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WOR: Ronda Rousey, New Japan Cup, McGregor/Cerrone

Photo via WWE.com

Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. 

We open the show talking about the passing of Dick Beyer. The latest episode of the Pacific Rim podcast by Jim Valley with Fumi Saito goes over the Destroyer's legacy in Japan. We then move on to discussing Ronda Rousey's video blog which featured her saying that wrestling was scripted and being negative toward the fans. We break down the strategy behind the promo and why it has some fans believing that she's really going against what WWE wants. 

There's a discussion on why Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone may be off the table. Then we move onto the first four matches of the New Japan Cup and preview the next four. Dave and I recorded a micro-edition of my podcast, The Fight Game Podcast, Thursday to break down Dave's bracket. Finally, we go over the rest of the pro wrestling and MMA news. 

Start - 2:50: The Destroyer passes away
2:50 - 24:53: Ronda Rousey's video
24:53 - 28:27: McGregor/Cerrone off
28:27 - 43:47: New Japan Cup
43:47 - 47:49: Ciampa/NXT, Jeff Jarrett joins WWE creative
47:49 - 50:07: Gallows/Anderson
50:07 - 54:21: Fastlane, NXT additions, Walemania
54:21 - Jacare's next fight, Sarah Kaufman to PFL


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