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FREE SHOW - WOR: The changing landscape of combat sports

This special edition of WOR is an informational discussion on today's business and changing landscape of combat sports.

CEO of Glory kickboxing Marshall Zelasnik brings his unique background and experience to a conversation with Dave Meltzer about the challenges of competing in an ever-changing combat sports market. Even if you don’t follow kickboxing or have never even heard of Glory, Dave and Marshall talk about how companies today are having to play a long game in a post-Netflix world.

Zelasnik even brings up the challenges for AEW on TNT and how the WWE Network doesn’t seem to be really growing.

Other topics include how people consume content today, "the time game," and why a company has to keep pounding the drum so it’s not just talking to the converted. For kickboxing fans, Zelasnik discusses this weekend’s Glory 71 and Glory 72 in Chicago and Collision 2 in Holland on December 21.

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