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Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward defeated Bryson Montana and Damaris Griffin

The match was far from special, but Bodhi's energy was contagious, and the crowd was very much into the Chase U act. This was fine.

Bodhi and Griffin traded holds and strikes early before a handoff to Montana led to his team taking control. Chase tagged in and turned things around for his team for a moment, but his opponents retook the advantage and began to isolate Chase.

Chase U reversed momentum again after a hot tag to Bodhi. Once Bodhi took out his opponents, Chase hit the ring, helping Bodhi hit the Frat Liner to close the match.

Amari Miller defeated Arianna Grace

This was not good, but it at least had some exciting moments compared to the main event.

Miller tried offering Grace a handshake to open the match, but Grace answered the gesture with a strike. Grace's attempt to catch Miller failed as Miller took control with numerous strikes of her own.

Grace eventually overpowered Miller, taking the match to the mat. Grace led an extended sequence, with significant time spent on the ground. Once Miller finally escaped ground control, she landed a lariat and pair of kicks to turn things in her favor. Grace tried for a flipping pin, but Miller turned it into a pin of her own to win the match.

Trick Williams defeated Dante Chen

This was as dull as ditchwater.

Chen connected with the first stent of offense before taking the match to the mat. Williams tried fighting to his feet but was continually brought to the ground with Chen maintaining arm control.

Williams eventually slammed Chen into the ropes, opening the door for a dropkick. Once establishing a lead, Williams took the match to the mat himself, working the arm⁠. I feel like I'm trapped in some kind of developmental purgatory.

Once Chen finally fought to a standing position, he launched a rally. After failing to close the match with his offensive sequence, Chen paused, allowing Williams to land a Trick kick and win the match.