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WOR: Undertaker at Starrcast, G1 in Dallas, Jericho, and Dave on Donahue

Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. It's a slower than usual news day, but we do talk about the Undertaker being at Starrcast as well as LA Park. John Cena is hosting a new TV show. Dave talks about Buff Bagwell's story about an Eric Bischoff angle that never happened. We mention the latest visa issue for a New Japan Pro Wrestling talent and then talk a little bit about the G1 show in Dallas. We discuss Chris Jericho's latest promo and finish with Jake Hager's next fight for the news segment.

The main part of the show is going over Dave's memories on being on the Phil Donahue show in March of 1992. We go through the reason why he was on the show, being in the middle of Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino, who was probably telling the truth and who probably wasn't, why Tom Cole wasn't part of the show, and then the fallout.

Start - 2:45: Jimmy Uso arrested, released
2:45 - 12:56: Starrcast announcements, including Undertaker
12:56 - 14:05: John Cena to host Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
14:05 - 19:42: Buff Bagwell story
19:42 - 27:48: EVIL visa issues, Jericho
28:24 - end: Dave’s experience on Phil Donahue in 1992

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