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Wrestling Weekly: Rollins goes down, battle royal stories, keeping kayfabe

Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa return to talk Seth Rollins’ injury, answer your questions, tell some great stories about wacky battle royals, and discuss Jim Crockett Jr. taking issue with Les’ wardrobe!

We start with some talk about Seth Rollins' injury as well as a little on Samoa Joe, some very quick thoughts on the Royal Rumble and the promos from Seth and Triple H on Monday night, and then it’s right to the mailbag!

Your questions are usually our favorite part of the show, and some of them lead to some fun stories today.

We’ll talk about how to work with TV directors and cameramen without exposing the business during the era of kayfabe (20:52), whether or not Les liked being in battle royals (which brings up two good stories) and the keys to having a good one (37:09), if Vince Sr. had a plan on who would follow Bob Backlund as WWF champ if Vince Jr. didn’t buy the company (49:43), what New Japan should (and shouldn’t do) if they want to make a successful advance into the USA (56:11), a little about a friend and former referee Charlie Smith (61:56), and why don’t announcers talk about going to the pay window anymore (68:04)?

Thanks for listening and have a great week~!

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