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Andrade wins US title at WWE Madison Square Garden house show

A title change took place at WWE's annual post-Christmas house show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night.

Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio at Madison Square Garden to become the new United States Champion. This is the first title Andrade has held since he was called up from NXT.

Mysterio hit the 619 and was going for a frog splash at the end of tonight's match, but Andrade got his boots up and then pinned Mysterio after hitting the hammerlock DDT.

Mysterio had held the title since winning it from AJ Styles on the November 25 episode of Raw.

A gauntlet match to decide the next challenger for Mysterio on last week's Raw ended without a finish when Andrade attacked Humberto Carrillo and laid him out with a hammerlock DDT on the exposed floor. Mysterio defended his title against Seth Rollins on this week's Raw, and their match ended in a disqualification when AOP attacked Mysterio as he was about to win. 

A US title change also took place at a Madison Square Garden house show in July 2017, with Styles defeating Kevin Owens to become champion.