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Wrestling Weekly: Summer of '71, pt. 1

We have a fun, old school centric-show today looking back at the start of a successful run in the Mid-Atlantic territory for the team of Danny Miller and Les Thatcher!

That’s the main point of conversation before we open the mailbag, but there’s some other things that come up both before we get there and along the way. Before we get there, we’ll spend a few minutes on what Les was up to in Florida before getting the call to return to the Carolinas, including a match (7:15) that Vic thinks desperately needed several weeks of vignettes on TV so that it could’ve been the gold mine that it should have been.

We’ll then segue into looking at the start of the Miller/Thatcher team’s time in the Carolinas, which included a very successful June of 1971 (18:59) with wins over several name teams in the area. It also sparks Les to pull out a few old programs to run down some cards that took place in Florida, Mid-Atlantic, and in Ohio as well that include some fascinating matches.

Then we’ll open the mailbag to answer your questions about how important finishing moves were back in the day (54:29), why babyfaces today have no friends (58:53), the most painful bump Les has ever taken (69:47), and whether or not using wrist wraps while weightlifting is cheating (74:19).

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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