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DDP joins 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class

This Monday brought another addition to the WWE Hall of Fame with the announcement that Diamond Dallas Page would be part of its 2017 class.

Rolling Stone was given the news by WWE and conducted an interview with Page. He is the fifth officially confirmed member of this year's class, joining Kurt Angle, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson of the Rock 'n' Roll Express, and Teddy Long.

In the interview with Rolling Stone, Page said he got the call from WWE telling him that he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame all the way back in October.

"They handed me the phone and said, 'Boss wants to talk to you,'" Page said about finding out the news. "It's HHH. I called him a couple weeks earlier and he hadn't gotten back to me yet, so I thought this was that return call. So we're talking about casual stuff, and then I start to hear him talk about my career and where I've been and how I got here, and then it hits me -- is this that call? I'm not a guy who has trouble talking, but I couldn't talk. Tears are running down the sides of my cheeks and I just said, 'Bro, I love you man.'"

DDP is best known to wrestling audiences for his run as one of the bigger stars in WCW in the late 90s through the closure of the promotion. He also had a brief stay in WWE after WCW went out of business, though he failed to reach the heights that he did during his WCW tenure.

Page didn't find wrestling stardom until fairly late in his life and has since worked with wrestlers like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall on their physical health and substance abuse issues after developing his DDP Yoga program.