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Batista episode of WWE 24, Ricochet Chronicle set to premiere

New episodes of WWE 24 and Chronicle are set to debut on the WWE Network over the next week-plus.

After Raw on Monday (July 8), a new edition of WWE 24 called "Batista: Dream Chaser" will air. Here's the description for the show: "Batista chased his dreams of becoming a WWE Legend and Hollywood megastar. At WrestleMania 35, he returned for the last match of his career."

Batista returned to WWE in February and furthered his program with Triple H after it was set up at SmackDown 1000 last year. Triple H defeated Batista in a no holds barred match at WrestleMania 35, with Batista announcing his retirement from professional wrestling the next day.

Ricochet will be the subject of a new WWE Chronicle that will premiere after EVOLVE's 10th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, July 13. The description for the episode is: "Get a look into the life of Ricochet as he captures his first title and shows why he's one of the WWE's fastest-rising stars."

At Stomping Grounds last month, Ricochet defeated Samoa Joe to become the new United States Champion. He's been involved in a program with AJ Styles since.

The WWE 24 episode is listed as being an hour long, while Chronicle is in a 30-minute time slot.