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Cena/Reigns announced for No Mercy; additional Raw notes for tonight

By Dave Meltzer and Bryan Rose

For the first time ever, John Cena will take on Roman Reigns one on one at Raw's next PPV, No Mercy.

Mike Rome announced on WWE's Twitter account this afternoon that Cena and reigns would "make their No Mercy match offical" during tonight's episode of Raw.

The match was heavily teased throughout Raw last week after Cena, who in storyline is a free agent, jumped over to Raw and called out Roman Reigns. There was a point in time when the match was strongly being considered to be the WrestleMania main event.

This makes No Mercy the most loaded B show from a big-name fresh match-up standpoint, with the already announced Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman Universal title match as the other main event.

The match will be announced on Raw, which takes place in Memphis, in a few hours.

Jerry Lawler will be part of the three-man booth tonight with host Michael Cole and Corey Graves.  Usual third man Booker T was unable to leave Houston due to Hurricane Harvey.  WWE also wished the best to Pat Cassidy and Jim Shank of their production team, who were also unable to leave their homes due to Hurricane Harvey.  We wish the best to all readers and everyone living in that part of the country and hope things get back to normal as fast as humanly possible.

Scheduled for Raw tonight will be a singles match with John Cena vs. Samoa Joe.  The two wrestled twice over the weekend in preparation for tonight's match.  Sasha Banks also defends the Raw women's title against Alexa Bliss, and there will be a Battle Royal to determine the top contender for the IC title, held by The Miz.