hand. Pantoja lands as he comes forward. Askarov lands a right hand as Pantoja rushes in. Pantoja with a body kick. Askarov with a kick. Pantoja with a body kick and Askarov lands a counter right hand. Pantoja with a couple of kicks. They trade punches in close range. Askarov with a left hand. Pantoja with a nice right hand at the end. Very close fight. 10-9 Askarov, 29-28 Askarov.

Official Result- Askar Askarov def. Alexandre Pantoja by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

> Ariane Lipski (12-5, 1-2 UFC) vs. Luana Carolina (6-1, 1-0 UFC)
Women's Flyweights

Lipski with a leg kick and then a right hand. Lipski lands a right hand to the body and Carolina slips to the mat and Lipski gets on top. Lipski with some punches from the top. Carolina looking for a heel hook and Lipski is giving up her back. Carolina looking for a calf slicer but Lipski is composed and grabbing the leg. Lipski locks in a vicious kneebar and Carolina is screaming loudly and taps. What a submission by Lipski.

Official Result- Ariane Lipski def. Luana Carolina by submission (kneebar) at 1:28 of Round 1

> Marc Diakiese (14-3, 5-3 UFC) vs. Rafael Fiziev (7-1, 1-1 UFC)

Diakiese with a calf kick. Diakiese with another leg kick. Diakiese misses a spinning wheel kick. Fiziev with a heavy body kick and they clinch against the fence. Fiziev gets a takedown and is working in the half-guard. Diakiese trying to dig for the underhooks and he scrambles up. Fiziev with a huge body kick. Diakiese with a body kick and just misses a head kick. Fiziev with a big body kick. Fiziev with a combo to the body and head. Diakiese tries a takedown but Fiziev defends and ends up in the half-guard. They get to their feet and Fiziev with another big body kick. They clinch but break. They trade punches. 10-9 Fiziev.

They trade kicks early in the second. Fiziev with a right hand followed by a body kick. Diakiese tries a head kick but Fiziev ducks under and lands a counter right hand. Fiziev with a leg kick. He lands another. Diakiese lands a right hand. Fiziev with a leg kick. They trade in close range. Fiziev with some leg kicks. Fiziev with a spinning back fist and follows it with a right hand. Fiziev with some more leg kicks. Diakiese lands a nice left hand to the body. They trade punches. Fiziev coming forward and landing kicks. 10-9 Fiziev, 20-18 Fiziev.

They trade some hard strikes. Fiziev with a nice combo. Diakiese just misses a right hand. They clinch but break and Diakiese with a left hand to the body. Fiziev with a body kick. Diakiese goes for a takedown but Fiziev defends. Fiziev with an elbow and a body kick. Diakiese with some hard punches. Diakiese lands a hard right hand that was solid and Fiziev was rocked. Diakiese lands another. Diakiese with a spin kick. Diakiese with a switch knee. Close last round. 10-9 Diakiese, 29-28 Fiziev.

Official Result- Rafael Fiziev def. Marc Diakiese by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

> Jack Hermansson (#6, 20-5, 8-2 UFC) vs. Kelvin Gastelum (#7, 15-5 1 NC, 10-5 1 NC UFC)

Hermansson with a leg kick. He lands a body kick and another leg kick and Gastelum gets a takedown. Gastelum working from the top and Hermansson looks for the leg. He grabs a heel hook and Gastelum taps! Big submission win for Hermansson.

Official Result- Jack Hermansson def. Kelvin Gastelum by submission (heel hook) at 1:18 of Round 1

> Deiveson Figueiredo (#1, 18-1, 7-1 UFC) vs. Joseph Benavidez (#2, 28-6, 15-4 UFC)
UFC Flyweight Championship

They trade kicks to start. Benavidez with a calf kick. Figueiredo with a spin kick. Figueiredo drops Benavidez with a right hook and he gets on top looking to finish. Benavidez trying to survive on the bottom. Figueiredo with some big elbows. Figueiredo gets the back and is looking for the choke but Benavidez escapes. Figueiredo gets it locked back in tight but lets go. Figueiredo gets it locked back in and Benavidez fights it off again. They scramble to their feet. Figueiredo drops Benavidez again with a right hand but Benavidez pops right back up. Figueiredo drops Benavidez again and gets on top and is landing big ground-and-pound as he mounts Benavidez. Figueiredo gtes the choke locked in again and Benavidez goes out cold. Wow. Deiveson Figueiredo is the new UFC Flyweight Champion.

Official Result- Deiveson Figueiredo def. Joseph Benavidez by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:48 of Round 1 to win the UFC Flyweight Championship