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Cartoon Network Latin America producing Rey Mysterio series

Rey Mysterio is getting his own animated series on Cartoon Network Latin America.

Lucha Central reported on Thursday that Cartoon Network Latin America "announced that it has closed an agreement with the founders of ¡Viva Calavera! to produce the animated project 'Rey Mysterio,' whose protagonist will be the incomparable lucha libre legend." The announcement was made as part of El Festival Pixelatl 2020.

The Mysterio series will "tell the story of one of the most iconic luchadors, a figure admired by all and star of the ring, but he will also delve into a great secret: unimaginable forces threaten our world and he will be a fundamental part of that fight. When their number one fan discovers this secret, together they will immerse themselves in a world where the excitement and adrenaline of wrestling coexists with mystery, mythology, history, magic, and supernatural beings."

“After 35 years of career and multiple achievements, I was still missing something. I always wanted an animated series with the character of Rey Mysterio and when the Hermanos Calavera presented their idea to me, I was immediately captivated”, Mysterio said. “Working with Cartoon Network has been incredible, I can’t think of anyone better than this group to make this project a reality.”

“We are very excited to finally be able to announce this project and eager to share the result with our fans and lucha libre fans,” Cartoon Network Content Director for Mexico and Colombia Jaime Jimenez Rion said. “Working with Rey Mysterio and ¡Viva Calavera! It has been a pleasure and we are sure that we have an incredible story to tell. There are many elements to highlight: Mexico as a central element when creating this project, the level of action, the characters and the risks that we have taken in order to make this story resonate and connect with many fans around the world. Booyaka!"

Dave Meltzer wrote in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the press release announcing the series never mentions WWE so this may be an outside project that Mysterio was able to do on his own.

Mysterio is currently out of action after suffering a partially torn triceps while teaming with his son Dominik against Seth Rollins & Murphy at Payback this past Sunday. Mysterio isn't expected to need surgery and may only miss four to six weeks.