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WOL: NXT TakeOver vs. ROH Supercard of Honor

On a special Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live, I am back on the solo tip to run through day three of the long WrestleMania weekend. It’s three the hard way tonight: NXT Takeover vs. ROH Supercard of Honor XII vs. UFC 223 (plus Style Battle, too) in a battle for the attention of the masses.

We preview those shows, as well looking at the last few days of craziness, especially Joey Janela’s Spring Break II.

As always, we take your calls, read your tweets, and more. A fun show as always, so check it out~!


Start - 2:31: Intro
2:31 - 12:24 : WrestleMania weekend, Conor
12:24 - 23:27: UFC 223 woes, All Japan
23:27 - 37:05:  NXT, SuperCard of Honor, calls and texts
37:05 - end: Closing notes

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