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VIDEO: Kenny Omega's 'Kenny's Quest'

Kenny Omega has released a video just days before Wrestle Kingdom 13 hyping his IWGP title match against Hiroshi Tanahashi.

A note before the video plays says that this was intended to air before the 1/4 main event, but due to circumstances beyond his control, it wouldn't be airing through any official NJPW channels.

In the video, a kid purchases what looks like a video game with Kenny Omega as the main character. At home, the kid plays the Kenny Omega video game, which stylistically is similar to the 2015 video game Undertale. Toby Fox, who developed Undertale entirely on his own, collaborated with Omega for the video.

The video game features a battle between Kenny Omega and Hiroshi Tanahashi. At one point, Tanahashi defeats the video game version of Omega, but Omega then rallies a comeback through the help of his friends, fans and Kota Ibushi. The video then ends on a dubious note, with the video game Tanahashi noting that this isn't a video game, and in reality it's kill or be killed.

Check out the entire six minute video below.