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Wrestling Weekly: Les & Vic open the mailbag and answer your questions

Today’s edition of the show relies heavily on the mailbag, so thank you for helping us put together a show this week! 

We’ll start with some thoughts about Raw and SmackDown, then open the mailbag to discuss why there hasn’t been another wrestling boom since the Attitude Era (5:41), has the disappearance of the “tough guy” mentality/persona been bad for the box office (15:01), as well as Jim Grabmire and Angelo Martinelli (two gentlemen Les knew and worked with, which includes a story you’ll want to hear)(20:05).

We’ll also answer your questions about whether James Ellsworth sends the wrong message to hopefuls at the Performance Center (38:45), should Trump be acknowledged on Raw (44:34), the kind of diet Les followed when in heavy training (49:11), turning the sound of the audience down on the shows this week (57:28), how to introduce Shinsuke Nakamura (62:09), choosing an NWA champion (66:40) and how did the boys vote back in the day when they were on the road so much (69:00)?

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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