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WOR: Weekend news, Smackdown review, Pro Wrestling In 2020

Photo via WWE.com

Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. 

We talk about the main event at UFC Busan, some of the happenings at the Bellator shows from Hawaii, and the wrestling shows from the weekend. Dave also reviews Smackdown from Friday.

We then take listener questions about pro wrestling in 2020 and talk about all the major companies including discussions about AEW creative, NXT live, WWE ratings, international opportunities, free agents, and more. 

Start: Kickboxing, UFC, NJPW thoughts
7:22: Biggest news story of the decade
13:35: Josh Barnett, what's being taped this week
19:26: SmackDown
37:00: SANADA
38:40: Tony Khan/NFL and AEW
44:54: Questions on Raw's ratings, WWE booking, rosters, NJPW US TV
55:45: Questions on potential free agents, intergender matches, NXT touring, UK scene in 2020, NXT international plans, Cena, indies
1:06:23: Questions on AEW changes, expansion plans, secondary titles
1:19:27: Questions on ROH selling tape library to WWE, ROH's future, Australia, future radio shows featuring women

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