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Alberto Del Rio unlikely to fulfill AAA dates due to WWE conflicts

The situation with Alberto Del Rio and AAA is no longer looking good as WWE has confirmed that Del Rio will be working Monday's Raw in Denver, as well as Smackdown on  Tuesday in Colorado Springs, before going on the entire European tour, working on the Roman Reigns half of the tour.

AAA was under the impression that Del Rio would be fulfilling most of his advertised dates with the promotion, starting with a TV taping on Monday in Nuevo Laredo, and would be missing Raw.  The other taping date he was advertised was November 15 in Ciudad Juarez, and he is booked the day before in Minehead, England, and traveling to Greenville, SC, from there, so it would appear very difficult to reroute him to Mexico.

At this point it appears AAA will be lucky to even get one date with him to drop their Mega heavyweight title.