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Wrestling Weekly: Hansen vs. Andre, Rock 'n' Roll Express, mailbag

Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa return to talk Ivan Koloff, one of Stan Hansen’s classic matches, answer your mailbag questions, and more on today's Wrestling Weekly!

After a little wacky northeast weather talk which leads to some road stories, we’ll spend a few minutes talking about Stan Hansen (9:06) and a match Stan himself ranks high on his personal list of favorites: a clash with Andre the Giant that took place in 1981 for New Japan.

We’ll discuss the news regarding the health issues of the Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff (17:52) and the addition of the Rock 'n’ Roll Express to the WWE HOF (26:10). A few quick thoughts on the late Tom Drake (33:44), and then it's onto the mailbag.

We take your questions on rebranding Impact Wrestling (36:40), the best athletic background to have when entering pro wrestling training (41:34), should the Rollins/HHH Mania match be built around Rollins' injured knee? (45:35), how much credit HHH deserves for NXT if its most popular stars were created elsewhere (49:58), Ron Fuller (55:12), if Les could’ve picked a city and an opponent for his retirement match what would he have chosen? (59:11), and how has the type of person looking to be trained for wrestling changed in the years Les has been training wrestlers? (62:22)

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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