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Becky Lynch-Bianca Belair title match set for next week's WWE Raw

A Raw Women’s Championship match has been announced for next week’s Raw.

Becky Lynch will defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair. The match comes after Belair issued the challenge on tonight’s show, with Lynch eventually accepting.

Lynch came out during tonight’s Raw saying that other women besides Belair deserved a shot at the title, naming Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan as examples. Belair came out and said that Lynch had to resort to cheating in order to retain the SmackDown Women’s championship at Crown Jewel and asked for a rematch. Lynch at first rejected the idea. But after a brawl between the two, Lynch accepted the match, but said it wouldn’t be tonight.

The feud between the two started back at SummerSlam, with Lynch making her return after being gone for over a year and winning the SmackDown Women’s title in a matter of seconds. After Sasha Banks interfered in the rematch the following month at Extreme Rules, it led to a triple threat match at Crown Jewel, where Lynch was able to pin Belair after using the ropes.