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Daniel Bryan: 'Very little' of Miz confrontation was scripted

On WWE's weekly SportsCenter segment with Jonathan Coachman, Daniel Bryan again addressed his heated exchange with The Miz from last week's Talking Smack.

The confrontation between the two generated significant buzz online with many questioning how much of it was scripted. And in response to Coachman, Bryan finally answered the question.

“Very little, so I just knew that Miz was going to come up, we were just going to banter back and forth. But Miz and I have known each other for a long time, and we really know how to get like at each other’s nerves. I brought up the idea that he wrestled like a coward, and he knows I don’t like the way he wrestles, right? I just don’t like it; it’s not my thing. And I called him out on that. And then he called me out on something that’s very personal to me.” 

Bryan said Miz knows he’s constantly having feelings of wanting to get back into the ring because he loves wrestling so much. But, Bryan says he knows it’s not a smart idea and his wife keeps him in check. Bryan reiterated his words from this week's edition of Talking Smack, saying he sometimes thinks Miz is right and he thinks of himself as a coward for not returning to wrestling.

Bryan noted that part of him wanted to punch Miz in the face during the segment, but he figured it wasn’t such a smart idea on live TV.

Coachman asked how the two move forward, and Bryan said it would be interesting to see. He said he thinks WWE will keep them away from each other for a little bit because they know how intense it can get between the two of them, especially now that SmackDown is live.  

The segment from SportsCenter is available to watch below: