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Cesaro & Sheamus win tag titles on WWE SmackDown 1000

New tag team champions were crowned on tonight’s episode of SmackDown. 

The Bar won the titles tonight, defeating The New Day in an impromptu title match. After a long back and forth match Big Show (who just made his return to television last week) came out.  After surveying what was going on he made his presence felt by turning heel and chokeslamming Kofi Kingston through a nearby announce table. A distracted Big E then ate a Brogue Kick from Sheamus and was pinned, giving The Bar the titles.

Big Show, Cesaro and Sheamus all posed after the match with the titles. It appears going forward, they will be a trio.

The New Day held the SmackDown tag team titles for 56 days, defeating the Bludgeon Brothers back on August 21. This marks the first time Sheamus and Cesaro have won these specific titles; under the Raw brand, they won the Raw tag team titles four times.