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Damian Priest wins US title contenders match on WWE Raw

Damian Priest defeated Sheamus in what was billed as a championship contender's match during tonight's Raw.

Priest defeated WWE United States champion Sheamus in a non-title match after pinning him following his hit the lights finish. After the match, Sheamus complained that he had re-broken his nose, as the mask that he has been wearing to protect his nose fell during the course of the match.

Priest has crossed paths with Sheamus in recent weeks, helping Humberto Carrillo after Sheamus jumped Carrillo prior to a match earlier this month. He then watched backstage last week as Sheamus defeated Carrillo quickly in a match where Carrillo would have earned a mach against Sheamus for the title if he had won.

In a promo tonight prior to the match, Priest said Sheamus didn’t deserve to be champion, saying he made excuses all the time and attacked people from behind. He eventually called Sheamus a bully.